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  1. caliotter3

    MD Orders??

    I agree with you. I would require the signed MD order otherwise everyone will be traipsing around without a mask on because their mommy told them they could.
  2. caliotter3

    Night shift

    Try to develop a pattern for your daytime sleep. I found that I would sleep two to four hours in the morning right after getting off work, wake up and do some day stuff for awhile, then try to sleep right before getting ready for work, anywhere from three to five hours, depending.
  3. caliotter3

    Inexperienced LVN bridging to RN

    Don't be discouraged. Many times someone has to take a position in a LTC facility because the positions in acute care are just not there to be had. Make the most of the job that you do get, no matter what setting.
  4. caliotter3


    Tell us what school you are planning to attend so that a representative from that school can give you information specific to that school.
  5. caliotter3

    Inexperienced LVN bridging to RN

    Don't psych yourself out. Your situation presents more experience than a brand new, never worked as a nurse RN graduate. Approach the RN program from the standpoint of "this is nursing school for RN", not that others will have more prior experience than you. If you want to work on weekends or at the hospital, or anywhere else for that matter, approach your job search from the standpoint of "I have limited experience but I am willing to work hard and learn as much as possible". As for working in LTC facilities, don't sell yourself short. Many an RN got her/his start there and went on to gain valuable experience to work elsewhere. You can too.
  6. caliotter3


    What have the nursing advisors of RN to BSN programs told you?
  7. caliotter3

    Days vs night shift preference?

    Over the years I have developed a preference for night shift. I have a pretty good choice available between night, swings, and day shift in extended care home health, as well as PM or AM 12 hour shifts on some cases. I will always take a night shift position first but will acquiesce to other scheduling if it means being employed.
  8. caliotter3

    New Grad LVN thinking of quitting. HELP!

  9. caliotter3

    quitting my per diem?

    Like your family advises, I would wait to see which and what works out best before doing any quitting.
  10. caliotter3

    Probable Fraud. What do I do?

    But this is what many agencies do.
  11. caliotter3

    Probable Fraud. What do I do?

    BTW, I have encountered many similar instances of “discrepancies couched as “mistakes””. Clients responsible for signing time sheets are usually in on the scheme and in each instance except one, the agency turned a blind eye, just like you describe your upper management seems to be doing. Be careful to protect yourself.
  12. caliotter3

    Probable Fraud. What do I do?

    If you now don’t trust this employee, then do what many agencies do as a matter of day to day business, warranted or not, “lose” her contact info. Should she be ballsy enough to inquire, “we have no available work”. Sooner or later she will figure out that you have no available work for HER.
  13. caliotter3

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    I am fairly certain that I have read that TX requires passing the NCLEX within four years of graduation. You may have to buckle down and attend nursing school over again. Have an advising appointment with the nursing advisors at BSN programs near you. Make it worthwhile. Attend a BSN program and "study" for the NCLEX at the same time you do your school assignments. You can make this work for you. Good luck.
  14. caliotter3

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

    I am unhappy since Yahoo removed the comments from its online articles. I often found the comments to be more informative and entertaining than the original article. Didn't even need to make the popcorn to be amused.
  15. caliotter3

    Billing skilled nursing as an independent contractor

    If I recall correctly, my former supervisor may have said that she didn't do documentation for the insurance company like she did for the agency. She just kept a notebook for the parent of the patient with day to day entries. That did not make sense to me. If anything, I would have thought that the insurance company would have required even more detailed documentation than any agency! Too bad I am out of touch with that person or I would try to get more detailed info. It has been very many years since that case for me.
  16. caliotter3

    Billing skilled nursing as an independent contractor

    My former supervisor at a case started getting paid by the insurance company when the case was taken away from the agency. As far as I knew, she never said anything about billing the insurance company. According to her, her paychecks just started coming from the insurance company instead of the agency. The insurance company didn't even raise her pay, seeing as how the agency middleman was removed. I know a nurse who said she plans to take her case away from the agency so that she is paid directly from the payment source (state medicaid). Her plan is to take 100% of the reimbursement rate. Apparently that is possible. It involves going through a vetting process with the state.

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