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  1. What’s a Crusty Old Bat?

    Because only the opinions of one or two people are tolerated here on AN, I no longer will be participating.
  2. What’s a Crusty Old Bat?

    You're exactly right, NurseBlaq. For no other reason but to be mean.
  3. Memorable Firsts

    Oh, a good precordial thump in a witnessed unstable V Tach situation could break it every time. The first time I did it the old guy looked up and said "Lady, what the devil did you hit me for?"
  4. allnurses doldrums

    We need a good ' I've worked here 5 days now and everybody hates me; should I quit? That oughta keep everybody busy for a couple of weeks. But maybe they're all really stuck in the Doldrums north of the equator. Ships get trapped there all the time.
  5. Duo Umbilical Dermacentor Variabilis

    Chiggers! No more naps in the grass/
  6. Makes you almost nostalgic for the pony rides and the little red wagon full of mini hershey bars with a sign One only please, thank you. Oh, and the cool backpacks that even housekeeping and the kitchen staff get honoring them for Nurses' Day.
  7. Why am I asked to fix things that are NOT my job?

    I don't know how nursing homes work, but I've read lots of horror stories here. Just wait till the entire kitchen staff doesn't show up and you're asked to 'fix breakfast' too.
  8. Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    Oh, the souls can escape if you just leave the door open a sliver.
  9. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    In 42 years I've had three jobs (been in this one 30 years). I'm no job hopper.
  10. The Good Moments

    I love it when a patient says "I'm so glad you're here today. I feel safe with you." Makes me glad to see them too!"
  11. Do you dread April Fools Day?

    One I'll never try again is HELP! I'm locked in the bathroom at McDonald's! One of the sonnets said Good one Mom. Can't you just crawl under the door? The other one said Hang on Mom. The police are on the way! A good one time text is Greetings from ...
  12. Do you dread April Fools Day?

    I don't dread April Fool's Day but my boys do! This year mom is planning a sweet little text: Can you pick me up at the airport at 4 o'clock?
  13. Somebody from a local LTC kept leaving me voice mails to notify me of changes in my father's condition, even gave the man's name and details. My father's condition is he's been dead since 1981. I finally called this place to tell them Hey, you're cal...
  14. Big Arms They Say ... Hey, I'm A Nurse.

    What'll get you every time is when you pull but the nurse on the other side of the bed doesn't pull. They're thinking about lunch or something.
  15. Graduate Degree in Engineering? (Career switch worth it?)

    What about biomedical engineering?
  16. The 7 Day Metamorphosis of an Attention-Seeking Newly-Minted Nurse

    You left out the so im part. Im a new nurse and im currently working weekends in LTC. Crucial to any post has to be out of touch managers who know zero about CVICU, the OLD nurses that never heard of computer charting and hate me because im young an...
  17. 6 Reasons Why Nurses Are No-Cape Heroes

    In my area, what passes for journalism these days proclaimed at the start of this pandemic that teachers are the real heroes although at the time they were all being heroes from home. No offense to any of you I love you all, but I needed more nurses,...
  18. So, who are you?

  19. Just a Little Venting

    I'd opt for following protocol. Then you can't go wrong. The docs know what the protocol is and they expect to be called.
  20. So, who are you?

    I'm a daughter of Ireland (half Swiss), Christian, poet and writer, genealogical researcher, an avid fan of British mysteries, a decent mom and grandmer and a proud Hoosier!
  21. 6 Reasons Why Nurses Are No-Cape Heroes

    I've found some REAL heroes: The Legacy Emanuel Critical Care Transport team in Portland. I love you all! Seven.
  22. How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    I've got a couple more years left in me then I'm hanging it up to head home to Utah. 42 years in critical care sucks all the energy out of you. My sons and the two most beautiful grandsons on the planet are waiting for me. Note to all you young ones ...
  23. Cause of Death: Old Age

    Actually, it was my ring finger right above the cuticle and it was hideous. I could have died from that alone! And my raccoons were not as quite as cute as yours; They had fangs and four inch long claws.Not that I want to see them again but I am curi...
  24. Cause of Death: Old Age

    I darn near died the other night when I found two raccoons on the back porch when I was taking the garbage out then slammed the storm door on my finger and cut it trying to get away. I guess my cause of death would be cardiac arrest following viciou...
  25. Mushing up the two most vile rotten nasty bananas that in another minute will be unusable glop unfit even for banana bread and feeding eight beautiful koi which are giving me really mean looks. Yall go back behind the rocks because it's too cold out ...