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  1. caliotter3

    Am I being tricked?

    Unless they plan on terminating someone from day shift out of the blue, there won't be a day shift opening up any time soon. If I were the OP, I would continue my job search.
  2. caliotter3

    Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    Well, since you admit you are not up to the job and are expressing a defeatist attitude in this post, you could always resign. Not saying this to be snarky either. Resigning is an option for these thought processes.
  3. caliotter3

    Discontinuing medications !

    The daughter told the lady from state that she had stopped giving the meds so the lady from state should have involved the doctor to get the meds discontinued, or not. So she wanted to pass the buck to you and still chide you about the matter? Too bad the daughter couldn't have waited until a better time to discuss this business.
  4. caliotter3

    LPN with PTSD....afraid to go back to work

    It has been over eight years since the OP posted this thread and she only posted twice. I certainly hope she is doing better by now.
  5. caliotter3

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    With you on that last statement. With my respiratory status, I can't breathe as it is without a mask. Wearing a mask makes things that much worse. Glad you are in a peaceful place. Sounds relaxing.
  6. caliotter3


    It seems the employer recognized poor practice and is taking steps to rectify the matter by getting rid of the LPNs. At this point if they are crossing the line, not worth the effort to pursue it. Center energies on getting out of there before they terminate you too.
  7. caliotter3

    Have you heard of this type of grading before?

    If you are getting graded material returned throughout the term, you should be able to establish a passing grade if not a totally accurate letter grade. My granddaughter had this problem one time. There was a substantial discrepancy between her final grade and what she had been receiving as feedback. I told her she should have met with the instructor with her evidence, a written record and copies of assignments with the grade shown. She said she did not have that. I looked at her and said it is your own fault because you know I advised you to keep a written record of your grades. To this day she won't do that, I guess the urge to blow off good advice is too strong. My program dropped people throughout as is the usual procedure. Big secret at the end is not normal, however we did have an instructor with issues who enjoyed telling people at the end of the term that she had failed them so they could not graduate. According to her she was tasked with this honor by the program administration, so in some instances there is no honor amongst thieves. I am sure somehow this individual had some kind of paper trail, although everyone who failed, (anecdotally) to a student, maintained that she blindsided them.
  8. caliotter3

    How to educate spouse about what I do as an NP?

    Your wife is jealous. She is trying to put your professional activities down to make herself sound more important. Try to find another line of conversation, maybe something that focuses on 'her'.
  9. caliotter3

    I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    Best wishes. Be assured your frame of mind is shared by many.
  10. caliotter3

    Unlicensed Person giving injections

    Historically the Medical Assistant job was created by the medical profession to provide cheap and available labor. Doctors train and take responsibility for Medical Assistants under their supervision.
  11. caliotter3

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    It is my understanding that many nurses in my home care agency lost their employment when families/patients refused their services over the pandemic. The agency "ran out" of available hours to keep these people working. Not one mention of putting pressure on the clients to continue services. The clients and the involved nurses just went away. At least in a facility setting the nurse has the expectation of a replacement assignment. I believe that wife had just as much right to question the vaccination status of her husband's nurse as our home care clients doing the same or just flat out stating no nurses will enter their home. If it were me, I would not be advocating that the nurses right to refuse vaccination trumps the patient's need to minimize possible exposure while hospitalized.
  12. Check out the link. They have added several courses.
  13. caliotter3

    Biased Clinical Instructor

    My school had a clinical instructor who also taught in the final semester. She concentrated on identifying students to fail to graduate. She did not make this known to any students until they were sitting in her office being told that she was failing them for their clinical course and that it was her duty to see that they did not graduate. Previous posts have mentioned possible areas where such an instructor would be getting valuable input with their gatekeeper mission in mind. If I would have been aware of the time you took playing mentor to your classmate, I would have been somewhat angry that you were not constructively using your PERSONAL STUDENT time wisely. Now is not the time to be getting on anyone's radar. Get on task.
  14. Degree of difficulty should not be a problem as it (at least used to) says somewhere on the site that it is intended for prenursing students as well as pre-med, pre-dentistry, etc. Basically a collection of common science courses needed or helpful in applying to those types of professions.
  15. University of New England offers physiology in its post bacc program for people who want to get ready for med school, etc. It used to be open entry, open exit, but now I think you start on Mondays. Another expensive route: $1200 to $1600 last I saw. Edit: $1510 total. https://online.une.edu
  16. caliotter3

    Giving Medication to Coworker

    Not to sound trite, but gee, I wonder why the doctor didn't give the injection himself, if he thought it necessary. I'll bet he would have a better chance of doing so without negative repercussions.