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  1. Bornleader-NP-C

    help needed....FNP AANP

    any questions that I missed I wrote the answer down so that I could go back and study it more. APEA book of questions is excellent, those questions are challenging and so are the test. Have you done the AANP practice test? I did this and this was a confidence booster for me. You can pass this test, especially if you have studied all this material and learned what you are studying. Good Luck!!
  2. Bornleader-NP-C

    Failed AANP twice

    Use apea review, her book of questions, leik book, take notes and study what you missed, make notecards, take them with you, get Leiks app. The test is not hard, take the aanp practice test. I would not switch to a different version if you have spent time prepping for aanp. Just take your time and learn what you are studying.
  3. Bornleader-NP-C

    Failed AANP...help...feel like a failure!

    You are welcome. You will pass!!
  4. Bornleader-NP-C

    Failed AANP...help...feel like a failure!

    No problem, the school made us complete apea review by Amelie hollier, I purchased her book of questions and had access to her online qbank, any question I missed I wrote it down so I could educate myself on the topic, her book has questions on each body system and 3 full length test, worth the $50 bucks, I purchased leik book and went through every chapter and made notes and answered the questions at the end and again made notes on what I missed, I went back through the leik book and made sure I had written down the exam tips at the end of each chapter. I purchased the aanp practice exam scored 79%, not bad but not all that good either. I went back to my apea notes ( if you take the course you print out a syllabus which is more like a book) I read through it several times just making sure I knew the information. At one point like a week before I took the test I was so tired of looking at the material. I made notecards and took them with me. I also purchased the leik app it's called Fnp q and a, it was $20 when I purchased it may be different price now. I think in all I answered about 2000 questions. May be an over kill to some but I really wanted to pass this test the first time I took it. I also listened to apea CDs while I was driving to and from.... Hope this helps.. You will succeed.
  5. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University MSN FNP

    No problem, maybe a lil less than 35. First thing I didn't like was how they wanted us to complete some of the work during certain classes, they used external websites and sometimes these sites didn't work so don't ever wait until the last minute to attempt to start on somethg. Second, like I said before there is a lot of busy work and it can seem overwhelming at times but doable, just have to pace yourself and stay ahead. Third is a compliant many of my classmates had, be familiar with APA format, professors will kill your grade bc everything has to be in APA, they really make sure you follow this format, looking for articles and finding ones to apply to whatever you are writing can be time consuming also. Once during the program the cost of the credit hours increased I didn't like that. I felt like it should have stayed the same as when I started. Whenever you are communicatin with counsellors, your advisors be very diligent sometimes it takes forever to get a response. Finding preceptors is a task many students run into. The school can send you a list of preceptors previous students have used and I was able to find one from this list so request this from the academic advisor. This was the hardest part of the program honestly. This can be discouraging at times. I know I had to make hundreds of calls to find mine. Start this early bc I ran into the problem of preceptors already have had students months in advance. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions
  6. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University MSN FNP

    I live in Texas, I started full time and by the time clinicals started it was mostly 2 times per week, sometimes 3. I was very disciplined, you have to be
  7. Bornleader-NP-C

    South University MSN FNP

    I recently graduated from the school like Saturday. I'm sure you will hv a hang up about any program. You hv to put in work. I tested three weeks ago and passed first try, aanp exam. There was a lot of busy work, discussion posting and responses and timed quizzes and exams during clinical course classes. Overall I think the program was ok.
  8. Bornleader-NP-C

    Failed AANP...help...feel like a failure!

    I passed on 6/10 first time, you an email me if you want.
  9. Bornleader-NP-C

    AANP Exam 2016-Passed

    Great feeling isnt it!! i took my aanp exam a little over a week ago and passed on the first try also. I used leik, apea and purchased the leik app and the aanp practice test. so happy this test is behind me! I stalked this website also, reading through post of those who passed and those who did not. Congrats to us and everyone else that has passed!!!
  10. I do not think it was bad at all
  11. hi i just took my test this past monday and passed. i remember studying that topic but i did not have it on boards. I will say this, i purchased the fitzgerald book and after spending a few hours reading it i was like no...way to much info and way to wordy. My school made up complete the APEA review and i studied from the leik book. I was told these are the only two sources you need to pass and i agree. I didnt study anything else just APEA notes, purchased the APEA book full of questions and purchased leik's question app (so i could have something on the go). As far as the test goes, i would say 90% of the questions was information that i had studied. the questions were not hard and didnt seem tricky. I answered probably almost 2000 study questions. i would definitely loose the fitzgerald book, just my opinion.
  12. Bornleader-NP-C

    I got in!!!

  13. Bornleader-NP-C

    Any last minute advice, for AANP

    Hi I did the apea online but you will test before me. When I went to select my test date it was gone:arghh:.
  14. Bornleader-NP-C

    Any last minute advice, for AANP

    so many views and no advice, c'mon people any hoo I just took the practice aanp test and scored 79%. This is ok?
  15. Bornleader-NP-C

    Any last minute advice, for AANP

    Hi all I will be testing next week for fnp, aanp exam. any last minute advice from test takers? thanks Prayers please:up: