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  1. sevensonnets

    Career Advice from Barbie (yes, THAT Barbie)

    I just want to know when did Barbie get teeth? Mine didn't even have lips till I painted her some with a red ballpoint pen.
  2. sevensonnets

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I find that disrespectful, osceteacher. I am manager of the same 24-bed CVICU/ Open Heart unit where I practiced compassionate nursing for 20 years before becoming manager. My face has nothing to do with it. I've been practicing nursing 41 years and they pay me well to do it. I'm good at it as well.
  3. sevensonnets

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    Take away the paycheck and not a single one of us would show up on a volunteer basis.
  4. sevensonnets

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    There was one episode of Chicago Hope where a patient was found stone-cold rigor mortis dead and the doctor had a come apart at the nurse. "Why did nobody check on this patient for hours?" The nurse says, "Doctor, this patient was a DNR. There was no order to check on the patient!"
  5. sevensonnets

    Are We Too PC?

    Well that's funny because I heard that geometricians (or whoever they are, who oversee such sensitive topics) were highly offended by eggs being called spheres, because geometrically speaking they're ovals, so that offensive idea got stomped out pretty quick. And let's not forget egg producers worldwide who may have lost revenue when people everywhere heard that eggs were now only available in the springtime.
  6. sevensonnets

    Are We Too PC?

    The daughter of the man who wrote Baby It's Cold Outside has stated that her dad wrote the song for her mother and that they used to sing it together at Christmas parties for friends. They would no doubt be horrified 75 years later to know it's being called a rape song.
  7. sevensonnets

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    La-a (Ladasha). LaParee, a young man named after the French restaurant where his mom worked.
  8. sevensonnets

    Habits you picked up from work...

    I always knock on my own bathroom door before entering.
  9. sevensonnets

    Thankfulness - What's Yours?

    Life itself.
  10. sevensonnets

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    OP, I am LDS and I can relate to your dilemma. Is there any possibility you could change to a ward or branch with a different block schedule? Ask the Bishop for a different calling that would work with your schedule? My calling currently is FHC/Indexing Director. Those are pretty flexible. To anybody who feels the need to insult and be hateful: You don't even know what we are referring to. No need to be foolish.
  11. I don't even know how long I've been on AN (10 maybe?). I take an occasional hiatus. I'm in my 40th year of nursing--every single one of them in critical care except for 1 year in cardiac surgery. MY greatest accomplishment is I've worked in exactly 2 hospitals, 25 in this one. My strategy is to just keep showing up. Seems to be working out so far.
  12. sevensonnets

    Crap! Am I a crusty old bat nurse?? Carrying pens...

    I used to keep my pen behind my ear so nobody would ever dream of assaulting me for my pen. Once I dropped my pen and it promptly got run over by a chair. I just picked it up and stuck it back behind my ear. About two hours later somebody said, "Seven, you have ink in your hair and down the side of your neck!"
  13. sevensonnets

    Crap! Am I a crusty old bat nurse?? Carrying pens...

    I got a little confused about that one too except I thought "Why would a server be drawing blood?" (Sorry Hurricanekat, it's been a long long day!)
  14. sevensonnets

    Crap! Am I a crusty old bat nurse?? Carrying pens...

    Before washing hands 478 times a day became a thing, I used the palm of my hand and sometimes the back of my hand like a memo board. Can't do that anymore. A lot of vital info goes down the drain that way. The sacred parchment is the way to go. And I have been known to do a pen shakedown when any of mine go missing. Miss with my pen and I'll hurt you.
  15. Back in the days of the "precordial thump" I had to thump this older guy several times. The last time he looked up at me and says, "Lady, what the devil do you keep hittin' me for?"