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You did what you knew how to do; when you knew better, you did better. - Maya Angelou

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Nurse SMS has 12 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

All postings reflect thoughts and opinions of myself alone, not my employer.

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  1. Nurse SMS

    Things nurse students complain about

    With the exception of sim and lab, to be fair, the classroom environment was never intended to simulate a hospital, clinic or any other actual nursing environment.
  2. Nurse SMS

    Fail exit exam from Jersey college in Tampa

    Many people have said this over the years and I tend to agree; however, nobody has come up yet with a viable alternative. As far as failing HESI and passing NCLEX, of course there are exceptions. They track the data over time and the schools he...
  3. Nurse SMS

    Fail exit exam from Jersey college in Tampa

    A lot of schools have an exit exam. The reasoning for this is that if you cannot pass the exit exam while the information is still fresh in your mind, you are unlikely to pass the NCLEX. Students that graduate and go on to take the NCLEX and fail ref...
  4. Nurse SMS

    RN to Paramedic

    Follow that dream! I hope you find some others, but I suspect you are a bit of a unicorn my dear. Enjoy the journey and I hope you get to do the things that fill you up!
  5. Nurse SMS

    Intermediate care area

    I have called it PCU (Progressive Care Unit) and ICU Stepdown. I have not heard the term "intermediate care", but a quick Internet search states it is a unit that is not as acute as ICU but more acute than the general Med-Surg population. From that d...
  6. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    Generally that isn't how hiring in hospitals work. Most hospitals put new grads through an internship or residency program and do not hire new grads direct to the floor. Some will hire you before you have passed NCLEX on the understanding that i...
  7. Nurse SMS

    How To Be A Competitive Nurse Residency Candidate

    Exactly. The other part is to be likable in your interview. A new grad is a new grad is a new grad until they get to interact with you. The interview is a big inquiry into "Is this person likeable, teachable, intelligent, steady?" and "Do I wan...
  8. Nurse SMS

    RNFA and VA

    What is an RNFA?
  9. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    I don't know what a "limited permit" is. Not every state has them I suspect, but if it doesn't get in the way of you getting your NCLEX accomplished and if it allows you to get a foot in the door sooner, what is the down side to getting it?
  10. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    Start by going to the websites of places you would like to work and look for new grad openings.
  11. Nurse SMS

    How To Be A Competitive Nurse Residency Candidate

    Get good grades. Work your connections. Apply to anything and everything rather than being hard and firm on your specialty of choice. If you are able to swing it, get a PRN position as a CNA/PCT in the hospital you hope to work for.
  12. Nurse SMS

    Nurse with Partial acl tear

    It sounds like you answered your own question in your last sentence. :) We can't give medical advice here. I have had an ACL tear and lived fine with it for a very long time. Nearly 20 years. I have struggled since having it fixed. Surgery is no...
  13. Nurse SMS

    10 year old felony DUI

    Most nursing schools have several different places they use for clinical rotations. Each will have their own rules about whether you will be allowed to do clinicals on site with them.
  14. Nurse SMS

    Leaving new current job for new one

    You would simply give two weeks notice. You don't have to say anything other than that you are giving notice and thank them for the opportunity. If you want to move on to do more advanced nursing roles, being in acute care will be important.
  15. Nurse SMS

    Best first jobs?

    LTC/Assisted living does indeed tend to be difficult to get out of once you are in it, unfortunately. I am not weighing in on whether that is right, wrong or sideways, but it just is a thing. Dialysis as well. Most residencies are not open to R...

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