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  1. Swellz

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Thanks guys. I'm trying to reconcile what I'm used to with the reality of the situation.
  2. Swellz

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Can anyone shed some light on hourly rate for an experienced, inpatient RN? Or any inpatient RN for that matter? I have more than 5 years experience and will be applying to inpatient positions in the next year or so. Right now I'm transitioning out of travel nursing, so I'll be with Baycare Mobile Pool which obviously pays higher than a normal staff gig. BLS has the mean hourly for nurses in the Tampa-St Pete-Clearwater area at $32.21, but this isn't inpatient specifically. Glassdoor has estimates that are as low as $22/hr and as high as $38. Quite the range. I know it's going to be a pay cut, I'm just trying to figure out how much to expect. Any information anyone can give is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Swellz

    A statistical death

    I've seen this in small community hospitals and in big teaching hospitals. All we can do is advocate for our patients and vote with our feet if we can find safer pastures.
  4. Swellz

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    I'm surprised you were only given one opportunity to pass the exit exam. My program we had to pass a Kaplan exam, but if we failed we had a second chance to take it. Same thing for a friend of mine, but it was a HESI. She failed the first attempt, but passed the second. These were BSN programs, not bridge programs, but I don't see why that would make a difference.
  5. Swellz

    heparin drips and lab draws

    DUDES LET ME TELL YOU. Long story short, last night I was handed off a patient who was ordered a heparin gtt. She had a triple lumen central line with two available lumens. The dayshift RN didn't think we could run the heparin in one and draw the labs from the other, so he tried to get a peripheral (so the patient wouldn't get stuck multiple times for labs until therapeutic), but when that failed, the whole thing was deferred until the next dayshift with MD approval. So she got stuck multiple times anyway for the PIV they couldn't get, the heparin gtt was never started, and that dayshift nurse refused to take her back the next day so it became a new nurse's problem. Like... what?
  6. Swellz

    Advice for vacationing?

    I agree with Asystole. If your scheduler is flexible and you aren't trying to take 3 week vacations every other month, you should be able to take a vacation with minimal PTO. Also, it will depend on how your new job works, but I got more PTO from working OT. Travel nursing is an option, but I wouldn't go through the trouble just to get the vacations, especially if you prefer a steady job. Travel nursing is fun, don't get me wrong, and it might be a solution worth looking in to, but it isn't necessarily your only solution.
  7. Swellz

    Feeling trapped at bedside

    It's very possible this is not your niche. It's also very possible you're experiencing the same growing pains that many of us did. It sounds like despite your struggles you are in an environment where you have support from your coworkers, which is not something I would rush to leave. Give yourself time. Nobody is an expert overnight. Unfortunately, case management and jobs that require less physical stress (because believe me, those are not stress-free jobs) usually require multiple years of experience anyway; you might still want to pursue those jobs and that's fine, but it would serve you better to focus on the here and now and coping mechanisms for your stress.
  8. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local-news/i-team-investigates/florida-board-of-health-suspends-hundreds-of-health-care-licenses-over-student-loan-defaults?fbclid=IwAR1iA8v9MpPsHuoPcirAo8BYcFWPNYB8tOWYn72G-BNSLtB4cU09mZXR2E4 "[T]he state’s Board of Health suspended more than 900 health care licenses – including professional certifications for registered nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, pharmacists and opticians – in the just the past two years alone." I'm not saying people shouldn't pay their debts. I'm saying preventing someone from working seems like a foolish way to get them to repay their loans.