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  1. Staff Development

    Liberty has great tuition for a military spouse, which I am. But I am not Baptist (or a creationist) and am nervous that their resident campus reputation bleeds into the reputation of their online school. What was your experience with this? Were they...
  2. Staff Development

    As of recently, I have began looking into staff development as a long term goal. My hospital heavily pushes for the MSN in addition to experience and I realize that getting one in Nursing Education will be best. But many of the education MSNs focus o...
  3. What is the motivation for bullying?

    It is shocking. But one thread I just read made it seem like the OP is unable to leave. I find that unlikely, so I would really like to hear both sides of the story.
  4. How to leave first job

    Update: It was awkward, as expected. I didn't even need to finish the shift. But, on to better things!
  5. Kaplan test scores

    I only completed 60% of my Kaplan question bank (with a 58% average) & passed the NCLEX. If you have 4 weeks, you have plenty of time to bring up those scores. Just continue to review your rationales. I recommend the PDA book by LaCharity too. A ...
  6. Failled nclex 265. I don't know what to do

    I really liked the LaCharity book (Prioritization, Delegation & Assessment). I had so many priority questions on my NCLEX!
  7. How to leave first job

    ThePrincessBride, I realize I will be stepping on someone's toes but am hoping to still handle this situation professionally. icuRNmaggie, I think that is part of the reason I decided to interview at Hospital B. We spent time on the unit during the h...
  8. How to leave first job

    Would love to say that, but I prefer not to be escorted off the premises.
  9. How to leave first job

    Hi everyone. I am a new grad who is in a sticky situation. I applied to both hospital A and hospital B at the beginning of May. I accepted a job at hospital A two weeks after applying. So far, I have completed one week of corporate/hospital orientat...
  10. Graduate School & Geriatrics

    I am a newly graduated BSN with a love for geriatrics. Currently I am getting experience on a medical unit for a couple years, but I would like to eventually attend graduate school and get my masters degree. In your experiences, what kind of graduate...
  11. I hate ATI.
  12. DC Nursing Programs

    Not all of the schools listed above have good nursing programs in regards to their state licensure exam pass rates. When I looked at nursing schools, this was a big factor for me. If a school is unable to appropriately prepare students for taking the...
  13. School and working?

    I have worked throughout my program and am now about to graduate without any issues. Having a little money makes nursing school less painful. I do PRN though, so there is no pressure to work during the incredibly hectic weeks.
  14. What are your most effective study methods/resources?

    I plant my butt at Barnes and Noble for a few hours, buy myself a coffee & grab a stack of books from their "Nursing/Medicine" section. Looking up the different topics or diseases I was being tested on & reading it multiple times from differe...
  15. How many graduates were in your graduating class?

    I am in a small BSN program about to graduate. We started with 45 nursing students & now in our 4th semester are graduating 25. The class below us have even worse ~ started with 48 and by their 2nd (current) semester they only have 32. I can only...