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Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development

You did what you knew how to do; when you knew better, you did better. - Maya Angelou

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Nurse SMS has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

All postings reflect thoughts and opinions of myself alone, not my employer.

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  1. Nurse SMS

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    I put 17% of my net income into my 401K. My employer matches 5%. I am well set for retirement living. I also have paid off my mortgage in 9 years, travel frequently and live debt-free. My 6 figures serve me very well, but it took some discipline to get where I am, both in terms of education, thoughtful job changes and money management.
  2. Nurse SMS

    RN to Paramedic

    Follow that dream! I hope you find some others, but I suspect you are a bit of a unicorn my dear. Enjoy the journey and I hope you get to do the things that fill you up!
  3. Nurse SMS

    RNFA and VA

    What is an RNFA?
  4. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    I don't know what a "limited permit" is. Not every state has them I suspect, but if it doesn't get in the way of you getting your NCLEX accomplished and if it allows you to get a foot in the door sooner, what is the down side to getting it?
  5. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    Start by going to the websites of places you would like to work and look for new grad openings.
  6. Nurse SMS

    10 year old felony DUI

    Most nursing schools have several different places they use for clinical rotations. Each will have their own rules about whether you will be allowed to do clinicals on site with them.
  7. I agree, saying "there is nothing I didn't like" would then prompt the question of why you are looking elsewhere. It's dishonest and dishonesty is absolutely detectable. It's better to be honest and then show how you dealt with it.
  8. Nurse SMS

    BSN or MSN with only RN diploma?

    Most MSN level positions require 3-5 years or more of acute care experience. You will do better to get a BSN, as you will find few jobs open to you as an MSN without any real nursing experience to speak of.
  9. Nurse SMS

    New graduate moving to DFW

    DFW hospitals only hire new grads via residencies/internships. You will not find one that hires directly to the floor, generally speaking. They are about to start the Winter cohorts, so you are correct that you will need to apply for the Summer cohorts. In general you will start to see these on the hospital websites anywhere from February to April/May. It's a tough market in DFW for new grads who want to go into acute care, with more new grads than there are openings. Be prepared for that. A lot of people move here with no connections and then are shocked when they can't find work. Hopefully you are waiting to move until you actually have a job, if acute care is where your heart is set. If you are willing to work outside of a hospital you will find more options.
  10. Nurse SMS

    Parkland February 2021 Nurse Residency

    They cannot legally withdraw an offer based on pregnancy. Either they eliminated the position as an opening or something else happened.
  11. Straight nights. Rotating shifts are well documented to shorten lifespan, increase stress, increase susceptibility to disease and increase depression.
  12. Nurse SMS

    How to Deal with Staff Who Don't Like You?

    The why doesn't matter. What people think of you is none of your business. Just live your life and move on. Be the person you want to be and accept it. You will never know why.
  13. Nurse SMS

    Should I leave a nice unit for a day shift job?

    Try out the other job. Chances are if your current unit is rotating shifts, they will burn through people at a decent enough rate that you can go back if you hate the new one.
  14. Yes, it would indeed be completely unreasonable. Let me tell you why. Almost every unit is going to have Covid patients. If you are on a designated Covid unit, at least you will know the patients are positive and have the right PPE. If you are on other units, people may be positive and you not even know it. If this is that big of a deal, it may be this isn't the right job for you. Your entire career will involve you running toward the danger while others run away. You are every bit as likely to get Covid out in the community, probably even moreso, than at the hospital. You are twisting yourself up. No, you aren't going to escape communicable diseases if you go into healthcare.
  15. Nurse SMS

    Texas Health Resources

    I have worked for them in the past. What are you wanting to know?
  16. This is that "other duties as assigned" portion of your job description. You are being paid and therefore they can assign what they want. If you have something you don't want that someone else does, explore swapping. But don't expect to get your way much of the time on this, particularly as regards COVID patients.