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You did what you knew how to do; when you knew better, you did better. - Maya Angelou

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Nurse SMS has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

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  1. Nurse SMS

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I agree it was heavy handed, but I follow their logic. Now that video is out there, forever, with their logo on it and a nurse employed by them poking fun at a patient. The follow up question will be what the facility did about it. The only thing as publically visible as the post is for that person not to be working there anymore.
  2. Nurse SMS

    greencard sponsorship for nurses

    Generally you only get taxed on stipends if you do not have a permanent US residence.
  3. Nurse SMS

    So Burnt Out-Help

    I was going to suggest Cath lab, IR or even PACU. It would utilize a lot of your critical skills but be a real change of pace.
  4. Nurse SMS

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    He didn't get fired for the patient being identifiable. He got fired for representing that institution as a nurse who will openly poke fun of patients on social media. He didn't represent their brand well, so he's gone. It isn't about HIPAA. It isn't about freedom of speech. Its about making your employer look bad if they do nothing. It's about wisdom.
  5. Nurse SMS

    Dealing with death?

    We have a program for debriefing these situations at our hospital, staffed 24/7 by volunteers in all clinical roles and all of us have been through this kind of trauma. By trauma, I mean your experience with it, not your patient's. Please seek out a mentor, a friend in the industry or someone you trust to talk about this. You deserve that. Take good care of yourself.
  6. Nurse SMS

    Working with a vindictive coworker

    They should leave because ultimately the only person on this earth anyone can control is themselves. Other people at play in this situation have shown themselves to be unreliable to the point of legal risk. No sensible person would stay in that situation.
  7. Nurse SMS

    Pre Requisite Questions

    No, they don't look at that. The only thing that will impact your application in terms of how much school you are doing at once is whether certain classes (math and science) will age off after 5 years. It is better to do it slowly and make stellar grades than to pack your schedule tight and be mediocre.
  8. Nurse SMS

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I can't help but feel you aren't "getting it". He posted this to a group that had over 270K members. Both the individual and his employer were easily identifiable. It is entirely possible/likely that nobody "reported" him and that people in his organization saw it for themselves. He was at work, on property, discussing patients in a public forum in a way that he intended to be humorous. Problem is, most people would not want their health situation teased about, laughed at, made fun of or used for satire by the individual trusted to care for them. THAT action gave the public legitimate reason to believe that institution is okay with that behavior. Therefore the institution really had no choice but to fire him, to send a message to the public and to their employees that people aren't going to be making fun of/teasing/laughing at them if they come there for care, even if they aren't in their right mind at the time they are being cared for. That's the material point. It was a serious error in judgment. The firing was heavy handed but far from outside the realm of a reasonable reaction in today's healthcare and social environment. This isn't a freedom of speech issue. Every one of us is free to say anything we want on any platform we want and we can't be put in jail for doing so. We can, however, suffer the consequences of our actions in all kinds of other ways. His firing was a natural consequence of laughing at/about a patient entrusted to his care in a public forum.
  9. Everyone's biggest problem is their biggest problem. Yours is a schedule that lets you both work full time and go to school. Your manager's is having adequate staffing on a shift that is traditionally hard to cover. Your coworkers will be whatever crisis or special circumstance is going on in their own lives, which may or may not also be something they want/need special consideration for with work schedules. Your problems are yours and do not/will not trump anyone else's except to you. Escalating "up the chain of command" is going to do nothing but make you look bad and force the powers that be to look you in the eye and flat out tell you your priorities are not their priorities. It for sure will sour your relationship with your manager. The assumption that this is a good thing for you and also medically oriented so therefore is a good thing for your employer is faulty logic. Talk to your manager. Evaluate where there will be flexibility. Accept you may need to find a different schooling situation or a different job.
  10. Nurse SMS

    First Encounter, Help

    Note for the future. Any time you envision ANYTHING to be "filled with happiness and confidence" you are in for a really, really hard fall. There is nothing on this earth that fulfills that kind of idealism. Not marriage, not parenthood, not religion, not home ownership and most definitely not a job. The only thing that comes close to that is living debt-free and even that is iffy. Asking someone else to verify results of a BP or any other assessment is definitely not something to be embarrassed about. Its called collaboration. It validates the other individual that you trust their clinical judgment and need their input on the care you are mutually trying to give your patients. That is the backbone of what we do. You did nothing wrong. People die. 100% death rate for the human race and the body wears out more and more with age. If you go into this thinking your job is to "save" people, you are going to be in therapy a long, long time. It is your job to assess and intervene based on your assessments. You did that.
  11. Nurse SMS

    Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    Are you a nurse?
  12. Nurse SMS

    Is it unrealistic to ask out a (female) medical resident on a date?

    You are a little bit ridiculous my friend. And you are right. The way you think, she would not go out with you, or at least wouldn't for long. My husband is 17 years my senior. My education outweighs him x 4. He thinks I am a goddess and treats me like one. I love him with all my heart and my family considers him to be some kind of saint (which is annoying but pleasing to me). I don't think I am all that, but I will say I have never had trouble getting dates. I picked him, in no small part because he treated me far better than any guy my own age ever did. Until you fix this, you will indeed be alone, or at least I hope you will. The woman you seem to think you "deserve" actually deserves much better than someone who would "settle" for her. This kind of defeatism makes me nuts. So unappealing. If you don't think better of yourself why would anyone else? I am far from a pie-in-the-sky romantic. You are kind of, well, a jerk, both in the way you think about women and the way you think about yourself. Why did you even pose the question if you feel this way? Do you enjoy us trying to talk you into it or what? Its just easier to blame it on genetics I guess than to put yourself out there and take a chance.
  13. If you have a BSN then you should have what you need to find this answer. You will need to apply and be accepted to an Advanced Practice program for pediatrics. That is an MSN level or higher. For something like peds, the better programs will require you to have a couple of years of acute care experience in that specialty. I do not think working in an OR is going to get you there unless its a pediatric OR. Changing specialties is not what it used to be. It can be very difficult now, sadly, particularly when trying to go from something super specific to something different but also super specific. You may wish to explore the pediatric forum here to see what others did to break into the specialty.
  14. Not enough info. Why do you want to do this and why so specific? Are you in high school? A nurse already? A grown up but not a nurse yet?