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RatherBHiking has 31 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Oncology, OB, School Nurse.

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  1. RatherBHiking

    Things I should not have to say...

    PINCH you nose if it’s bleeding! Catching the blood in your hands does not stop it. 🙄
  2. RatherBHiking

    Used and Abused

    I’ve been there. Schools are a whole different arena. As nurses we are used to being paid for every minute of work. It’s not that way in the education system. Teachers aren’t getting paid for after hours programs usually. Teachers spend many hours at...
  3. RatherBHiking

    New Grad Just Want to Throw Up: Should I quit?

    Six weeks is common around here unfortunately. I’m glad they want to give you a couple more at least. The first thing I’d do is talk to the manager and be honest that you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe in addition to extra time they could give you ...
  4. RatherBHiking

    Any tips for constant coughing?

    I’ve never found anything that we are allowed to use that helps. If they can’t stop coughing and it’s constant or making them vomit I just send them home. Some kids end up needing an inhaler or steroids so I always recommend Dr follow up if they don...
  5. RatherBHiking

    Nothing Left To Give At Home

    Wow over a year is a long time of this! It sounds like he has anxiety. My husband at different times would do the same thing and no matter how much I reassured him he probably wasn’t dying he would keep complaining and refuse to do anything about it ...
  6. RatherBHiking

    Personal Issues Making It Hard For Me To Work in L&D

    I’m very sorry you’re dealing with this! I can understand why it would be very hard. Please get some counseling asap. You have a lot of stress going on and you need to take care of yourself first and learn how to cope with your fertility issues and p...
  7. RatherBHiking


    We have tried talking to students, talking to parents, offering hygeine supplies, having meetings with the parents, having the students shower at school and/or washing their clothes, even calling CPS for bad cases when they don't have running water (...
  8. RatherBHiking

    Counseling Staff Members On Sick Leave

    Is she your employee or are you in charge of staffing her position when she is out? Because otherwise, it's not your place. "We don't want her to feel she needs to spend it at school." OK but what about how SHE feels??? Yes, you're be...
  9. RatherBHiking

    Head Lice

  10. RatherBHiking

    Documentation for today...

    It happens sometimes! LOL! Kids are tough and they can even run a fever and still want to play!! I tell my teachers if you'll forgive me for sending a student that's truly sick back to class I'll forgive you for sending me kids that are faking. We ca...
  11. RatherBHiking

    School Nurses, When To Call Parents!

    If the teachers are the ones that feel the parent needs called and you don't then why can't the teachers message the parents and say I sent your child to the nurse for xyz, they were OK to stay and if you have any questions let us know? Most teachers...
  12. RatherBHiking

    Faking sick

    When I was in the high school, 99% of the students came in for that and most of the time it was to go home. I'd check their temp and make them drink water (and eat crackers if they wanted) and rest for about a half hour and see if anything happened. ...
  13. RatherBHiking

    Tired of School nursing?

    I've been a school nurse for over 20 years and I completely understand the boredom, burn out and exhaustion day after day. If you're bored (and that doesn't always mean not busy but just not challenged enough) or burnt out I'd suggest one of thr...
  14. RatherBHiking

    Clinic Staffing

    In our district, there is one nurse per school. It doesn’t matter if you have 300 students or 1500, it’s just one nurse with no assistant. Even though 1500 is a lot, those are high schools and they see less kids a day than a lot of the smaller school...
  15. RatherBHiking

    Do you participate in Spirit Weeks?

    I’m at elementary and this school does it all! I like the scaled back version idea and leggings are a good idea for pajama day! Thanks for the replies and ideas!