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Mornin' all. I got my first dose today and I feel almost tearfully relieved and energized to be on this side of history. I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the experience of being vaccinated, so that we can share info with those who are still on the fence or who are watchful waiting to see how things go.

My hospital got 5000 doses delivered on Tuesday. We have given almost half of that already in the last two days. Participation is voluntary and divided into tiered groups based on patient exposure. Those who volunteer (still paid but outside normal job duties) to work the employee Covid vaccine clinic we have set up can also get it, which is how I was eligible to get it already today. 

Getting the second dose is crucial for any protection, so we make an appointment to come back for the second dose on exactly day 21. We will get another shipment from Pfizer in time for that. My wait time in line was about 30 minutes in all. The first day employees showed up and waited over 2 hours, cheerfully. There is a LOT of positivity and hope going on here surrounding this, which feels amazing. 

We go to an observation room for 10 minutes after the injection, where we were given bottled water and single serving snacks while we observe for any allergic reaction. 

The injection itself was nothing. Easiest shot I have ever gotten by far. I don't even have any arm soreness so far. I will touch base if I start to get any kind of side effects. 

Anyone else getting theirs yet?


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Awesome to hear!  Thanks for starting the thread, look forward to hearing everyones experience!


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Got mine today! I was quite skeptical about it initially.   I'm in a rural area & really didn't think I would have access to it until a much later date.  However, my county is one of the top 10 for fatalities per capita in the state, so we were among the first to receive it.  Probably 90% of my coworkers think it's too soon & say they don't want it (but most aren't eligible either right now so it's a moot point; we'll see what they say when it's offered). 

What helped me to make up my mind was looking up older articles about mRNA vaccines & research.  That way there was no info about Covid to muddy the waters, trying to sway the reader one way or another.

It's about 8 hrs post & just a little tenderness as expected.  We were also kept for 15 minutes for observation; no drinks or snacks though!

ETA we also have out 2nd dose scheduled 3 weeks from today, same appt time given .


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I got mine today! No problems, soreness, nothing untoward at all. Thought I'd at least get a lollipop but I had one in my pocket.

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Got mine yesterday at 3pm. Shot didn’t hurt, I was expecting it to sting and burn like gardisil but it was basically painless. Around 9pm started with mild soreness and was definitely tired and ready for bed, but had also had a pretty busy and high stress day. Today still mild soreness.

Honestly I think the Hep A vaccine I got was worse.

I got the pfizer one and get my second dose jn 3 weeks.



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8 hours ago, sevensonnets said:

Thought I'd at least get a lollipop but I had one in my pocket.

Literally LOL. Thank for that one @sevensonnets

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I'm getting mine Wednesday!  So excited and grateful to have access to it.  May we put this horrible chapter of history behind us as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience, it's helping the rest of us , I guess to put out minds at ease. 

I was unsure if I was going to get the vaccine, but so many co-workers have already signed up for it , I may as well. I have had past reactions to the influenza vaccine and I'm not sure if they will let me have it (with past known reactions ). 

I will let you know in the next couple weeks. 

Stay safe everyone x 


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I got mine Wednesday. I consider myself a little at a higher risk jut cuz I’m on the overweight side at the moment and my BP tends to run kinda high (white coat syndrome) when I’m at home it’s always good. But like I said I wasn’t going to take any chances of getting super sick. I wrk tele but my floor is now the covid floor, luckily I was on leave the last few months for paternity, and now I got the vaccine right before I go back! It’s like everything worked out jut right for me! After the first day I just had a sore arm and was a little tired, the second day my tiredness was a little more dramatic and I had a headache that lasted the evening into the next day, with occasional nausea that was relieved easily by eating a light snack. Overall not too rough of side effects. Oh yeah the first night I had some weird dreams/nightmares, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced that LOL but yeah I’m so relieved as well. I’m encouraging everyone I know to get get the vaccine. 


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I received mine on Wednesday, was extremely fatigued Thursday evening but other than that, no issues. Spend all of Wednesday and Friday happily administering it to some amazingly enthusiastic healthcare providers.

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Just got mine hours far so good.

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3 days out, no issues other than craving for tasty human brains...

Over 1.1 million vaccine doses given... no deaths. How many deaths for 1.1 million COVID cases, even in lower risk groups? Morbidity and long term effects of COVID?

I'm glad I got the shot!