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Swellz has 6 years experience and specializes in oncology, MS/tele/stepdown.

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  1. Relax everyone, both NJ and TX suck. Signed, Florida
  2. I worked in a retail pharmacy as a tech for 6.5 years. I am very sympathetic to the fact that it isn't for you! I echo the others suggesting an inpatient position. Depending on where you work you can really specialize. As part of my initial training on my floor, I went through chemo training with the chemo pharmacists; if education is of any interest to you, that's one thought. I also worked at a hospital where pharmacists did all the discharge teaching related to meds, so they got to really interact with patients. The floor I currently work on is a cardiac surgery unit, and we have a dedicated pharmacist the CT surgery team really relies on. I just feel like there are some unexplored options that wouldn't require going back to school, if you're not 100% on being an MD/NP, of course.
  3. Trivia night at the bar. Any trivia topic at any bar, and I don't even care if I'm drinking or not LOL.
  4. Swellz

    Night shift new nurses-day shift classes

    My first job was two 12's and two 8's rotating days and nights. When I tell you I know what you are going through, believe me. I have to echo others - this cannot be a new complaint that they've received. You can absolutely contact whoever is in charge of this program and plead your case; if you get nowhere with that, explain to your manager that this is a condition of your employment and see if you can be on dayshift the weeks you have to participate in these classes. Or if you can move your shifts around so you have a more than the night before and night after off. Alternatively, if you don't have to do this that often, I would just live with it. It sucks, but if you have to do it to keep your job, you're stuck.
  5. Swellz

    Ethical Issues

    It's unrelated. Start your own topic if you want to spread your truth.
  6. Swellz


    If I could afford not to work, I would not work. I think in the future, no one is going to judge you for a gap in your resume around this time.
  7. Swellz

    Nursing School and Career with Back Problems

    How many times have you shadowed for a full 12 hour shift? I think that's something you need to do to understand what you'd be getting into. Obviously there are areas of nursing that require less physical labor than others, but do new nurses where you live and work get into those areas without a year or two of med-surg? Can your body tolerate a year or two of med-surg? If your goal is to avoid that type of nursing entirely, do you have the connections to do so? Have you considered any other healthcare positions? I had no idea before nursing what else was out there. Respiratory therapist, imaging tech, occupational therapy, etc. There are many ways to work in healthcare if that's what you want. If you haven't investigated any of those areas, maybe check them out. If you are reconsidering, ask your school about deferring your enrollment until next year. If you decide to go, don't be afraid to say that it isn't for you and drop out. If you find clinicals are too labor-intensive for you, just know that working the floor will be much more challenging. Good luck!
  8. Swellz

    Black Lives Matter Protests and Medical Care

    This was what I was going to suggest. Thanks for doing what you're doing!
  9. Swellz

    Cardiac Surgery care

    Can anyone point me to towards resources for nursing care following cardiac surgeries, I.e. CABG, TAVR, etc? I took a contract on a cardiac surgery floor and am so out of my depth! I don't do ICU, so this is after the initial recovery when they are tele or stepdown level. Anything would help, but I'm only here temporarily so I'm not looking for expensive courses or anything. I did speak to a charge nurse who is going to see if she can get some resources they usually give to new hires, but if anyone on here has suggestions or tips, I'm all ears!
  10. Swellz


    Really interesting to read how it's handled elsewhere. At my hospital, if you have a known exposure without PPE, you are quarantined for 14 days from the event. They were not testing people who were exposed unless they had symptoms or someone else involved had symptoms. If you test negative, you return after your quarantine time. If you test positive, it goes based on symptoms. We had people out as long as 6 weeks depending on how sick they were.
  11. Swellz

    Taking Care of Covid Patients While Pregnant

    Our pregnant nurses and techs do not go to the COVID floors. We have a couple hospitalists who recently came back from maternity leave, and they are not required to go to COVID either. I don't know how they are handling it in the procedural areas, but we do test patients for COVID prior to any non-emergent procedure.
  12. I'll switch if it won't make my schedule terrible. I'm flexible with the definition of terrible when I work dayshift, but not when I work nightshift, when I rarely agree to switches LOL.
  13. Swellz

    Most nurses not heros

    I hear a lot of stuff in the media talking about the suffering of businesses and lost jobs. Maybe they aren't praising them for their sacrifices because they didn't make a choice - this misfortune happened to them. Those of us who are working are making a choice to do it, even if it's a "go to work or starve" choice. Don't get me wrong, all this hero-worship of nursing makes me uncomfortable, but I can't see getting worked up over other people not receiving over-the-top praise.
  14. Swellz

    Ocn certification

    Bump! I'm studying for the PCCN first, but I just finished my contract on an onc floor so now that I have my hours for the OCN again I want to do that as well. Assuming testing centers open!
  15. Swellz

    ICU to Onc, how to get the hours?

    You are correct. You cannot get the OCN without the patient care hours, but you can get the "chemo card" aka ONS/ONCC chemo/immunotherapy certificate. If I remember correctly, they have an introductory course if you are new to cancer care/chemo in general, which might be more appropriate for you and show potential managers your interest. I would think any infusion center would help you obtain your chemo provider card and OCN certification after hiring you, so I don't know that you need to do this independently.
  16. Same where I work. There is an order for flushes q12 that would require scanning, but it is rarely put in.

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