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I know people come here to vent and I see SO many people wanting to leave the hospital but I want to know who LIKES working in a hospital. If you do like working in the hospital which unit do you work in and how long have you been there?

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I am an orthopedic nurse and I love my job. I got my MSN last Dec and have stayed at the bedside. My MSN is in Informatics, so I am on that committee, but I like working 3 days a week, I like precepting, I like helping the new residents.

If I were to go to M-F, 9-5 job, I would take a pretty decent pay cut and would spend 5x as much time in the car (I drive >40 mi one way to work). At this time in my life (I am older newish nurse) I am perfectly content where I am.

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I'm med-surg float pool. I like my job. I like going to different units and not getting too stuck on the unit politics. I go in, do my job, go home. Most of the units appreciate me being there, and I feel I get along well with most of the staff. Since I know all the units, I can easily find things on another unit if it is missing on the one I'm at. I'm just currently feeling like I can't really "progress" since I won't get assigned "specialty" patients, I just get med-surg and ortho. Some of the units can do specialty things like TPA (neuro/stroke/seizure), cardiac drips (some on tele/med-surg), or chemotherapy. But, I like bedside. Most patients are fine. I think a lot of it is your coworkers, more than "the job".

Horseshoe, BSN, RN

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I liked working at the hospital as far as it goes. What I didn't like was working holidays and weekends. So I left for a stand alone endoscopy clinic and a private OR (both PRN), neither of which are open at night, on holidays, or on weekends. But I've been doing this a while, so I've paid my dues and had my day. I would highly encourage hospital work for new grads because you can learn so much there. And young new grads have the energy for nights or irregular shifts. ? Older new grads with families or other issues have to make a cost/benefit choice, but still, I think hospital nursing is really good for those first few years of the steep learning curve.

Davey Do

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I worked in hospitals for about the first 10 years of my career, from 1984 to 1993. I got into home health, community psych nursing, and LTC for about the next 10 years, 1993 to 2003. I've just celebrated my 16th anniversary working in a medical center.

The first thing I noticed that I liked about being back in hospital nursing was the accessibility of resources, both in people and supplies. I felt like I had to be out there on my own and use what resources I could to get the job done in the community.

The one big thing I didn't and still don't like about hospital nursing is all the bureaucratic crap. But I've pretty much remedied that by working all weekends and MNs for the past 15+ years.

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I like it! I like the fast pace and learning new things but of course sometimes I have bad days. Ok not just bad... TERRIBLE! Like yesterday I was asking myself "Am I in hell or just at work?" ? I don't like feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I can't give my patients the care they deserve no matter how hard I try. But overall I like MOST of the patients, love my coworkers, manager is cool, I like precepting... can't complain too much! But still do complain... a lot! haha

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Although I am a person who vents here quite frequently, there are things I like about working at a hospital. The learning opportunities can't be beat, and you meet some amazing people, both patients and staff. I also enjoy the variety and the stories I get from my job. In general, it is tough but can also be rewarding. You have to look at the downfalls of each hospital and decide if they're things you can live with. No place is perfect, but some are still better than others.

Ruby Vee, BSN

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7 hours ago, Blue_Moon said:

I know people come here to vent and I see SO many people wanting to leave the hospital but I want to know who LIKES working in a hospital. If you do like working in the hospital which unit do you work in and how long have you been there?

I've been in ICU since 1983 -- not the same hospital, not even the same specialty. But I love it.


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I like some hospitals lol. My background is primarily in oncology, which I really do love, but as a traveler I've worked in a variety of med-surg/tele/stepdown floors. I currently work as an in-house traveler, so I get paid more but can be floated two hours away if that's where I'm sent.

Honestly, I'm a bit burned out, but inpatient just provides you with so many opportunities and so much flexibility. If you don't like one specialty, you get your year of experience and transfer to another. If you don't like hustle of dayshift, transfer to nights. Need to work less? Per diem. Want one of those non-bedside positions? You need inpatient experience first, usually, so you may as well start there anyway. I'm working on getting a work from home gig but even if that works out, I'll probably still do per diem. I really looked in to non-bedside positions, and for all my complaining, I think I'd be bored.

KrysyRN, BSN

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I love working in a hospital beyond reason---when I'm volunteering. I volunteer at a few local hospitals and have been fortunate to work on many different units and many different departments. I've never had so much fun, nor been happier at work, at any other time in my career. My favorite areas: the ER and the nurse education department. I love mentoring brand new nurses, right out of school.

Ashley_SF, BSN

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I've only been working in the hospital for 2 months, but I love it! I've worked outpatient dialysis for almost 5 years and like Davey mentioned, I have so much more support and resources in the hospital.

I enjoy working with a robust team and having other nurses and members of the IDT around to bounce ideas off of and ask questions, especially at a large teaching hospital. There are also more opportunities for growth and learning.


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I do! I've been a bedside nurse at hospitals for my 13 years, all pediatrics. I've worked several different types of units but have been float pool for the last 4 years and can't foresee myself going back to a "home" unit in the future.

TriciaJ, RN

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Of all the settings I've worked in, med-surg was the only one I missed after I left.

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