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  1. JBudd

    Thumbs down button?

    Me too, this was a feature I used all the time.
  2. JBudd

    Stop the Silence...Violence Against Nurses

    In my state assault (verbal) is a misdemeanor, threatening bodily harm or death & physical battery are felonies, when done to a health care worker in pursuit of duties. I was bitten, my coworkers and I tackled to the floor: Police reports, photos, grand jury and conviction on two counts of battery on a health care worker. My hospital never even suggested that we not pursue it.
  3. JBudd

    A Newly Defined Type of Constipation: Opioid Induced Constipation

    Speaking as one of the people who have suffered from OIC, despite the regimin with my chemo..... let me tell you the constipation pain was worse than the post mastectomies pain. I really wish I had gone to the ER for the med, I vaguely remembered an inservice on it but I was too sick to think clearly. The laxative, stool softener, enemas and sitz did NOTHING on that day. So it is all very well to sit and armchair quarterback about a manufactured need for an expensive drug but there was a need and it was met. And no, I'm not an addict, and quit using the pain meds etc. when I no longer needed them; never developed a dependence. Just constipation.
  4. JBudd

    .....and Other Days, You're The Statue

    It's a felony in my state. Convicted her of 2 counts of battery on a health care worker, for biting me. She bit a security guard in the ED later, filed charges but the DA's office didn't notify the guard until the morning of the hearing, so he couldn't go. She got away with it that time.
  5. JBudd

    Nursing Unions: Pros and Cons

    Our union is responsible for our staffing ratios, for getting workshop time paid for, for scheduling practices ( at least 11 or 16 hours between shifts), at least every third weekend off or time and half for third one. Also decent retirement setups, both staff and hosp. contribute, (not pension plans anymore) but the IRA types of savings. Our contract spells out discipinary steps so you don't get fired out of hand but have an opportunity to correct things. Being chronically late, can start a disciplinary process, don't start showing up on time, yeah you can get in trouble. Get warned, stop being late, you're good. We were taken over by a chain, no longer an independent community hospital. The new folks keep trying to tell us that isn't what the contract says, when they weren't even here when it was negotiated. They want to do away with a lot of the protections that we have (participation in planned changes, staffing, etc. So while my dues cost a fair bit, the peace of mind when it comes to scheduling, insurances, etc. makes it worth it. Another con: I do not agree with many of the political endorsements and policies the national office supports, I don't like my dues going there.
  6. JBudd

    Compassion required???

    Working in an ER, we see the same people over and over "who did this to themselves". I consider myself a compassionate person, but do tend to get tired of these. If my whole shift and every patient tended to make me feel fed up, I would hate my job. It sounds like that is how it would be for you all the time, which would not be good for you or your patients. I have to work at not overreacting to the frequent flyers who refuse to help themselves, and not letting them affect my whole attitude for the night. Doesn't always work, and those tend to be my unhappier shifts. On the whole however, they don't. I like my job and my career; but it doesn't sound like nursing would really be a great fit for you. How have clinicals gone for you? What patient interactions have you had? I agree with some of the others, you might try a health field with a little less personal contact; radiology, lab tech, etc. Lot of what nursing is is emotional support during rough times while providing that excellent, scientific and educated care. We take care of the whole person, (nursing schools make a big deal of it).
  7. JBudd

    Getting Sick at Work

    I was charge in the ER, and became SOB, dizzy and BP out of whack. Thought I thrown another PE after a long car trip the day before (yes I had taken my baby aspirins!). Got stuck in one of my own rooms on a busy night. Used the call bell to tell my relief charge all the things going on that I had been trying to take care of, , they all told me to hush and let them take care of it. Turned out to be a bronchospasm with incipient (nasty) bronchitis.
  8. JBudd

    Body fluids and death

    I once warned a new grad with her first body, that the body makes noise when turned as gasses escape. She didn't believe us at first, but when we turned him on his side to put the shroud under him there was a loud groan. That always gets to me more than the fluids (we clean those up living or dead).
  9. JBudd

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    So sorry this is happening to you. Right to work generally means they don't have to give a reason for firing you. But if you don't want to stop working at this job, do not give a resignation letter. The next place you want to work at, may hesitate over the "firing", but a good place should listen to your side of the story. They will ask "if you didn't want to leave that job, why did you resign?", and all of this would come out anyway. Ya wanna leave the southeast and come out south west instead?:heartbeat
  10. Sour grapes. Some can apply it, some can't. Students are highly individual. The ones that excel in their books here, tend also to be the ones doing extra lab time to perfect their skills. From your description, I would be proud to have you in my class.
  11. There is a lack of respect for faculty, with students challenging grades and sueing for grades/degrees they think they've paid for. So far the courts have upheld schools' rights to grant or not, diplomas.
  12. JBudd

    Issue with nursing classmate

    Just tell her that you are not finding it as helpful as you had hoped, and are now going to change your study methods. Say thanks for help in the past, but you are not going to continue as before and wish her luck. You don't have to explain, excuse or do anything else.
  13. My SIL (med tech) and I used to sit and stroke my husbands veins on the backs of his hands. He'd snatch them away and yell "I know what you're thinking!"
  14. JBudd

    Dad just doesn't understand...

    S'okay, we're listening! I just told people I wanted to do hands on care, not in and out and run around, nor did I want to spend 12 years in college, nor be on call all the time; and I liked nursing not medicine. Your dad just wants what he thinks is best for you in terms of what he considers important. Put him in that vast category of people who have no clue what nursing truly is, and let it go. Oops! you got an opinion and advice!!:eek:My bad:lol2:
  15. JBudd

    Where are the candy stripers?

    I had the pinafore dress and white blouse, hose and white shoes in the 70s. I still have the dress in a closet somewhere. When I worked in registration, they would have me take the ladies in labor upstairs in a wheelchair, while also carrying the suitcase. Looking back, what were they thinking? a 14 year old alone in the elevator with a woman about to give birth?? We have Volunteens sometimes, not many though. They wear a striped vest.