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  1. Not an article, or peer studied review. Just my take after 8-9 months of battling this virus in a nursing home. It is a well known fact that Covid 19 is causing confusion/ams even in non dementia patients. The problem is worse in dementia patients, because patients become so confused/agitated, they may refuse to eat /take meds, drink fluids, pull out their IV lines, have multiple falls. We can't restrain patients in nursing homes, I honestly believe that these patients should be either in acute care, or Covid units in nursing homes should operate by different standards. We have lost so many residents at the last wave (none in this wave so far thank God). These were patients who were otherwise physically stable, but suffered of dementia. I don't know what the answer to this is , but If I could change things , I would definitely change the status quo in LTC/SNF and also , hospitals so easily discharging elderly patients , sending them back to SNF , knowing we cant even keep them free of falls at the worse time of their life. I apologize if this comes across as a word salad, English is not my native language/was born abroad. 3 things I would change at a minimum, allow restrains to keep patients safe, increase staffing, give staff enough PPE and time to care for Covid patients, who can decline so quickly and so easily.
  2. NewRN'16

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    One if my colleagues said she ordered it online and never received it. I guess a lot of scams going on with promising drugs. I hope it works. But how does one get their hands on it? I bet if it's officially proven to be effective , you won't find any around for purchase
  3. NewRN'16


    And this is the end of that. Haven't heard a peep again. I'm sorry but I don't trust Big Pharma. All promising breakthroughs seem to magically vanish. Poof. Never to be heard of ever again. 😞
  4. NewRN'16

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    I just read your edited post. Glad you are feeling better. Yikes,! Must have been scary
  5. NewRN'16

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experience, it's helping the rest of us , I guess to put out minds at ease. I was unsure if I was going to get the vaccine, but so many co-workers have already signed up for it , I may as well. I have had past reactions to the influenza vaccine and I'm not sure if they will let me have it (with past known reactions ). I will let you know in the next couple weeks. Stay safe everyone x
  6. NewRN'16

    RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    I would live in my car for that kind of money 😁
  7. NewRN'16

    RN on probation trying to find a job

    Reading posts like this make me question.why did I ever become a nurse. It seems like everyone and their uncle is out for our licence, no matter where turn you hear horror stories like this. Good luck OP, I hope you find a job soon , this is terrible 😞
  8. NewRN'16

    RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    Wow!! And here in FL we are making under $30 an hour with years of experience!! Smh 😂
  9. I just bought the supply aid from Home Depot. I think I may have a big head (LOL) because they're too snug on my face , but it will have to work until I find something else.
  10. That's great advice. I found a few shops near me, I will call them tomorrow when they open . Also a few online.. I'll give them a shot, because everything I have bought lately seems grossly substandard, and I don't feel safe
  11. NewRN'16


    That's great news. I haven't read the links you provided yet but I will go read now. Many thanks for posting this x
  12. NewRN'16

    Can't get covid at work

    Unbelievable. This literally makes me sick to my stomach 😞
  13. Are we going to be able to refuse it, or will it be mandatory? I have had severe reactions to the influenza vaccine and eventually I declined it. Do we need to have a severe reaction in order for us to decline any further covid 19 vaccines? Or we could still opt out? What do you guys think?
  14. Thank God Biden won. At least now we have a chance to maybe stop or reduce this disaster. Thank you Karen for keeping up with this. ❤️
  15. I work in subacute, but very experienced with trachs, wounds, IV meds/lines , etc I worked in a covid unit for quite a bit of time I am still at my old place , considering the numbers are going up , I will probably be floated to covid unit again. Stay safe everyone x ❤️
  16. My local shop where I was getting my masks from, has ran out of them, and they don't think they can restock.. I ended up ordering from amazon blindly, a complete disaster ( thin, not 5 layers, extremely poor fit). Please share if anyone knows a good online source ? I am on my last 2 masks