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I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” Thomas Jefferson

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JBudd has 38 years experience as a MSN and specializes in trauma, teaching.


"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."   &&  "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."  Thomas Jefferson


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  1. JBudd

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    NCIS episode with a "bald" cancer pt who had perfect eyebrows & lashes... with mascara no less. Um, I decided to "pretty up" one day with some makeup, and found I had NO eyelashes, not only was I bald but evverry piece of hair everywhere was gone.
  2. JBudd

    Jury Duty

    Must be local, as it is not true in my state.
  3. JBudd

    Jury Duty

    I've been summoned so many times I can't keep track of them all. Ended up on 2 juries, both murder cases, one federal & one local. I had to show up every Monday morning for the federal pool for three months!), but our contract said if we weren't chosen we then had to report for work for the rest of the shift. My problem was, I worked Monday nights, and the hospital kept saying I had to come in that night if I wasn't chosen, but after spending an entire day in another city 65 miles away waiting, danged if I was going in! They changed my schedule to later in the week, off my routine Mondays. Didn't like it, but didn't have much choice in the matter. If I wasn't chosen that Monday or Tuesday, I worked my shifts later in the week. If you get chosen, you get the days off; and if the hospital gives you a hard time about it, get your court clerk involved. Judges get reeeaaaallly pissy about their jury pools getting messed with.
  4. JBudd

    New Grad

    Yeah, looking back at it, you're right. Don't put it as goals. SMH
  5. JBudd

    New Grad

    Both of them are expensive, and easier to pass once you have some experience under your belt. You can list them as goals on your resume; most employers pay for the classes if they are required for your area when you get hired. TNCC and ENPC are good in ER, and just a good general assessment algorythm learning tool. Having a basic EKG reading course never hurts. Congrats on graduating soon, and Good Luck!
  6. JBudd

    Is this nursing burnout?

    Your primary is an idiot. You don't "got it", you got blown off. Find someone who will help with the anxiety, as Calliope said. My adult children all have anxiety in one way or another, and therapy helps!
  7. JBudd

    Punny nursing names

    Nurse Vamp Staticus Dramaticus (no, that's the waiting room patients....) Idra Blud ( I draw blood) CeePeeArrrrr Needles Code Red
  8. JBudd

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    It does actually, we often send someone with deep lacs from broken glass to see if there is anything in there. But if someone came in with the possibility of glass in their neck, there sure as heck would have already been an xray!
  9. JBudd

    Is this nursing burnout?

    It does sound like burn out but more like depression (not that I am in any way qualified to diagnose that), before dropping it all for less, seek some counseling. If, on paper, it is a dream job, maybe someone could help you have it be that. Underappreciated, overworked and overwhelmed? doesn't sound like a dream job to me; but you already considered and rejected a change of venue. Again, why? that's what counseling can help with. Hugs to you my sister.
  10. Except that it was a woman who tried to leap onto the back of my colleague, and I am the one who ran after her, grabbed her by the arm and put her to the floor. It was a woman who threw a punch at me and dang near broke my glasses, after I had security back up a bit trying to de-escalate her because she felt very threatened by men.... And it was a woman who tackled me and my charge nurse, took us both down to the floor, and bit me, wouldn't let go, my arm had a 6x8 INCH bruise & swelling around the wound which left a scar. Yeah, she was convicted of two felony counts of assault on a health care worker.
  11. JBudd

    Ever been a clinical instructor?

    Pros: extra cash, good refreshing of your own skills, not so much stress on your back (lots less lifting), get to meet new and eager "youngsters", and when hiring time comes along, you know which people to recommend to your manager, and which to avoid. Enriching experience if you like teaching. I enjoyed most of my clinical groups. Cons: PAPERWORK, way too much paperwork, grading on your own time, care plans, never enough time for each student on any given day, spend a loooong time passing meds one on one with students (especially the 1st & 2nd semester ones). The patients you picked out for your students and they did all the prep work on either transferred to another unit or got discharged, so you and your student are scrambling for a similar patient/diagnosis. Dealing with floor nurses who don't want students around. Dealing with students who are unsafe, rude and disrespectful (not the whole group but one bad apple.....)
  12. JBudd

    Very First Nursing Job

    Glad to see you "made it there", Almostthere19!! Go in with an open attitude, be willing to learn, and don't take much of it personally. People say stuff, that isn't actually against or about you, but some new folks get all hung up over it. Learn the culture of the unit, watch, listen, ask questions, and be helpful.
  13. JBudd

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Definitely after every shift. Who knows what you were inadvertantly exposed to, that you don't know about? Then let it sit and incubate until you put the stuff back on? and in my house, the dog hair...... lol
  14. JBudd

    What is a Masters in Nursing used for?

    Sounds more like one for managers, case workers, public health, etc. Very Vague. My masters is specifically in education, Master of Science in Nursing Education. I did all the core basics for a masters in nursing, philosophies, core policy making, politics, laws. Then a lot of classes on teaching, class rooms, developing curriculums, how to write lectures, how to be a faculty memeber, etc. including student teaching under a mentor. If you are interested in education, I don't think the program you described would do you much good.
  15. JBudd

    Recording Lectures?

    I always allowed audio recording, but not visual, and very specifically in the syllabus stated it could not be posted in any way, social media, you tube, etc. Recording without permission is illegal in some places.
  16. JBudd

    Integrity - Should I say something

    @ Queen Tiye, absolutely, which is why I said "if it affects patient care or ... unprofessional behavior". Which all of the things you cited do and are. I don't want to work with racists or bigots either, but I do recognize that everyone gets to choose how they think and behave no matter how disgusting I think it is. I also believe firmly that actions have consequences, and deservedly so. I was trying to help a student see that differing opinions are not automatically cause for running to the authorities.