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  1. Nurse SMS

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Mornin' all. I got my first dose today and I feel almost tearfully relieved and energized to be on this side of history. I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the experience of being vaccinated, so that we can share info with those who are st...
  2. Nurse SMS

    RN to Paramedic

    Follow that dream! I hope you find some others, but I suspect you are a bit of a unicorn my dear. Enjoy the journey and I hope you get to do the things that fill you up!
  3. Nurse SMS

    Intermediate care area

    I have called it PCU (Progressive Care Unit) and ICU Stepdown. I have not heard the term "intermediate care", but a quick Internet search states it is a unit that is not as acute as ICU but more acute than the general Med-Surg population. From that d...
  4. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    Generally that isn't how hiring in hospitals work. Most hospitals put new grads through an internship or residency program and do not hire new grads direct to the floor. Some will hire you before you have passed NCLEX on the understanding that i...
  5. Nurse SMS

    How To Be A Competitive Nurse Residency Candidate

    Exactly. The other part is to be likable in your interview. A new grad is a new grad is a new grad until they get to interact with you. The interview is a big inquiry into "Is this person likeable, teachable, intelligent, steady?" and "Do I wan...
  6. Nurse SMS

    RNFA and VA

    What is an RNFA?
  7. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    I don't know what a "limited permit" is. Not every state has them I suspect, but if it doesn't get in the way of you getting your NCLEX accomplished and if it allows you to get a foot in the door sooner, what is the down side to getting it?
  8. Nurse SMS

    New York New Grad

    Start by going to the websites of places you would like to work and look for new grad openings.
  9. Nurse SMS

    How To Be A Competitive Nurse Residency Candidate

    Get good grades. Work your connections. Apply to anything and everything rather than being hard and firm on your specialty of choice. If you are able to swing it, get a PRN position as a CNA/PCT in the hospital you hope to work for.
  10. Nurse SMS

    Nurse with Partial acl tear

    It sounds like you answered your own question in your last sentence. :) We can't give medical advice here. I have had an ACL tear and lived fine with it for a very long time. Nearly 20 years. I have struggled since having it fixed. Surgery is no...
  11. Nurse SMS

    10 year old felony DUI

    Most nursing schools have several different places they use for clinical rotations. Each will have their own rules about whether you will be allowed to do clinicals on site with them.
  12. Nurse SMS

    Leaving new current job for new one

    You would simply give two weeks notice. You don't have to say anything other than that you are giving notice and thank them for the opportunity. If you want to move on to do more advanced nursing roles, being in acute care will be important.
  13. Nurse SMS

    Best first jobs?

    LTC/Assisted living does indeed tend to be difficult to get out of once you are in it, unfortunately. I am not weighing in on whether that is right, wrong or sideways, but it just is a thing. Dialysis as well. Most residencies are not open to R...
  14. Nurse SMS

    RN to Paramedic

    I am curious why you would? Usually its the other way around, with paramedics becoming RNs due to a significantly higher pay grade.
  15. Nurse SMS

    Chances of landing a new-grad ICU job?

    All you can do is apply. Where I live (DFW), the only way to get into the ICU is through a residency or internship, which happens 2-3 times each year. What you do NOT want to do is "move out West" without a job lined up before you go. If you ar...
  16. I agree, saying "there is nothing I didn't like" would then prompt the question of why you are looking elsewhere. It's dishonest and dishonesty is absolutely detectable. It's better to be honest and then show how you dealt with it.
  17. Nurse SMS

    Covid Vaccine

    I have given over 1000 doses of the vaccine at this point. Most people are excited to get it, a few are pretty hesitant. I had an open and honest conversation with an educated person of color yesterday at my station, who had come to get the vaccine, ...
  18. Nurse SMS

    Covid Vaccine

    I am just now reading through this thread but just wanted to pipe up that my institution IS giving out the info on VSafe and has been from the beginning. I used it for both of my doses.
  19. Nurse SMS

    BSN or MSN with only RN diploma?

    Most MSN level positions require 3-5 years or more of acute care experience. You will do better to get a BSN, as you will find few jobs open to you as an MSN without any real nursing experience to speak of.
  20. Nurse SMS

    New graduate moving to DFW

    DFW hospitals only hire new grads via residencies/internships. You will not find one that hires directly to the floor, generally speaking. They are about to start the Winter cohorts, so you are correct that you will need to apply for the Summer cohor...
  21. Nurse SMS

    Parkland February 2021 Nurse Residency

    They cannot legally withdraw an offer based on pregnancy. Either they eliminated the position as an opening or something else happened.
  22. Nurse SMS

    Permanent nights VS. Rotating shifts and quality of life

    Straight nights. Rotating shifts are well documented to shorten lifespan, increase stress, increase susceptibility to disease and increase depression.
  23. Nurse SMS

    How to Deal with Staff Who Don't Like You?

    The why doesn't matter. What people think of you is none of your business. Just live your life and move on. Be the person you want to be and accept it. You will never know why.
  24. Nurse SMS

    Should I leave a nice unit for a day shift job?

    Try out the other job. Chances are if your current unit is rotating shifts, they will burn through people at a decent enough rate that you can go back if you hate the new one.
  25. Yes, it would indeed be completely unreasonable. Let me tell you why. Almost every unit is going to have Covid patients. If you are on a designated Covid unit, at least you will know the patients are positive and have the right PPE. If you are o...