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  1. caliotter3

    Should I go from LPN to RN at age 60?

    Take all previously mentioned precautions and make certain you have a plan B or C in place for the unexpected. A steep reversal in health, the inability to find a job at all after graduation, the inability to finish school and obtain the license for whatever reason, etc. There are possible negative outcomes here. At your age, you may not have the bounce back ability or room that you would need. Think about it from every angle and choose your following steps accordingly. Mid to late 60's is no time to have your back against the wall with no one, or no way to help yourself out of a predicament. I can attest to the fact that employers are no more eager to hire a 60's something than they are to hire someone starting over again at 42. Ageism is there and it is real.
  2. caliotter3

    Writing help

    We were required to take a writing class. The nursing department provided a section primarily for health science students. The instructor gave us info to obtain a program to use after the class was over. Back then the computer program (and computer word processing) was still in its infancy. Each school program will provide info on whether you are required to do work the hard way to show you have learned how to use APA, or if they will allow you to use the program for any APA formatted assignment. One such program that was still available recently, is called PERRLA. It has an inexpensive version and a more expensive beefed up version. I have used it and found it useful. You also might want to check out whether your local community college has a writing center. You might be able to sign up for a class to use for your work. It would be well worth the modest expense.
  3. caliotter3

    Former client in home health

    Do what you want to do, just don’t make an issue of it. Attempt to visit when you know there won’t be an agency employee present.
  4. caliotter3

    Transfer schools for Capstone

    Failed students typically find it difficult to find a new program to allow them to start over, much less a program that is going to let them slide on through with only one or two classes in residence.
  5. caliotter3

    renewal of lpn license in pa age 66

    This information can be found on the PA Board website or in a telephone call to the Board.
  6. caliotter3

    Considering ICU.... among several other options

    Consider extended care home health where you are in the room with only one patient who usually has only routine care expected of you. One can’t get more basic than that. But be prepared to get pigeonholed and to be offered only LPN level wages for doing LPN level routine care.
  7. caliotter3

    Reasons To Become IV Certified

    My state stopped granting continuing education credit to RNs taking an IV cert class because it was stated that IV skills come with the territory of an RN license. That doesn’t stop RNs from taking the class for their personal edification, but it is not required. Again, no big deal. Most people learn and get their experience on the job.
  8. I once worked with a coworker who would not give meds, or do treatments, or get off her rear to answer a call bell or otherwise see to a resident's needs, because she was inherently lazy and came to her night shift job in order to sleep. She was the exception, and not the rule.
  9. caliotter3

    Home Health Nurse pay??

    Posted before that I literally had to leave visit work because I had to find money from other sources to put gas in my car to go to work. You can only buy so much gas with borrowed money. One client kept her tv on full blast during the visits and wouldn’t allow me to do or say what I was supposed to. A visit that should have been 50 minutes at most approached three hours due to her behavior. She got more and more verbally abusive. It dawned on me why the agency was giving me these types of cases. Went back to extended care and have not looked back.
  10. caliotter3

    where are admins tonight?

    On one site where I am staff, I would routinely clear out an average of 50 spammers three times a day. This went on for months without any help from fellow staff until the targeted spam attack(s) died out on their own. It takes mindful effort on the part of staff to keep a site readable when this stuff happens. It is somewhat irritating when hours go by with no efforts at all when there are members available who use the site at various times of the day who would not mind the chore.
  11. caliotter3

    LVN to RN in Southern California, I need advice..

    You could work as an LVN and then start the other prerequisite courses at about four years out. Redo anatomy last after it has aged out to more than five years and requires a retake anyway.
  12. caliotter3

    what are our rights re: being filmed/recorded at work?

    I work in home care and increasingly encounter homes with surveillance cameras, both hidden and announced. We have the option to tell our employing agency that we refuse to work under those circumstances and they will assign us accordingly, until they no longer are able to, or want to, accommodate the nurse. The agency stance is that the nurse is the expendable commodity in this equation. They will never tell a client that they can not assign any nurses to their case because of the presence of cameras.
  13. caliotter3

    While we were arguing; we disappeared

    The last time I was hospitalized, I noticed that the nurse who gave me crappy attention made sure her badge was turned around and she noticed me straining trying to see it too. The nursing assistants apparently had no need to position their badges turned around.
  14. caliotter3

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    It is very simple. Registered nurses get jobs in nursing homes, frequently, because it is a job, when no other employer will hire them and they need income today, not three months or three years from now. Same goes for LPN/LVN's, nursing assistants, housekeeping personnel, even the administrators. Not everyone can get those jobs for "desirable" employers. There just aren't enough of them to go around.
  15. caliotter3

    Los Angeles Nurses, Please Keep an Eye Out for Nancy

    Thank you for the update.
  16. caliotter3

    Daylight Saving Time Pay

    According to federal labor law you are to be paid for that hour. However, that being said, I have never been paid for that hour. They always say you will get it back in the spring. Never happened to me as I never seem to be working that particular shift when ‘payback’ time rolls around.