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RainMom has 11 years experience and specializes in PACU, pre/postoperative, ortho.

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  1. RainMom

    Medsurg to outpatient PACU?

    True re: MAC but it will truly depend on the facility. Our local free standing surgical center does outpt TKR & my understanding is there is a push for doing more of these types of procedures as outpt. They also do a lot of urology & plastic ...
  2. RainMom

    Medsurg to outpatient PACU?

    Absolutely! Recovering an outpatient is no different than recovering an inpatient when it comes to anesthesia. You may not be seeing more critical patients but your initial priority will always be airway & breathing. It takes time to become conf...
  3. RainMom

    IV skills; The IV Guy course review

    Do not stress over IV skills. Personally I would not sign up for any IV courses; you have the know how, you just need the repetition. You will have soooooo much practice in ER that before you know it, you'll be able to get an IV on pretty much anybod...
  4. RainMom

    LPN to RN

    It's likely dependent on the school or program. Best bet would be to contact the advisor for the program to find out if your earlier classes & credits would be accepted or if you will have to repeat some classes.
  5. RainMom

    ECG reading help?

    https://www.skillstat.com Decent source for reviewing rhythms
  6. RainMom

    I Got My Very First Nursing Job!

    Yay, Congrats!! No specific advice, just go in ready to learn. Maybe keep a small pocket notebook to keep quick notes in...passwords, codes for door entry, etc. Good Luck!
  7. RainMom

    Taking coreqs prior to nursing program

    Have you spoken with the advisor for the nursing program? The ADN program I went to took that into account when accepting applicants. All but one student in my class had most, if not all, of the non-nursing courses completed prior to admission to the...
  8. Wondering if anyone uses the ASPAN orientation program for training new PACU nurses? We don't really have a very structured orientation program for new hires. We will be filling 2 positions soon & it seems that I will be assigned as one of the p...
  9. RainMom

    Excessive waste of narcotics

    Update: So, it took some time but they came up with a "safe labeling system" that we now use for narcotics (started around a yr or so ago). After pulling from pyxis, we then go to a labeling unit, scan our badge & then the vial. A label is p...
  10. RainMom

    NICU —> pre op/pacu

    By now, hopefully you have settled into the PACU routine. While it can have some slow days where you twiddle your thumbs waiting for a pt to come out, I don't find it monotonous at all. Babies stress me out, so for me, it's definitely less stress th...
  11. RainMom

    Pre-Op in PACU

    Our pre-op/same day surgery dept preps all OR pts including ICU. With add-on cases, PACU sometimes will prep a pt if SDS is short staffed & our staffing allows. If a pt is truly critical, they bypass pre-op altogether with the OR team/anesthesia...
  12. RainMom

    Cross trained PACU nurses

    Our PACU nurses also do pre/post-op; we also have one who cross trained to the pain clinic & another one to cath lab. The other nurses in pre/post are also cross trained to preadmissions testing.
  13. RainMom

    Recoveries at night

    Where I am, the PACU nurse continues care of an outpatient thru phase II as well & does the discharge for after hours. Our phase II nurses do not take call.
  14. RainMom

    Question for my perioperative peeps

    Small rural hospital, 10 room OR but mostly only using 3-6 rooms at any given time. We lost some surgeons over the past year (& before that really) & still trying to recover. Average day has probably 12-15 cases. For PACU, we take turn...
  15. RainMom

    What does a regional anesthesia nurse do?

    If this a block nurse position, I'm surprised it wouldn't require ACLS considering the potential for codes r/t LAST reactions. Our pre-op dept had one several yrs ago that did not end well ?