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  1. catebsn25

    Disrespectful patient

    I agree... My thoughts were some type of Axis II pt and possibly Bipolar I D/O, currently manic. OP, try to meet the patient where they are. Instigating them by insulting their behavior during an acute psychiatric episode is never a good idea. And your opinion on their mental illness is completely irrelevant. Unfortunately sick patients are sometimes rude. If you can't accept that and learn to not take these things personally, nursing might not be for you.
  2. catebsn25

    Ratios in acute psych

    the hospital I work at is trying to cut staffing now for the noc shift in the locked/hospital unit... we can have a census of up to 18 but on average it's 13/14. I am the only RN in that building and always had 3 mental health techs (love my night team!) as of late they're "experimenting" on running with 2 techs and it is so chaotic now. I've spoken with my supervisors about it and they tell me that "most hospitals in the area have less staffing than that for overnights" so basically I should feel lucky for having 2 support staff. so frustrating. I hate leaving work in the morning feeling that it was only luck that got me through that shift without a catastrophe!
  3. catebsn25

    Stimulant use in SARP Program?

    Just wondering if anyone has any information on whether or not someone could be prescribed a stimulant to treat their ADHD while in the SARP program. I'm aware that it varies from state to state... Just looking to see if anyone has ever heard of this or had any experience with this type of thing. A friend of mine is really struggling with her ADHD and was told only Strattera... 2 years left in her monitoring program. Thanks for any insight you might be able to give.
  4. catebsn25

    New hire RN accused of being "mean."

    Do you ever converse with the CNA's about anything other than when you are delegating tasks? Try getting to know them on a more personal level... Another suggestion that could be helpful in improving your rapport with your coworkers is to be sure to express gratitude and appreciation when you see them working hard and doing a good job with a patient of yours... A thank you and kind word really goes a long way.
  5. oh boy I wonder if we were wrong! anyone else have the answer??
  6. In my rehab clinical I had to document an ulcer forming in a patient's buttcrack... I asked the nurse I was assigned to, "How do I document this? Do I write buttcrack?" We laughed so hard! She wasn't sure... The general consensus ended up being "sacral fold." I work in psych now so it's never relevant... but I'll never forget it.
  7. This is an incredibly ignorant thing to say. Plenty of people with anxiety and/or depression have it under control and can plenty handle the stressors of nursing. And they can also care for their patients with more empathy and understanding. Please check yourself and get off of that high horse.
  8. catebsn25

    Ending the old and starting a new

    How wonderful!! Thank you for coming back to share with all of us... Congratulations to you! What an accomplishment. I wish you the best in the rest of your long and happy career. Think of all the patients you will be able to help!
  9. catebsn25

    Gifts for Patients?

    That's what I was afraid of. I ended up just bringing candy to share with everyone since it was so last minute and I didn't want to do anything wrong. I was planning on just saying that Santa came or something cute like that, not that it was directly from me. Thank you all for your input.
  10. catebsn25

    Gifts for Patients?

    and that must have taken her so much time!! what a thoughtful thing to do.
  11. catebsn25

    Gifts for Patients?

    that's a wonderful idea but the thing with that is that it's an acute psych unit so when I go into work tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting all of the patients for the first time... I was thinking of a candy cane and some different kinds of chocolates... and it's not late I'll be taking ideas up til 2pm before I head out to shop and then to work :) thank you so much for your input though I really appreciate it!
  12. catebsn25

    Gifts for Patients?

    thank you both for replying!
  13. catebsn25

    Gifts for Patients?

    Hi all! I am a new nurse so I wanted to present this to you guys to see if this would be appropriate or not. I might just be looking way too deep into this, (which I do with a lot of things haha), so bear with me! I work in a locked acute adult psych unit and I am working back to back doubles Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I will be the only nurse there in the morning when the patients wake up on Christmas. The majority of my patients have depression, and I was just thinking how sad and disappointing it could be for anyone to wake up there on the holiday. I was thinking about bringing in a bunch of small stockings, and writing their first names on them and hanging them off the counter at the nurses' station before they wake up in the morning as a nice gesture. (I am still lost as to what sort of little gift to put in there, so if you have any ideas they are much welcomed!) So if you guys could let me know, would this be inappropriate? Could it be considered a form of staff splitting? Some of the nurses brought in Halloween candy and passed them out before. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!
  14. catebsn25


    My response was more to her accusation of having a drug problem, not the capitals equaling shouting.
  15. catebsn25

    patients on methadone plus PRN pain meds

    How unfortunate that there is a nurse on here who has no empathy for the disease of addiction. Luckily your opinion does not matter. I hope your patients can't feel your ignorant judgments. Please educate yourself.
  16. catebsn25


    How on earth did you come up with that from the original post?? Anyway, I think you have a problem with judgment and coming to conclusions before having all of the appropriate and necessary information that you need to come to terms with.