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  1. Compassion_x

    Pinned leg

    Well we all had urged him immediately to go to the ER or doctor. The only reason ice came up from any of us (there were 5 of us not including this man) is because he kept refusing to go. Several of us said we'd check in on him. Anyway, he did end up seeing a doctor last night.
  2. Compassion_x

    Pinned leg

    I realize I forgot to mention that I am actually an LPN. He told them I'm a nurse, later (less than 10 minutes later) mentioned I was finishing my RN. I did say not to ice longer than 20 minutes. My boyfriend and I tried to go to his house about 2.5 hours later but he wasn't home. I might stop by later today and see how he's doing. Thanks everyone.
  3. Compassion_x

    Pinned leg

    Okay, so I'm not really sure where to post this, but I have a question. Earlier today my boyfriend and I came home and it was a nice day, so we opened all the windows. A few minutes after, we heard yelling from somewhere. It turned out one of our neighbors across the street was moving some large chunks of wood in a smaller, open trailer type thing (real descriptive I know). My boyfriend says they were railroad ties. Anyway, we went outside on the porch to find out where the yelling was, saw some other neighbors running over there and my boyfriend took off before I could get my shoes on. I wasn't sure what was going on at that point so I hadn't rushed over there with him, until he started yelling for me. So I went over there and the guy already had his leg out and was stumbling around in pain. When I got there my boyfriend told me he "hurt his leg pretty bad." My boyfriend told everyone I was a nurse (which I don't really like d/t liability issues and whatnot, and I'm really just paranoid). Anyway, the guy had an indentation in the back of his calf, and a smaller one in the front. It was red, and I'd guess the indentation ridge to ridge was maybe half an inch at most, definitely not as deep, and a bit red as to be expected. We were all telling him to go to the doctor, another neighbor mentioned an ambulance, mentioned checking up on him later as he lives alone. We all told him to quit working for the day and go inside to elevate and ice his leg. My question is, is there anything else I could have or should have done? It made me realize how little we learn in nursing school about these sorts of situations, and emergencies (I'm finishing up my ADN program). I couldn't really think of anything else to do or tell him. Really, there wasn't much else to do in terms of first aid - no cuts or anything, he was able to put weight on his leg (it hurt at first of course but seemed to get better, we stayed for about 10 minutes after his leg was freed). It didn't seem broken or anything. He mentioned the muscle hurting when he walked, specifically. Honestly it really seems like he's going to be fine. We all put an emphasis on going to the doctor if it doesn't feel any better at all within a day or two. I'm really just paranoid about doing something wrong or not doing something I should have in situations like this (or worse situations). Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Compassion_x

    Looking forward to third semester!

    I had one year of LPN, and then one year of LPN-RN. Therefore, my third semester was the beginning of my LPN-RN program. And yes, it was much harder. Much of that was due to changes in my program, an instructor having surgery earlier on and we had multiple instructors for the class and it was just a mess. But the material itself is harder as it was more RN focused, obviously, than previously.
  5. Compassion_x

    How much time do you spend studying outside of nursing classes?

    I study quite a bit. I'm one of the only ones in my class that actually reads most of the chapters we have assigned (at least for med-surg classes). I study throughout the day. I'm out of class and clinical by noon monday through thursday. I read my textbooks for a max of 30 minutes at a time. Usually around the same for going through powerpoints. Papers are my exception to my 30 minute rules. I also never cram. As soon as we start a new unit I'm on reading whatever I can. The night before exams I read though any powerpoints or packets from the instructor. I usually do pretty well.
  6. Nah, I almost never study with anyone else and I do fine. Sometimes when we have down time during clinicals we study together otherwise not usually.
  7. Compassion_x

    Horrible Clinical Instructor!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    No employer is going to read your evals from clinicals. That said, I wouldn't say anything about your instructor since the semester is so close to being over. If he/she was really awful your whole group should've said something much sooner. Just stick it out. You'll have more clinicals to come soon!
  8. Compassion_x

    Nursing pre-req textbooks?

    I didn't keep my A&P books because my med-surg books have chapters on anatomy/physiology as well so I have no need. I still have my microbiology one but only because it's a loose leaf book and I can't sell it.
  9. Compassion_x

    NCLEX pass rates down from 2012 to 2013

    I believe they may have changed the NCLEX recently, that might have something to do with it. Sometimes it takes a bit for schools to catch up.
  10. Compassion_x

    Stethoscopes- Hearing Problems

    A classmate of mine has hearing issues. She bought a stethoscope with an amplifier thing on it, so it's a little more expensive than regular Littmann's. I wish I could tell you what brand, etc. it is!! But they are definitely out there.
  11. Compassion_x

    We're not here for that

    I'm sure she will get a reality check at some point, hopefully soon. Nurses like that are the least liked. Nursing is a team effort. If you're a nurse and you can help, you should!
  12. Compassion_x

    Firing employees who refuses to come into work.

    I believe that is my state law as well, no more than 16 hours. Interestingly enough, there are studies that say nurses make more errors before even 12 hours of work (group project on the subject last semester!).
  13. Compassion_x

    What's the worst you've done on an exam?

    I think my worst one ever was somewhere around 69. Did not study much, clearly.
  14. Compassion_x

    What is the best way to write a health history?

    I have written one before and my book was a really great guide. Does your book have an example? Otherwise try googling health history assessment or something.
  15. Well, #1 varies by families of course. Other than that, this seemed more like my 3rd semester of nursing school lol. The first semester of my program was fairly easy. I had a 4.0 without a ton of studying.
  16. Compassion_x

    What would you do???

    I would tell the aide that the resident has a right to refuse regardless of what her family wants. Wait until later, calm her down and sweet talk her a bit, THEN ask again to brush her teeth. Also tell the nurse what happened.