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  1. First Omicron Case Detected in the U.S.

    Hopefully it will be a milder version * fingers crossed*, but it's definitely too early to tell.
  2. COVID Vaccine Safety

    I guess I don't visit the site often enough. I really didn't expect an antivax OP on here though. (So fed up with nonsense antivaccine propaganda on social media, I have a hard time blocking them all.).
  3. COVID Vaccine Safety

    *sighs* Seriously now? I didn't expect I was going to run into antivax propaganda on here too.
  4. Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    You obviously didn't read my post correctly, I never said the OP had the symptoms I had. And unless you're her provider and had assessed her , you can't possibly say that she would have been better with just OTC meds. I've seen pretty bad Covid arms ...
  5. Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    I disagree with you there. As someone who had side effects after both vaccines, I would do the same thing as OP and call in sick. How can you get through a 12 hour shift with fever, nausea, body aches feeling like you're going to pass out? (Not sayin...
  6. Is it wrong to ask for a raise?

    I am not a manager but have worked as shift supervisor I understand your situation. What I would do Is I would speak to my nurses and ask them for their help until your get someone else on your team. And why should you be stuck late and having do all...
  7. Relatives Invited Themselves For Thanksgiving...

    Growing up overseas, and not being in touch with my ex's family makes it null and void of having any panic attacks over relatives just dropping by. The only unexpected visits I get are from maintenance once a year or less. So thankful I have no...
  8. Apparently it was ordered 0.5 for all residents who consented to the booster. I panicked because I am one of the nurses who administers the vaccines. They came in vials of 7.5 mL , for 15 doses from a vial. (Moderna) I wish there was one day tha...
  9. That is probably what happened. I will ask my DON tomorrow. So far we haven't had any adverse reactions from anyone receiving the vaccine booster , I just panicked when I saw 0.25 ... I will update tomorrow. Ty x
  10. This is what I found yesterday. We just gave boosters to everyone (who consented) in facility with 0.5 ml as per DON order. What do I do next??? Should I report this?
  11. I work in a SNF and I just read the other day that the Moderna booster vaccine is only half of dose (0.25 mL) of regular shot. Our facility gave the same dose (0.5 ml) to all residents, regardless if they were immunocompromised or not. Is that ...
  12. I don’t want to work extra!

    Good idea, I've never through of that. We are not unionized, and of course I could call corporate and tell them what's happening but obviously it would be my last day there.
  13. I don’t want to work extra!

    Yeah I planned on saying that next time I get stuck for a double (which usually turns into 18 hours). I was about to call the corporate, no one was answering, no manager on call , no DON, no Administrator. I stepped out to my car to calm down for a f...
  14. I don’t want to work extra!

    Not all places have supervisors. In many SNFs you're on your own, if you don't have relief, you're there to stay. ?
  15. I don’t want to work extra!

    I think Case Management would not require you to pull doubles. I'm thinking of leaving bedside too, I'm so tired of being stuck at work , especially if I am already exhausted and don't feel good.