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  1. caliotter3

    If your kids are back full time in person

    I would give anything to be able to play in an orchestra again. I took music lessons in school from 4th through 10th grade, when I quit because it was "college, then career" time. There was one boy who particularly excelled. Concertmaster in every venue throughout school. In vain, through the years, I have looked for his name associated with some renowned musical group. When I finally located him, hmmmph, he became a doctor. Wonder if he found time for music while in premed, or just when did he quit? He could have played professionally. Most likely would never have learned about his talent had there not been music in my city and county's schools. We had PE and driver's ED too. Our parent's school tax dollars went further it seems.
  2. caliotter3

    Need advice, no longer able to be a nurse

    The transcript is a record of your performance at that school. Everything shows. It is up to the receiving school to cull your record for the courses they will give you credit for. The only time a grade/entry might be removed in its entirety is when/if an administrative action calls for that removal. An Incomplete grade that you subsequently finish will usually cause a new entry referring to the original “I” and providing the date of award of the new grade. Repeated F’s and W’s also will show the original grade.
  3. caliotter3

    LVN to RN time limit

    Check the website for the CA BRN for instructions to get a CA RN license as CA has unlimited attempts. It may take a little longer to get the ball rolling, but worth it when you get what you want.
  4. Even though it is none of their business what you do outside of work, do yourself a favor and keep the info to yourself. You don’t want ‘braggadocio’ associated with your name.
  5. caliotter3

    Do not return list

    None of us works for your agency or any of those employers so we can’t speak for or about them. The best way to find out the answers to your questions is to call the agency and the employers and ask. It makes no sense that no one will give you a reason why. If it were me, I would get away from that agency as well as stay away from those employers, and try to build a positive work history anywhere else. Sometimes you just can’t change negativity from your end of the employment stick.
  6. caliotter3

    No hands on skill labs?

    Highly suspect this is the way they did things before their Covid excuse. What a waste of money.
  7. caliotter3

    Help! I need to find an LPN-RN Program

    I seriously doubt you will find a program that does not have time limits on science courses.
  8. caliotter3

    Have you ever received an award for nursing?

    Not an award, but was rewarded by a pay increase, although minuscule, for doing a good job. Only time anything like that has ever happened in my career.
  9. caliotter3

    Mic Key g-tube clogging

    All I had to do was to calculate the amount to give the correct dose and write up the order and the doctor signed it. Sure like it when doctors cooperate.
  10. caliotter3

    Mic Key g-tube clogging

    I got the order to call for a liquid formulation. Used to be able to buy the brand we were using for that client at the grocery store. As I recall, there was one bottle for the calcium and one bottle for the vitamin D.
  11. caliotter3

    Protected staff member...trouble

    Do what you need to do. And really, it is past time that you found a better place to work.
  12. I applaud the effort to set the record straight about Brian. Your telling of the story matches what I thought about the situation all along. Now, there is no reason why the Foundation can not pick up and move on with his vision. That would be very appropriate for all.
  13. caliotter3

    Phasing out LPN

    Fifty years ago phasing out LPN/LVNs was discussed. So far that has not happened. However, as previously stated, you will have greater opportunity as an RN, so don’t slam that door shut just yet.
  14. caliotter3

    VP Debate tonight: Can Pence save the Presidency for Trump

    Well said Fly! Fly On! The American people stand behind you and below your flight path!
  15. We had some problems with a lack of communication to the agency regarding scheduling, like for an entire week's vacation, and nothing being said. For quite some time. Then I got jumped on for it and had to inform the person berating me that it did not involve me. The clients have the obligation to tell the agency that they are vacationing for a week, not me. It was not my vacation. They took the other nurse with them on their vacation and she didn't open her mouth either. But I was the one who got jumped. In an entire week the agency didn't figure out that there were no nurses notes? They didn't wonder why? The nurse who went on the trip didn't do documentation until she returned because all involved did not want the tablet GPS to show where they really went. I get so sick and tired of being blamed for other people's big secrets. That is one of the disadvantages of not being the "favorite" nurse in home care.
  16. On my present case, we started talking to each other first because the agency fails to notify AT ALL too many times, leaving nurse as well as the client in the lurch. It all works both ways.