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SummitRN has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU + Infection Prevention.

I love learning. I love caring for patients. I love medicine.

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  1. SummitRN

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    In another new grad contract thread in 2017, someone made the claim that training a new grad can "cost up to 60k" good to see it has only doubled in the intervening 4 years 🤣 In that thread I posted the following about grossly inflated "cost to train" claims used to justify extraordinary commitments in HCA new grad 2-3yr contracts where new grads only get 6 weeks of precepted orientation:
  2. SummitRN

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    The only bigger joke than those made up numbers is that a profession full of critical thinkers keeps repeating them like the gospel.
  3. SummitRN

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    3 days out, no issues other than craving for tasty human brains... Over 1.1 million vaccine doses given... no deaths. How many deaths for 1.1 million COVID cases, even in lower risk groups? Morbidity and long term effects of COVID? I'm glad I got the shot!
  4. SummitRN

    FDA Authorizes First Rapid COVID-19 At-Home Test

    I have low confidence in the ability of many people to reliably collect and test at home. However, I do want my very own LAMP analyzer for my house.
  5. SummitRN

    Is PPE really helping?

    People take off their masks and hang out in the breakrooms People socialize outside of work People are imperfect at donning, doffing, and hand hygiene
  6. SummitRN

    Wilderness Medicine

    Some general rules about Wilderness Medicine as a field: 1. There is no money in it. 2. When there is money, it isn't much. 3. The more money there is, the less wilderness medicine is involved. 4. The most reliable pay is in teaching. 5. It is fun and flashy... until you are 6 hours into the litter carry. 6. KISS. A lot of neat tricks are only neat in the setting of a course, but then you can't remember at 0200 on the side of a mountain. 7. Real wilderness medicine is a lot of basic nursing (paraphrase of Drs. Wilkerson and Moore). 8. Except for antibiotics and narcs, Wilderness Med is 99% BLS. (AKA I wish all my partners were WFRs.) 9. Flavors are many including rescue medicine, expedition medicine, austere medicine, and uncommon environmental medicine. 10. I forgot 10... I just made these up just now. You do that a lot in Wilderness Medicine.
  7. Wow. I'm not about to defend the general business idea of IV vitamin therapy without indication, but let's be honest: The average customer at these businesses is there for a hangover cure or similar. These businesses operate under the license of a physician or NP. Some states require physician ownership of the business. They choose what staff operate under their license. OP only wants RNs to start IVs? No medics? No EMTs or MAs with IV training? OP claims UAPs only do IVs in ERs, which is neither true nor does such a claim actually bolster the argument since emergent patients are higher risk for compilations. Does OP have even a shred of evidence to back the central claim that licensure predicts IV complications? In this non acute setting? OP, you are a NP, but you do not mention NPs in your article. You mention the Physician Assistant as someone who administers IVs following Physician orders in the ED like a medic or nurse. You drop in the exclusionary statement, “Consult your physician.“ This opinion piece is an embarrassing load of alarmist role territorialism unsupported by evidence. It carries the vibe of someone who really doesn't know what other healthcare workers do in the environments being described.
  8. SummitRN

    Advocating for Nurses: Allow Nurses Their Own PPE

    Anyone ordering you to take a contaminated iso gown off over your head should be slapped in the face with a covid contaminated glove. That's the height of idiocy. There are better ways.
  9. SummitRN

    Advocating for Nurses: Allow Nurses Their Own PPE

    If the hospital provides appropriate PPE, then they get to say what you use. If they don't... well that is a different story! But it is also remarkable the amount of ignorance about PPE. I've seen people using exhalation port respirators - BAD. I've seen OR staff try to use PAPRs in OR that they sourced from who-knows-where - BAD. I told people that they can use their own masks while not performing patient care as long as it is not a exhalation port respirator (no source control).
  10. SummitRN

    Are KN 95 masks as good as N 95 masks?

    There are a great deal of counterfeit KN95 and N95 coming from China. I saw one today. It was not even the equivalent of a surgical mask.
  11. SummitRN

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    The risk of nosocomial infection is high if you read the data coming from Italy and China. We have to protect healthcare workers AND patients. If you are caring for a COVID+ or PUI you should NOT being taking care of other patients if at all possible! Patients should be cohorted per CDC. COVID+ with COVID+, PUI with PUI Further, if PUIs can be cohorted into two risk strata, that is ideal. Best of all, geographically cohort by having a dedicated unit, although this is hard with AIIRs spread across the hospital. When it comes time to double up patients in rooms COVID+ can only share with COVID+. I'm not looking forward to the future.
  12. In the 1918 pandemic they closed all the nursing schools and medical schools and sent the students to the bedside to work.
  13. SummitRN

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    In the 1918 pandemic they closed all the nursing schools and medical schools and sent the students to the bedside to work.
  14. SummitRN

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    Your position is sympathetic, but eventually without rationing there will be no masks available for the high-risk procedures. This is only going to get worse. Look at Italy, but not late in the day otherwise you won't sleep.
  15. SummitRN

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    The study indicates aerosol and fomite viability of the virus after hours. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF AIRBORNE
  16. SummitRN

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    I think paper gowns are fine. It's coronavirus, not Ebola. DROPLET MASKS ARE NOT OPTIMAL You can use them if you don't have a respirator. That is the CDC message loud and clear. The COVID-19 virus IS AIRBORNE. NIH/CDC study in NEJM prepress. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.09.20033217v1.full.pdf Now this disease is not the measles, but any HCW working with a sick COVID patient should use airborne precautions. The droplet option is a CONTINGENCY PLAN only because that is the best that can be done in many places. A well fitting high quality surgical mask may offer 90% of the filtering of a N95 against small aerosols. A poor fit/poor mask might offer 10%.