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  1. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Yep. Regardless of how safe we think we practice and how we’re not making mistakes like Vaught, this is a bad precedent for us and for Just Culture.
  2. Can I Take Adderall as an RN?

    Your mileage may vary but my anxiety improved on stimulants for ADHD: struggling and then feeling bad about struggling with “easy” things for others was a huge contributor for me. I’ve started multiple new jobs on ADHD meds. Make sure you are co...
  3. Healthcare And Birthdate Imperative

    #1 You answered your own question, it’s to verify ID. #2 The “one clinic at a time PIN” sounds like an absolute disaster LOL. How is the patient identified to give out the PIN in the first place? With a decentralized “PIN” system how many PINs i...
  4. Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    And I just want to add, that people with genuine medical exemptions is why I feel it is so important for those who are medically able to be vaccinated to provide a larger vaccinated population for herd immunity. I totally appreciate the hesitation to...
  5. Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    Oh goodness, that would suck LOL. No, they came to the peds ED in the morning when we were (in theory) slower. They got registered as patients and hooked up to full monitoring (cardiac, respiratory, pox, NIBP) and got 1/4 of the dose every 15 mi...
  6. Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    My hospital had a program that gave second doses slowly over an hour and monitored closely for reactions for those who had a reaction to the first dose but wanted to be fully vaccinated. I’m surprised that wasn’t more widespread.
  7. Never Say Never

    Imagine being a nursing instructor and not knowing how stuttering works ? Or that it’s a disability covered under the ADA.
  8. Nurses Did Not Sign Up for This

    Rather than peer groups we should be organizing. Unionizing where we’re not unionized and making the unions more active where we are. Working together as a group is how we change systems. The language of self care and coping mechanisms is impli...
  9. Nurses Did Not Sign Up for This

    Yes. ? down to calling this a bandaid to a systemic issue. These studies were also all conducted in 2020. We’ve since had another full year of the same or worsening conditions. The support and friendships I have at work are definitely beneficial...
  10. How does write ups work in the hospital?

    I worked at a hospital with a point system and it was highly punitive but also weirdly encouraging of longer callouts: for example, consecutive absences were counted as one event, and leaving a shift early for illness was less points than calling out...
  11. Patient going to complain against me?

    Getting a kidney stone and having it surgically removed is a pretty intense way to game the system to get a fix. How’d they fake the stone? Or the procedure?
  12. Patient going to complain against me?

    Yeah as a peds nurse I want to know how many kg the patient was because 2mg is an appropriate dose for a 20kg child. 4mg is our standard adult dose. And for surgical pain we use PO opioids with IV for breakthrough….at standard dosing.
  13. Patient going to complain against me?

    Yeah I’m side-eyeing the comment about wanting narcan on hand for 2 norco and 4 mg of morphine that were spaced out. For a kidney stone that’s not all that exciting and it sounds like the patient was under-treated for pain. The MD should have come to...
  14. What else can be done about a nurse sleeping on duty??

    There’s a difference between creating a work environment that allows this (which I fully support, but I haven’t had adequate coverage for a lunch break in like, ever, so clustered nap breaks for night shift definitely isn’t the current situation) and...
  15. Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    It doesn’t need to be a competition with other professions tho. The working class is, as a whole, underpaid and over exploited. That includes nursing. That includes other jobs that are less immediately life or death but are still essential to societa...