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HiddencatBSN is a BSN and specializes in Peds ED.

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  1. The jobs with a shorter commute paid significantly less than the ones I commuted for, and we’d just bought a home and had small kids who were established with school and services in the community. We did eventually move but the commute was not the factor. I had an audible account and it was the most “reading “ I’ve had the chance to do since having kids.
  2. HiddencatBSN

    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question

    A single case study against how many millions of vaccinations compared to how many people died that year from H1N1.....and the exceedingly rare reaction is the bigger risk to you?
  3. HiddencatBSN

    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question

    I’ve been getting my flu shot since before I became a nurse and having the flu shot clinics at work makes it easier for me to get them every year. I’ve never had the flu and the only time I’ve had a mild reaction to the shot I think it had to do with injection technique because it was a student-run clinic. As far as what we don’t know yet about immunology, the best we can do is use the knowledge we have now to make the best decisions we can and I’m comfortable with decades of evidence supporting the benefits over risks of vaccines. My kids are on the standard schedule and just got their flu shots and when they are old enough we are most definitely getting the HPV vaccine too. Antivaxxers like to point to VERS as evidence of harm and I think it’s actually very helpful to look through the database. The vast majority of potential (not proven, the database only shows correlation by self report) are minor ones like pain, redness and swelling at the injection site.
  4. HiddencatBSN

    RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    Every MD I’ve ever worked with who was a nurse first has been amazing. I think about how frustrating it can be to manage interns in those first months and how much easier that would be with ones who have RN experience and who have some perspective about what patient care looks like from our side.
  5. HiddencatBSN

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    I worked at a hospital once where the night shift diff was $0.50 an hour. Their pay rate was in general very low for the area. The only way they could keep night shift staffed like that was to only hire in to night shift which meant the experience balance at night was especially bad.
  6. HiddencatBSN

    Union-yes or no

    Yes, you have, but you’ve never worked as a nurse so you don’t know what the conditions we face look like. That’s not condescension- that’s pointing out that you speak from position lacking in experience. It’s been pretty kindly done here, but you might want to consider that the experienced, seasoned nurses, with experience in both unionized and nonunionized facilities, are not only addressing you directly but making sure other future and novice nurses reading this thread have the option to weigh the various levels of authority from which we are speaking.
  7. HiddencatBSN

    Secondary PTSD spread the word PLEASE!!!

    My husband was a paramedic for 12 years and recently left the field because of PTSD. It’s a very real risk and being told by management and industry experts to avoid it by doing more “self care” when we’re understaffed and overworked so chronically and when mental health treatment is challenging to access even for medically savvy people is placing personal blame for a societal problem. I’m sorry this happened to you.
  8. HiddencatBSN

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Syracuse, NY. $31.85 base rate for 6 years FT experience and a BSN. 20% weekday off shift and 30% weekend off shift differential. This is a unionized hospital. The cost of living here is lower than the podunk town in PA I moved from and my salary is higher so it’s been a net gain. I have good benefits too. We also get a geographical differential that’s an additional $1.65 an hour that shows up separately so I always forget to calculate that in.
  9. HiddencatBSN

    Union-yes or no

    Actually, multiple posters have pointed out that your lack of nursing experience means you are speaking from a place of ignorance when you claim that individual nurses are able to successfully negotiate employment terms with hospitals better than unions can. Your lack of experience in this field is highly relevant to the weight your opinions should carry in this conversation.
  10. HiddencatBSN

    Rejected by Patient

    Yes and it's always been a relief TBH.
  11. I'd like to see the ANA stop actively campaigning against safe staffing laws before trying to speak on behalf of the nursing profession about shift length. I have zero faith or trust in them to speak to what is beneficial and safe for nurses and patients after seeing them work to torpedo campaigns to set patient ratio maximums in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. *edited for clarity
  12. HiddencatBSN

    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    This isn’t about parenting, this is about nursing, and being an empathetic and caring nurse requires respect for a patient’s bodily autonomy. Not all patients, regardless of age, will be comfortable with touches like that.
  13. HiddencatBSN

    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    I work in peds and I don’t think I’d touch a patient like that. It IS a very intimate gesture (intimacy isn’t limited to sexual intimacy) and at 9 a patient’s bodily autonomy should be respected and permission asked when touching isn’t a non optional part of the care. A suspension seems extreme to me though, but I would consider that people have different personal boundaries and touch therapy might not be appreciated by everyone.
  14. HiddencatBSN

    Union-yes or no

    Right to work states have some of the lowest wages in healthcare. Across the board too. To the OP, I’m at my first unionized facility and the difference is amazing. I’ll never work in a nonunionized hospital again. Dues are minimal and the union provides benefits beyond a stronger position to negotiate a contract and grievance process to protect us.
  15. HiddencatBSN

    NP still working as a bedside nurse on the side...

    When I worked in Pennsylvania the NPs in the ER were all FNPs that I worked with. I had several coworkers go on to do just that. I have a coworker who works in primary care as a PNP and also works in the hospital float pool as an RN. I had nursing instructors who worked per diem as bedside nurses and most of them had NP credentials. It doesn’t seem like you’re alone in wanting to keep a toe in the bedside nursing pool.
  16. HiddencatBSN

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    RIGHT??! OP needs to channel that ability to slog through tedious job applications to sticking things out at work.