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  1. caliotter3

    Allnurses Clubs

    I signed in just to reply to this post. In total agreement. Just another ploy to cater to the childish. You'll get no lecture from me. Now to sign out again.
  2. caliotter3

    The wage gap myth

    It was explained to me by the Director at my union nursing job how the union is circumvented in personnel matters.
  3. caliotter3

    Is it wrong to ask

    Thanks for mentioning this approach.
  4. caliotter3

    Am I the *******?

    My experience has been that prospective employers automatically question and place in a negative light attempts to find work out of nursing. I guess that goes with a general public attitude that nursing should be everyone's 'be all and end all'. I still would not expend too much energy trying to pretend at work. Just be civil and as pleasant as you can be in a natural manner. Don't give yourself an ulcer or add your own bent to others' attempts to bring you down.
  5. caliotter3

    Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

    Ha, ha, ha! One of my last clients used to say there wasn't enough room. I have never been to an appointment anywhere with any patient, where there truly wasn't enough room. If that were the case, I could have stepped out of the "crowded" room after interacting with the provider. However, the clients always insure the nurse is never allowed to interact with the provider.
  6. caliotter3

    Help! Summer or Regular Semester Pre-Reqs?

    Retaking it for the third time? No. Do not take it in the summer. I would not even advise taking it together with Micro. Take it by itself if you have to. You want to get an A if possible so make it easier on yourself. MHO.
  7. caliotter3

    Please help

    I have seen that duplicate MARs (or other documents) are annotated at the top of the form to show that they are a duplicate of the original, usually with the added info as to why, who, when the duplicate was made.
  8. caliotter3

    Advice would be appreciated :)

    Three fails is daunting and may be insurmountable. If you insist on one more try though a factor which may help would be to insure that five years has passed since the last failure. At that point, most schools would require a repeat of the courses even if one got an A the first time around. This could work in your favor.
  9. caliotter3

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    No matter the details, your story is common. You got on the wrong foot fast and remained there. You were played when told that you were passing at the end. That added to the shock factor when the rug was pulled out from under your feet. Even if you should prevail in this situation, your tenure at this school is not going to be pleasant for however long you last. You might be better off in trying to find a new school home. You walked into a situation with your phone that was preventable. Many people despise the use of cell phones in the school setting, on the job, and in other places. Having a cell phone in one's hand can send off a bad vibe, especially to someone who is looking for ammunition. In the future, it might be wise to leave you phone in the car, or totally turned off, in your purse. That way you have eliminated the phone from causing problems for you. It could be said that it is common sense to report problem situations, no matter how slight, to the instructor. But yes, this should have been communicated to the group on day one. Yet, once you realized you were in the hot seat, you should have become proactive in covering your back for any and every little thing that might be used against you. Your witness was spot on in his assessment that you have been targeted. You will remain targeted for your tenure at this school. You need to make a drastic change in your outlook and your behavior if you intend to succeed there. As previously said, you might find it easier and less stressful to start over elsewhere. Good luck.
  10. caliotter3

    Ageism in Nursing

    I didn't even know this was how it works. I always thought guest posts were from people who had shut down their accounts.
  11. caliotter3

    Seeking Advice

    I noticed that the temperature doesn't always register on the handheld devices now used by my employer. If no temp in the box were used as a reason for termination, so far as I have seen, most of the nurses would be gone. Technology has apparently given people like your manager another tool in their grab bag.
  12. caliotter3

    Ageism in Nursing

    Not on topic, a question. What is going on in this thread with all of the guest posts? There are so many of them that it does not seem normal.
  13. caliotter3

    Please help

    Address the situation in writing and give it to the DON and keep a copy for yourself. You want your side of the story to be there in case this turns up on your performance review (and things like this do).
  14. caliotter3

    OMGosh! Did I really lose all my "likes"?

    BTW, thanks for the info. Now I know why I can't find info on the signature line (or is this the case? Just saw a signature for someone who isn't a "platinum" (paying) member?) Hmm. Better leave it alone. There are already badges being bestowed but without any explanation for those who might be interested. And how can one become verified when the verify account section in the site info says this is not up yet? Some have it, others don't. Like it always is. You know, I refrained from asking more questions because I thought it would all come about in due time but it is irksome to see members benefitting when the rest of us commoners can't even get an explanation of what we are missing out on. Enough for tonight.
  15. caliotter3

    OMGosh! Did I really lose all my "likes"?

    I don't wonder why not too many stick around for any length of time. I belong to and participate as site staff for, sites that do not require payment in order to enjoy such privileges as signature lines. Telling me I am not worthy of a signature line because I haven't donated money on a site that I joined for free does not impress me.