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    how long is too long?

    Covid, most likely.
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    Negative Nancy?

    Posters can't delete their own posts unless you edit it to be a bunch of x's or periods or such. That is the quicker way while you wait for a moderator to delete the entire thread. No telling when that could occur as moderators aren't always on the site. You need to go to the site map and find the area to contact the admins to request the thread be removed. You can change your name on your own. Do a search and you can find the instructions, they've been mentioned many times. "Support Desk" is an option under account which you can reach at the top right hand corner of your screen.
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    New grad......did I make a mistake?

    If my mom allowed this the amount of nagging that accompanied it would make it a very undesirable course of action. Many nurses combine med passes as a matter of course in LTC facilities.
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    Your application is governed by the program you graduated from, no matter where or how long ago. I highly doubt your intervening residence in the US will change anything along those lines. You need to contact the Board and verify what they will require from you.
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    Night shift has changed my life for the worst

    Extended care home health provides the flexibility to work only day shift. This area of nursing is also good for establishing relationships and long term satisfaction with your patient’s care. You can take a breather doing this kind of nursing while you look for day shift work in other areas and then, if you want, you can maintain a presence in extended care by working one shift a week or even occasional shifts. Consider this while you look for day shift jobs in the Denver area. Best wishes.
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    Bad reputation

    Back in the days before HIPAA was so widely discussed, I vaguely remember a DPCS, when interviewing me, telling me she had a case which she could not staff that was all she could offer me. But basically all she said during the interview was that it was far away. No more specific than that. Other than that, all case openings were discussed after the onboarding paperwork and any general orientation was complete.
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    Gender discrimination in pay

    Based on pay inequity, I need a change of scenery. Unfortunately the scenes I have been able to scope out based on pay are so much worse than the one I’m stuck in.
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    Should I retake Anatomy and Physiology 1?

    Many schools will not allow a retake if one passes a class. Check to see if you can, and also see what the impact of a retake would be. How is it treated in calculating the new GPA? If allowed, I would definitely retake the first class.
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    Start as nurse or new career opportunity?

    You aren’t “allowed “ to do anything. You either work as a nurse after graduation or you don’t. Employers will either hire you or they won’t. They will hire you with the break to work with mortgages or they won’t. I suggest you accept that you will be limiting yourself either way. Just make the decision and do it. If you decide to go with the mortgage work, give it all you have. Should you decide to go back to nursing, make certain you have savings to tide you over for the inevitable employment dry spell, then deal with a nursing career with all your energy. Right now you are limiting yourself by worrying. No decision is a decision. Make the decision then proceed. You will be happier for it. Good luck.
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    VIP Patient Demanding His Drugs

    This sounds too good to be true. I only wish I could get pain medication when I needed it, much less when I wanted it. I have always been canned when I spoke up.
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    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    Regardless of any change in career plans, it would be wise on your part to obtain, and maintain, active or later inactive, a nursing license.
  12. As the only licensed nurse on night shift in a LTC facility, I have unstopped a messed up toilet and mopped the resultant mess on the floor. We had no maintenance available at night for most low level emergencies. The nursing assistants were too busy. I wouldn’t ask them to do what I wasn’t willing to do myself. It was a safety hazard as well as environmentally unpleasant. I am well aware that plumbers get paid a ton more money than I was being paid, and they typically don’t consider such tasks beneath them. Housekeeping likewise was not available in the middle of the night. I guess the dignified nurses would have left the mess there all night.
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    Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    I would think prospective employers would have a workaround policy for such issues. No one should be rejected for this reason, since it is out of their control. FWIW I have always given the personal phone numbers of immediate clinical supervisors with their permission. So far it has worked.
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    Why can't i get a job???? US RN

    I should certainly hope with those qualifications the OP has been gainfully employed most of the last five years.
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    RN TO BSN Important Question

    This is a question for the schools you are interested in attending.
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    Billing skilled nursing as an independent contractor

    As lackadaisical as many agencies are, I can see how nurses get away with it. I have not been forced to sign a non compete agreement in decades. The RN I mentioned did not orchestrate the case leaving the agency. I recall her stating the impetus came from the insurance company itself. She just went along for the ride. The nurses I’ve met who talk about going independent with their cases have all been LVNs. Perhaps a testament to how people react when they find out how low their wages really are.
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    Bad reputation

    Very simple, ask for a new case. If the agency is reluctant, better resume your job search. Rest assured that list includes, if not entirely consists of, the cases other nurses won’t work.
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    Vitas hospice-What do the LPN's do?

    Continuous care is shift work. One client for one shift, that can be from 6 to 16 hours long, typically 8 or 12 hours.
  19. What have you been told by the nursing advisors of the schools that you have researched?
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    Home Health as First Nursing Job?

    The chances of finding an agency employer that will provide the amount and quality of immersive education (otherwise known as 'hand-holding') that one would require is close to nil. Better to get that solid year or two of experience first.
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    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    I had read or heard on the news that the reason for the shortage was labor problems at the mints due to positive covid-19 cases amongst the workers. I would think that would be more widely discussed as all covid-19 information still predominates the media.
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    Probable Fraud. What do I do?

    NRSKaren, thanks for providing a thorough example of actions that agency management SHOULD be taking in such instances rather than turning a blind eye and thus encouraging the fraud. Would like to add that I have heard of agency managers or insurance investigators "staking out" the address when they suspect fraud, noting no apparent arrival or departure of suspect employee, confirmation with client at time of checking up. When I have to have the "insurance fraud talk" with clients, I always mention that the insurance payors could very well do this. It is unfortunate that cases where active fraud is being practiced can be staffed with aiding/abetting nurses who may actively "bully" a new nurse to keep their mouth shut. This allows the practice to almost become systemic with some agencies/home health nurses.
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    Wanting to Quit my Covid-19 job

    Going through the never-ending list of extremely important nursing behaviors reminded me of granddaughter’s remark that she couldn’t see herself becoming a nurse because she would have to “change diapers”. Heavens, the conversation never got anywhere near secondary or tertiary priority nursing activities. She probably would have gone into shock halfway through the rendition after hearing that nurses get paid to change the diapers of other people’s children. A snowflake in the making!
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    Is it too late

    Find an employer that is desperate for an employee. That should not be difficult when it comes to home health.
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    Becomng a nurse in my late 50's?

    Do not jeopardize your ability to support yourself in your retirement at this point if you don’t have plenty of funds to tide you over. Prepare for a hard row to hoe trying to get hired for that first RN job. The SoCal job market for nurses sucks, to put it bluntly. It sucks worse for new grads and old new grads are asking for a lot of disappointment.

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