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  1. I might be in minority here, but I never try to hide my profession. I don't announce it, but if asked I admit I am a nurse. Thankfully I haven't had any inpatient experiences, but outpatient they seem to be super nice to me if they know I work in the field, and the providers, like others have said, adress me in more depth and allow me to participate in my care.
  2. NewRN'16

    Dismissed, what now?

    Then you can most likely sit for LPN NCLEX. Have you asked your school if they can do that?
  3. NewRN'16

    Dismissed, what now?

    How far were you in the RN program? In some states you can get permission from your school to apply and seat for LPN NCLEX, if you have sufficient classes completed.
  4. Don't give up. Just slow down a bit, and when you think you are too slow, slow down even more. Like someone else here in the thread pointed out, unless is life and death situation, you should be able to take your time to identify your patients, make sure they're getting what is prescribed to them. Hugs x
  5. NewRN'16

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    And what is your least favorite? My favorites: changing IV dressings , wound care, Foley D/c (is just good to see a patient can void without that tube in), trach care ( I love when I can help someone breath better instantly) What about you?
  6. On another edit, English is not my first language, moved here in the 90s so I apologise.
  7. Our facliiy has us place the used surgical mask In a paper container before leaving and wants us to use it the next day again when we sign into work. I don't feel comfortable doing that, I feel It would be safer if I take the surgical mask home and iron it maybe ? Expose it to sun/heat? What y'all think? I'm terrified On edit, I work in a SNF in FL.
  8. NewRN'16

    Quitting after 2nd week on the job?!

    Just up and quit, if you will never return to work for that company again. It is not "professional suicide". You need to exit that toxic environment ASAP. Just make sure you quit when not on duty.
  9. NewRN'16

    Afraid to see a therapist

    Hi All I'm sure others have been in this situation, reluctant to seek therapy due to possible stigma and possibly jeopardizing their license. I won't get into detail, but what do you do? Seek help confindentially? As a Jane/John Doe? Just throwing it out there, I'm curious what you guys have to say. Thanks in advance.
  10. NewRN'16

    Dropping the "Nurse Card"?

    Cops is my area do not care if you are "a nurse". I got in trouble 2 blocks from my house , and me being a nurse meant squad to them.
  11. NewRN'16

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    Thank you for your replies. I previously worked in acute care but went to rehab/LTC for convenience/closer to home. Huge mistake I made I won't describe in details what is happening, but you can just imagine. I come home and cry.. I've already suffered of anxiety, this is physically getting me ill. Yes, they do gang up. What am I to do except changing jobs?
  12. I have read previous articles on this topic, but I am dealing with abusive co workers now, who act so childish and idiotic, I have no words for it. I am an RN working in LTC. Are they jealous I am RN and they are PNs? Is it plain stupidity? I am preparing my resume to go apply and work elsewhere. This is a toxic environment for me .
  13. NewRN'16

    Does Death Have A Smell?

    It is actually cells dying.. same odor late stage cancer patients emit. Not breaking any HIPAA .. my own mother had that smell in the last year of her life - stage 4 breast cancer. Nothing to do with hygene. It's very sad
  14. NewRN'16

    Bullying in nursing school

    Ignore Ruby, she has an issue with bullying topics. Maybe she feels guilty inside, who knows.
  15. NewRN'16

    Code Blue: What Should I Do?

    I need to learn to stop yelling at my team mates during a code. Something I need serious work on. They're trying just as hard as me . Ugh, I hate codes.

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