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SummitRN has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

I love learning. I love caring for patients. I love medicine.

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  1. SummitRN

    EDTECH/EMT Challenging BVNPT BOARD??

    I will be shocked if you are allowed to challenge LPN as an EMT. LPN is more than skills and experience. Your EMT training is on the level of a CNA. No offense. Im being honest as an EMT. I'd apply for those RN programs. If your GPA+scores meet the requirements it may not matter that others have higher GPA. If they don't meet the minimum, work to bring them up.
  2. SummitRN

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    Exactly. The point of this thread was to discuss gender bias against men. This was an example of bias against men: communicating an expectation that patients accept female students unless they object while making a male student seem like an exceptional request that a patient must positively accept.
  3. SummitRN

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    We should all be aware of patient rights and the ethics of patient centered care. I am not sure you have appreciated the discriminatory disparity between the line of question for male and female students. Asking the same question for both males and females would be unbiased. Reread my post. FEMALE: "This is a teaching hospital so YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A STUDENT nurse with you today UNLESS you have an OBJECTION." MALE: "There's a male nursing STUDENT INTERESTED in helping with your care today and I just WANTED to MAKE SURE, is that OKAY WITH YOU?" You could well argue that the way the clinical scholar sought opt-out consent for female students did not fully honor the patient's autonomy by overvaluing the potential for student opportunity through implied obligation on the patient's behalf to accept a student. I'd buy that. But to apply an opt out and obligatory pressure for female students while also phrasing questions about male students as above cannot be reasonably be construed as culturally respectful. It is biased, pure and simple. Hopefully you now understand the issue I was addressing and see the bias, whether you believe that bias is against the patient when it is on a female student's behalf, or simply against the male student.
  4. SummitRN

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    Not to be pointed, but was your takeaway from my post really that I was oblivious to this extremely well known reality and all of the other very common sense realities from your post? Does anyone enter, much less leave nursing school without knowing those things?
  5. SummitRN

    TB testing 2020, good riddance?

    Do you have an extraordinarily high exposure?
  6. 8-hour shifts mean 50% more patient handoffs in 50% more nurse is providing care. These are huge sources of communication error and impair situational awareness of the patient.
  7. SummitRN

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    There's quite a bit of talk about gender identity. For the sake of semantics : Sex vs gender Sex is a wholy biologically determined characteristic. It is mostly binary but not purely binary, and this is nothing new to the medical world. Sex is an immutable characteristic. Primary determinants are genetic. Secondary determinants being Environmental meaning of hormonal/chemical/nutrition. Gender is often confused with sex. Gender is traditionally binary, men and women, almost exclusively determined by sex (male female). However gender determinants are biological, developmental/environmental, and cultural. This means that new cultural understandings are creating space for additional gender identities and the gender is not treated as a determinatistic characteristic, or even an immutable characteristic. Sadly I think our society has become stuck on the term identity with gender when it may be better to use a word that has a meaning closer to personality, and individuals in a culture confused about their identity hyper focus on the traditional sexual determinants set as something that must be changed to match personality. How many genders are there, is it on a Spectrum, if it's a spectrum then how many axes are there on the Spectrum... these are difficult questions because the answers are found at the collision point between science, culture/tradition, opinion/emotion. I think it's a topic worthy of its own thread and shouldn't distract from this thread.
  8. SummitRN

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    I remember in OB clinical the clinical scholar would phrase the student question to the patient very differently. For female nursing students she would say " this is a teaching hospital so you're going to have a student nurse with you today unless you have an objection." For male nursing students she said, "there's a male nursing student interested in helping with your care Today and I just wanted to make sure is that okay with you?" Note a statement of implied duty to accept the female nursing student in the name of learning based in greater good. That is vs an implication that there was something unusual, and based on personal motivation, in the case of the male student. The consent question for a female nursing student requires an active opt-out while male nursing student needs an active opt-in from the patient. When you see treatment like that and you look around and see that there are absolutely zero male nurses, it's very clear who is welcome and who is really being tolerated until they leave. That perception is only reinforced by looking around and seeing both gender balance and acceptance of men as OB Physicians. Imagine if someone asks the patient about an OB provider sex preference using the same biased speech patterns in question structures.
  9. SummitRN

    Maryville v USA v Regis (PMHNP)

    I think they are all about the same price but honestly haven't looked at the comparison lately.
  10. SummitRN

    Maryville v USA v Regis (PMHNP)

    It depends on you re working. I had to cut back from being a workaholic a little. I plan to drop down much further when clinicals start (I intend to do clinicals full time). I think Regis was the right choice here. CORRECTIONS TO ORIGINAL POST: Regis is 2.4 years, 684 clinical hours minimum, and is basically the same price as USA/Maryville.
  11. SummitRN

    Staff Nurses Who Refuse To Precept Or Teach?

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying OP. I also think that there is not enough cultural emphasis on a nurse's duty to nursing's future through mentorship or at least being a resource. Nurses are supposed to be good at teaching. But some of them are not good at it or really hate teaching. That is fine. However, anyone should be willing to be a resource IMO.
  12. You wrote a promo piece on your for-profit school... one that doesn't even have a campus... and went on at length about how much easier it is than WGU. So your point of comparison was a non-profit school which is embroiled in scandal for being too easy. A US Dept of Education OIG Fraud Audit (September 2017) of WGU found, "at least 69 of the 102 courses were not designed to offer regular and substantive interaction with an instructor and, therefore, did not meet the regulatory definition of distance education" which will cause the school to have to pay back over 700 million dollars to the US government. But Capella is easier than WGU with less demanding interaction? You don't think quality is worth mentioning, but you accuse me of arrogance for providing critical analysis? I call it valuing quality along with convenience and cost. I call it making students aware of what they are getting into. You call critical thinking mere arrogance and bullying. I will now be blunt: that is not a professional reaction.
  13. I find it comical that you wrote 1500 words and didn't mention those things. It sends a very strong message about what you think is important vs unimportant. I think that reflects poorly on your for-profit school which you were trying to promote. That even now you don't think it is worth mentioning unless I ask specific questions drives home the point.
  14. Did OP or AN receive financial consideration from Capella for this featured adticle? Interesting that the only things discussed are how easy and cheap it is to go to this online-only for-profit (publicly traded company - $1 billion in market cap). No mention of academic content or quality...
  15. SummitRN

    7 Practical Healing Strategies Healthcare Needs for Survival

    There are plenty of healthy answers without turning to pseudoscience. But if you ignore science, anything could be possible! Oh wait... that's not true. BS is still BS. When you promote it, you urge people to waste time and money on fake treatments that can have real adverse effects! OP Are you being paid by Sanoviv to promote their treatment center in Mexico?
  16. SummitRN

    Made a fool of myself to board of nursing rep

    It is easier to learn a skill/procedure. It is harder to know why we do it, how it works and relates to the big picture, and when to do it (and often more importantly, when not to). You are valued for your knowledge first. That is the difference between a clinician and a technician. A bedside nurse is not just a technician. You will be the closest observer and primary advocate of the patient. You can't ADOPIE or critically evaluate provider orders without pathophys, diagnostic thinking, and an understanding of EBP. On the "DNP for everyone" stuff, yea, schools push that hard because it is job security. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to get a DNP! I get what you are saying here, but from the fact that you are asking it, you are already on track just fine. The finesse comes from practice and experience with individual providers. Strategies for questioning or suggesting treatment is absolutely something you should be learning in clinical and simulation.