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  1. ABSN hopeful - UNC, UMass, Duke, MGH

    The MGH program was one of the first of its kind in the country, and is excellent. Boston is a GREAT college town. Downside: The cost of living is very high here and the Old Farmer's Almanac projects that we'll have a worse winter than last year :).
  2. OCCC traditional pathway schedule

    We have no idea what OCCC is, other than the educated guess that it's a community college. The answers you seek should be readily available to you if you call the nursing program office.
  3. Thank you, ixchel, for being nice to an old bat. :flwrhrts:
  4. If they draw blood they DEFINITELY need to know ... about precautions for EVERY patient, no exceptions, no exceptional circumstances.
  5. Chemistry

    Try Khan Academy on YouTube-- they have some great video tutoring that can help you get it!
  6. And Off I Go!

    I like your plan to take no more than 2 classes at a time and one over the summer. I hear your eagerness to get this the heck DONE. You also need to consider that nursing school admissions are VERY competitive; a little extra time send in rocking out...
  7. 9/5 What I learned this week.....

    I look at this as the reversal that comes of aging. You know, remember when you were a really young teen and you had to wear those stupid pads until you learned to steal your mother's Tampax? Then they invented pantie liners for the occasional overfl...
  8. Without reading this whole thing again I can't tell if I already answered this, but this attitude is not good for two reasons: 1) You are completely unable to be certain of ANYONE's status regards blood-borne illness of any kind. Period. 2) Theref...
  9. Clinicals - What Not to Do?

    Never, never, never stand around in a group at the end of the hall talking. Never, never, never carry your cell phone while you're on the floor. Leave it home or lock it up in a locker. I mean it. Cut the cord. If you need to look something up, ask y...
  10. How Physically Demanding is Your Job

    I dunno. I sense a great attitude and a literate way of describing your outlook on life. I think you'll do fine wherever you go...if you love critical care-types of things, take every chance you get a a student to peek in to the ICU or NICU (less hea...
  11. RN nurses I really need help on an assignment please!

    Part of your faculty's reason for giving you this assignment is to get you to go out there and speak to an RN face to face. A big email blast is not a substitute for shoe leather. AN is not Google. See, in nursing, you have to learn to speak to a l...
  12. Nurse to Nurse Bullying

    Oh, and one more thing. Being "scared" or "terrified" is not a functional way to go through life. It will serve you especially poorly in your first year of practice. Telling yourself you're terrified / scared to death / panic-stricken is something we...
  13. Nurse to Nurse Bullying

    She's right. I've put down a LOT of NG tubes in unconscious people, and they sure as hell aren't giving me a cooperative swallow. NPO is NPO whether there's something already down there or not. She might not have had the patience to explain it to you...
  14. 9/5 What I learned this week.....

    I learned my 4-yr-old g'dtr is starting TAP lessons! And she loves them. This is soooo awesome! Movie: The Seven Little Foys (1955) Bob Hope plays the role of Eddie Foy, and Jimmy Cagney plays George M. Cohan.
  15. Transactional Leadership

    Sure. My specialty. :)