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  1. OP, I'm not known for lengthy diatribes on this site, as I tend to be a very succinct person, and I'm not going to deviate from that now. To equate refusing to wear a mask to protect others for the common good when people all around you are dying of COVID 19 as some sort of courageous act AND to say that virtue is moral fault possibly even stupid, is a new low. My father landed on Omaha Beach with the first Army Infantry Division in World War II and my brother died on the battlefield in Viet Nam on his 19th birthday. They did what was right and courageous for the common good, and my brother paid for that courageous act with his life. Courage is always doing what is right and let the consequences follow.
  2. Courage is choosing to do what's right.
  3. sevensonnets

    BBC news. Protein treatment trial 'a breakthrough'

    I've considering raising llamas for the antibodies but there's no room for them on my front porch. Scared they might eat my veggies. I think I'll wait for this one instead!
  4. sevensonnets

    BBC news. Protein treatment trial 'a breakthrough'

    This does sound like it has great potential.
  5. And I need a haircut. I'm beginning to look like a little shaggy dog! I'm way too old for a ponytail!
  6. sevensonnets

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    I hadn't corresponded with Esme in years. I had totally forgotten that she was a Purdue grad too. She was certainly a very special and well-loved person. My love to her family.
  7. sevensonnets

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    It's the misinterpretation, not my opinion.
  8. sevensonnets

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    Yes! Bill Grogan's goat ate three red shirts right off the line. Jimmy the goat was partial to dynamite. Not very picky if you ask me! Fred Meyer is where my DIL found the 30 double roll pack of Kroger TP. She's still dancing on air.
  9. sevensonnets

    allnurses decennary

    I've been here since 2010. Came here for general camaraderie with fellow nurses and a fun way to connect with folks. It's not so fun anymore. I am also a member of another online group completely unrelated to nursing which is currently embroiled in the incendiary topic of China deploying 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to fight a plague of locusts (chickens can't eat them fast enough). I may need a permanent hiatus from the internet.
  10. sevensonnets

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    I wanna work in ICU. You only have one patient!
  11. sevensonnets

    Vanity Plates?

    I recently saw two Missouri tags (I do not live in Missouri). One read I hart rehab and the other one said I gotap. Took me a minute to get the second one! My RT friend's tag is SPUTUM.
  12. sevensonnets

    Vanity Plates?

    There are a lot of crazies out there that think nurses carry drugs around with them. Way too dangerous for me to take the risk.
  13. sevensonnets

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    It's possible NurseBlaq has teenage boys. That would explain the goat reference. When my boys were teenagers they would eat anything that didn't try to eat them first. Entire boxes of cereal, loaves of bread and gallons of milk would disappear overnight. My oldest once ate a bowl of cold spaghetti noodles right out of the fridge. Explains how he started eighth grade my height (5 ft 1) and grew nearly 7 inches over the school year.
  14. You complain that this patient is not getting proper care when you can't be with her and that the patients you are assigned to are annoying and take up time that you'd rather spend with a patient you are not assigned to. Frankly, I think you're jeopardizing your job.
  15. sevensonnets

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    My DIL went to four stores on the hunt for toilet paper with no luck but at the fifth found one package of four single rolls of Angel Soft. Went up to pay for it and the clerk, an older lady, says, "Oh honey, do you need toilet paper?" Goes off and comes back with 30 double rolls of Kroger TP. DIL says it was like birthday, Christmas, striking gold and winning the lottery all in less than two minutes! On a side note my son (not DIL's husband) walked into 7-11 the same day and found 4 rolls of off-brand plus as 5 lb sack of flour and yeast just sitting there in front of his face. You gotta take what presents itself whether it's in Safeway or the 7-11.
  16. sevensonnets

    Want some more fun? Here's another conspiracy theory.

    Seems like we all just wandered into The Twilight Zone: The One Episode You Missed.

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