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RainMom has 10 years experience and specializes in PACU, pre/postoperative, ortho.

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  1. RainMom

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got my 2nd vaccine on 1/7. Mildly sore arm but nothing significant. I did have very mild tingling for a few seconds after the 1st dose; thought I was probably just freaking myself out until I read later that a lot of people have had some degree of numbness & tingling. The 2nd dose I was watching for it, but instead I felt more like sharp pinpricks running down my arm, again lasting only seconds. Thankful I didn't have any chills, fever, etc since I had an early shift the next day.
  2. RainMom

    Now that I've gotten it....

    I've read that the vaccine elicits an immune response 400x that of a natural response from infection & that it is expected to last around a year.
  3. RainMom

    Now that I've gotten it....

    This is one of the big reasons I pulled thr trigger & took the vaccine. I'm reading more & more studies about long term effects from mild & asymptomatic cases. 4 different studies show that 50% or more of asymptomatic cases have some degree of lung damage though they can't tell yet whether it will resolve or be permanent. I think it was around 15-20% show elevated cardiac markers; one study stated that the highest levels were in an asymptomatic pt, rather than a critical one.
  4. RainMom

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got mine today! I was quite skeptical about it initially. I'm in a rural area & really didn't think I would have access to it until a much later date. However, my county is one of the top 10 for fatalities per capita in the state, so we were among the first to receive it. Probably 90% of my coworkers think it's too soon & say they don't want it (but most aren't eligible either right now so it's a moot point; we'll see what they say when it's offered). What helped me to make up my mind was looking up older articles about mRNA vaccines & research. That way there was no info about Covid to muddy the waters, trying to sway the reader one way or another. It's about 8 hrs post & just a little tenderness as expected. We were also kept for 15 minutes for observation; no drinks or snacks though! ETA we also have out 2nd dose scheduled 3 weeks from today, same appt time given .
  5. RainMom

    Excessive waste of narcotics

    We are continuing to waste after each administration (give 25 mcg, waste 75 & then pull out another vial to give the next 25 dose) essentially wasting more than we ever give. Some meetings were held with pharmacy back in August with more to come & hoping to resolve this...not holding my breath though.
  6. RainMom

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    Or reading the surgeon's operative record stating pt arrived to pacu stable, etc, etc when in fact pt remains in OR while assistant is closing, crna still extubating...
  7. RainMom

    Problems Before Nursing School

    Meh, my program did not require proof of health insurance, transportation, etc. We only had to show proof of immunizations & residency in/out of district for tuition.
  8. RainMom

    5 Sneaky Signs You Have Low Vitamin D

    When I worked in an office, anybody reporting chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia etc was tested for D deficiency. Roughly 80% were low & put on supplements. It was surprising how effective it could be with the fibromyalgia pts.
  9. RainMom

    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    My paychecks have been consistently about the same as my prior job as an office manager/chiropractic assistant. My actual pay is greater but now I have benefits & 403b contributions withdrawn; previously I only had taxes taken out of my checks, so the $5/hr boost in pay was eaten up. Even now after several yrs & raises, I mostly bring home about the same (unless i have a lot of OT & sometimes my checks are smaller than what I used to bring home if the OR is slow) because I increase my retirement contributions each year.
  10. RainMom

    Excessive waste of narcotics

    So my PACU just changed to electronic orders & scanning meds. Not a big deal for the most part except for the fact that we are now only allowed to give one dose from a vial of fentanyl or dilaudid & waste the rest, even when we will need another dose in 5 minutes. So I may only give 25mcg fentanyl, waste 75; give another dose, waste half or more of the vial. Our dilaudid comes in 2 mg vials but we only give 0.2-0.4, wasting up to 1.6 each time we dose our pt. It's mindboggling how much is wasted & on a busy day, we basically have to have a free nurse help keep up with wastes at the pyxis. Explanation from pharmacy is that these are single dose vials & cannot be scanned multiple times, even for the same pt. Is this the same for those of you that scan meds in PACU? Thoughts?
  11. RainMom

    Mandatory Break Bill

    I hope one of her RN constituents invites her to shadow for a few shifts & see how much card playing happens. 🤬
  12. RainMom

    Trapezium bar.

    I find this to be a strange question. Was this homework? I have never heard it said that a pt cannot be log rolled following TKR. In fact, my facility has these pts up out of bed, weight bearing as tolerated within 4 hrs of discharge from PACU. We also have one surgeon who routinely does TKR as an outpt procedure & we get the pt up immediately after leaving PACU which is usually roughly an 30-60 minutes after completion of surgery. In other words, use of bedpans is rare for these pts, except for in PACU where we don't get any pt up out of bed.
  13. We just received an email at work this week that we would have new signs going up to this effect including the fact that it is a felony in our state. Also recently had an email regarding additional security that has been contracted. I don't know if we had some kind of event at my facility or maybe these changes were in response to different stories like the one above, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it.
  14. RainMom

    Badge Tracking

    My facility is trialing it on the inpatient floors. Since I work those depts prn I was given a badge. One thing I noticed is that it didn't seem to register (no blinking light) when you pump as you walk by; you have to stand directly in front of it & pause. I took the badge off after that shift. Hoping this is another "great idea" that will go by the wayside.
  15. RainMom

    Should I feel bad for not picking up extra shifts?

    Nope, turn off your phone. Seriously. Unless you are just wanting to rack up some serious OT (& burnout), your time off is yours. If everybody keeps picking up shifts, they'll keep expecting it. I left the floor a few yrs ago (largely for that same understaffing issue) & pick up some shifts here & there but only when it works for me & I happen to feel like it; maybe about every 10-12 call/text & more likely if I happen to be short on hrs in my own dept. Again, ignore your phone.
  16. RainMom

    Is it wrong to ask

    I agree. We had a nurse that started asking pts to give her a good mention when the pt received their discharge callback. Really tacky. A pt mentioned how they had been asked to be sure to give the RN's name & that nurse got called out on it in huddle by the manager.