I can't get over my failure...

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Last semester I failed pharm. I know it's over and done with but it's like I can't get over it. Everyday I think of how I failed and it eats at me. Now I will have to graduate a year later and I hate it. I am going to take pharm again and I know I will do better because I've acknowledged where I went wrong and I've been studying everyday. However, I'm still sad. I know people view me as a failure because that's how I feel. I've never failed a class before so it's not a good feeling at all. Has anyone failed a class and went on to graduate without anymore setbacks? This sucks! I'm 20 & I hope to be a nurse before I'm 30!

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Failed chemistry the first time I took it. Have earned four degrees since then. Stop beating yourself up, it'll be ok.

Sounds like you are having a rough time. I bombed a few exams and had to repeat a history course. I was very angry and it affected my GPA prior to transfer as well as my scholarship award. I am now an A student. That said I'm also a very late starter, I bloomed late and I matured later than my high school classmates. Sometimes it feels like most of, if not all, of them have graduated college, have families, and houses. Here I am just finishing my BSN and I don't even have my own apartment. It is not always about where you are in life, but how you carry yourself. A college degree does not make you smarter or worth more than others just as failing a class does not make you stupid or worth less. It certainly does not make you a failure. You failed a class, nothing more. In fact I see you as a stronger person because you kept going. It is very easy to keep going when everything is sunshine and roses, but it is very hard to do that when things do not go well. I wish you the best. Keep going and find a way to study pharm that works for you, its not an easy thing to get down.

You are repeating one year... You will definitely be a nurse by 30! Learn from your mistakes rather than continually trying to relive them.

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I failed a nursing course and under normal circumstances, would have only needed to repeat the course. The program went through some significant changes in where content is presented so I had to follow content back 2 semesters, effectively having to repeat 2 semesters. Yes, that's a full year of repeated coursework. Am I disappointed that I failed the course initially? Of course! Instead of grousing about it, I seized the opportunity (yes, that's exactly what it was) to really get into the material and expand what I know. Now I'm in 4th Semester and I'm about 1/2 way to the end of the regular clinical experience.

You're at an advantage because you've seen most, if not all, of the course material and you know where you had your downfall. It's up to you to seize your opportunity to really get to know the material and do well the next time around. While this is a setback, it's only a year and you weren't bounced out entirely.

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There is an article written by a member here on allnurses that is called "Freaking Out and Frantic." It is amazing and helped me when I had failed a course and when I was just feeling down on myself in general. I printed it out and hung it up where I could read it often. Please check it out, it will help you feel so much better.

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found it! check that out, it's really a great article. thank you rn/writer for it!

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I was failing bio lab, had to drop, and got a D for the class. Still got into nursing school, been one for 33 years; went back for another degree. Just makes me more human to my students (yeah, I tell the story on myself sometimes :alien:).

Don't say "I failed", try "Okay I flunked, flounced, bounced and fought back!" which you are doing. Make it a positive statement instead.

It's okay to forgive yourself!!

I understand you would feel that way. It's normal. But how do you know other people view you as a failure? Everyone else is likely caught up in their own nursing school journey to put much thought into your failure. Most of your cohort should understand how difficult pharmacology can be, and thus, are probably not judging you. If they are, they are likely insecure with their own abilities.

What's done is done, and what matters is that you're doing all you can to pass next time around. With enough determination you can and will be a nurse before you're 30! :yes:

"Can't get over my failure," eh?

A very wise therapist once told me, "Don't say 'can't,' say 'won't.' " Puts a whole different spin on it, doesn't it?

GrnTea: "Can't get over my failure," eh?

A little out of touch there?

I remember my organic chemistry 2 days when one needed to really think like a research chemist (but without any prior training). Yet, other people found calculus physics quite challenging where I found it to be more enjoyable, simply because I enjoyed the topic.

Switching gears a bit. I remember, during a very tough chess tourney. It seemed I was on the verge of beating a strong master. I couldn't believe it and second guessed a lot; nearly lost! Another time, against yet a strong player (rating in the 2100) squandered a 2 move win only to lose. I lost back to back games to lesser players because of this. Even the very best doubt.

Dr. Benjamin Carson overcame his challenges (void the politics please) and today is a renowned neurosurgeon.

Finally, it's not that the OP won't (get past the experience); au contraire! But maybe, you saw something different. I don't discount 'tough love', but here it was uncalled for after a post or two.

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found it! check that out, it's really a great article. thank you rn/writer for it!

Put me in the cheering section for this article, too! It pops in my head a lot when I read posts like this..thanks for finding it.

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