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  1. Competent-B

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Random Facts based on Kaplan 1. Evisceration- cover the open area with sterile gauze soaked in normal saline, position supine to reduce pressure :) 2. Central Line changes- If air embolism is suspected, lower the head of the bed, position on left side (left lateral) the air will rise to the right atrium and prevent it from reaching cerebral circulation. :) 3. Whenever TPN solution is not available or if the doctor discontinued it, place no less than 10% dextrose solution to prevent hypoglycemia. Also TPN tubing must be changed EVERY 24 hours, decreases risk of infection from micro :) 4. You cannot give aspirin to pregnant women or during a sickle cell crisis :) 5. For unconscious clients, turn every two hours to maintain pulonary function, this reduces pooling of respiratory secretions :) 6. T-Tube drains bile from cholecystectomy (greenish-brown), document the drainage, should be 500-1000 daily :) 7. Prep for IV Pyelogram- client cannot be taking "metformin" glucophage, Contrast dye can lead to lactic acidosis :) 8. Following Lumbar Puncture- client will remain supine, flat for 8 hours to prevent spinal headache :) 9. Mantoux Skin Test for HIV- Induration is 5 mmHg :) 10. Postpartum, if uterus is boggy and to the left of midline, encourage mom to urinate or offer bed pan. A full bladder can prevent the uterus from contracting and lead to bleeding. Signs and Symptoms Segment a. Bulimia- ulcerated mucous membranes from excessive vomiting b. Autonomic Dysreflexia- severe pounding headache, profuse sweating, nasal congestion c. Intestinal Obstruction- distended abdomen, complaints of pain d. Gastric Ulcer- experience pain 30 min-1 hour after meal e. Previa=painless bleeding f. Abruptio=absolutely painful bleeding (medical emergency) Examples of Clients to see FIRST 1. Client with forceful bleed from head- indicates arterial bleed, could go into shock 2. Client expectorating pink tinged mucous- pulmonary edema 3. Client receiving blood begins to vomit- hemolytic reaction 4. Client with burns to the face- airway compromise 5. Client with a crush injury to the chest with RR of 10- ABC's 6. Client with swollen lips after an ant bite- could be anaphylactic reaction 7. Client admitted with status asthmaticus- life threatening 8. Child with croup and RR rate of 35 9. Client who delivered by C-Section 1 hour ago with 3 soaked pads- active bleed
  2. Competent-B

    Just took the NCLEX

    I am a believer, the "good pop-up" is reeeeaaaall good! I took my exam 8/27, checked PVT when I returned home, got the good, checked early today, got the good again, checked Quick Results, got the "PASS" it really is a mind-easer
  3. Competent-B

    2 things..

    Congratulations. It is such a beautiful feeling!:yeah::yeah::yeah:
  4. Competent-B

    Should you take a break?

    Definitely take a break if you need it. If you feel your heart beating hard and can hear your heart beating through the noise-reduction head phones then yes. Take a breather, knock out the bathroom while you're at it, refocus and finish up.
  5. Competent-B


    Thanks everyone! I think I scared my poor puppy, once I saw "PASS" I ran through the house screaming and he ran under the bed and took aloooooooot of coercing to come out!
  6. Competent-B

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    IT WORKS PEOPLE! I took my exam Friday 8/27, went home and tried to register, got the good pop-up, checked 4 more times between then and Sunday 8/29 at 11am, same message. At 12:38, quick results said "PASS"!
  7. Competent-B

    is 5wks long enough to study??

  8. Competent-B


    The PVT works, I passed. Thanks for all the positive replies I received during my time of worrying!
  9. Competent-B

    NCLEX results?

    Hi Temecula Guy, I just found out 3 minutes ago that I passed. I am a true believer!
  10. Competent-B

    NCLEX results?

    Im still rooting for you Temecula Guy. Im sure you gave that Exam a huge piece of your mind! Your day is coming, patience is not easy, but the confidence of the PVT should keep you feeling good.
  11. Competent-B

    For Those Who Post Results after PVT

    I would like to take the time to thank everyone who have posted that they have tried the PVT trick, received the "good pop up" and posted that they passed. Right now, I dont think my family understand the true stress:confused: behind this test. This exam is far from the usual nursing school exams that we thought were the worst ever. This test has the weight of starting your career all over it. Everytime I see the post of those who passed, I smile because I received the good pop up but seeing the small word "PASS" will truly free me of this post NCLEX spell. Thanks again for all the REGISTERED NURSES out there. I will be joining you in less than 24 hours!
  12. Competent-B

    NCLEX results?

    Depending on your state, you may be able to access quick results by phone or the www.pearsonvue.com/nclex. Log in with your username and password and go to current activity. You will see a tab that says "status" and "quick results" This is 7.95 billed to a credit card. Or you can call at 1-900-776-2539- this is 9.95 and will be billed to your phone service. You will not be charged if your results are not available.
  13. Competent-B

    Taking my NCLEX soon

    I think you scores reflect that you understand the material. As long as you achieve scores around 60-65%, then you are fine. If you havent already, do the question bank with rationales and start off doing 25 at a time. Do the analysis and see which ones you got incorrect, then after doing this several times, take a test with all the ones you got incorrect. Believe me, this is reinforcement. According to the blueprint, Management of Care and Pharmacological Therapies have a high percentage so definitely focus there.
  14. Competent-B

    I passed Nclex-RN exam

  15. Competent-B

    NCLEX results?

    I was counting 48 business hours, but thanks, I will try it tomorrow around 12 or 1. I'll post my results!