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Bornleader-NP-C's Latest Activity

  1. Bornleader-NP-C

    Studying for AANP Boards

    Hi all Im so happy to be at this point where I am able to study for boards. So I have done the APEA review and purchased her book of questions, also I have the LEik book. I rented the fitzgerald book and it is filled with information, like a little too much information. It is remarkably different from hollier and especially how the information is presented. For those of you who passed boards do you think im ok with using just apea and leik book. I just cant get into this fitzgerald book. I will go to it to answer questions though. thanks
  2. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    I have just completed my course work and im starting to study for boards. The classes are doable but there is a lot of work to be done. I couldn't imagine taking more than one clinical class at a time, don't think the school will allow it.
  3. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    It's not 52
  4. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Hi my next class is assessment also, what do u think of the program so far. I attend south university also
  5. Bornleader-NP-C

    Discouraged NP student

    I am having the hardest time finding a preceptor for my first clinical course, assessment, any help with this, I have talked to countless professionals but they are not willing to take on this role, if given the chance to educate someone else I would DFW nurse
  6. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP Aug 2014 class

    hi I started the program in December, so far so good, u have to be self motivated to complete any master's program even more to complete one that's online, there is a lot of reading, research and paper writing in apa style so make sure you are up to date on that. as far as the program goes it is doable there are days im like why why why but I have think about the end product, I have always been able to get feedback from professors either through email or phone conversations. They have been very helpful in explaining when I did not know what I was doing..lol, I work at least 2 days a week and have an 11 month old so I stay pretty busy. you can expect to have an assignment, a paper due each week that is the minimum but don't worry they wont be due the same day unless you are taking more than one class. never wait to the last minute to try to complete an assignment because professors are very specific about what type of article they want you to look up and write about and sometimes finding those can be very time consuming, good luck
  7. Bornleader-NP-C

    Practicum sites Dallas, Ft. Worth area

    I'm in need also
  8. Bornleader-NP-C

    NP school with a toddler

    I have a 6 month old and I'm working on obtaining my fnp degree..I work prn..you can do it
  9. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

  10. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Congrats sinopa
  11. Bornleader-NP-C

    Wound Care NP???

    I worked in ltac with wound care np..so they do exist.
  12. Bornleader-NP-C

    Starting class tomorrow :)

    Hi..I dont start tomoro but I start nxt month..gd luck!
  13. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Thks for the info. Montif. Congrats on being almost done and good luck to everyone else.i will b starting next month
  14. Bornleader-NP-C


    Congrats! I start in dec. with south
  15. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    Hi freedomrn1, are u starting the msn-Fnp program in dec?
  16. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University FNP MSN program???

    We will hv a story to tell when we are done!

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