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Swellz has 6 years experience and specializes in oncology, MS/tele/stepdown.

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  1. Swellz

    Travel nurse housing wishlist

    This sounds unnecessary to say, but don't design it so the only entry to the bathroom is via the bedroom. I stayed in an apartment with my husband for one contract that was set up like this. I worked nights, he worked days. It was not ideal. If ...
  2. Swellz

    Do you have a side hustle?

    Flatiron! And like Trixie said, I don't have any complaints. It is truly a side hustle for me given the hour limitations, but I'm expecting to make it my primary gig once baby comes in August (if I can afford to go per diem at the hospital anyway). B...
  3. Swellz

    Do you have a side hustle?

    To echo Trixie, you aren't interpreting the information (for example, coming up with the stage), just collecting and organizing it. Where I work, there's set parameters you follow, so it's really just working within those. It's pretty straightforward...
  4. How are you reporting her? Just verbally to the manager? This is a safety issue. I would write an actual incident report using whatever your hospital's system is with every occurrence, as well as email the nurse manager. I would also get the nightshi...
  5. Swellz

    New grad wanting to switch floors?

    Are you even allowed to transfer? In my experience, transfers tend to only be allowed after 1 year of employment. That may not be the case in your health system, but I bet it's in your contract or somewhere as an HR policy if you look it up.
  6. Swellz

    Is calling off for burnout a thing?

    I call off for my mental health more often than I call off for my physical health.
  7. Swellz

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    I respect this is your opinion, but I implore others, especially younger people, to consider another way. Literally any other way, if you can. My generation is crippled with debt and I hate to see it happen to anyone.
  8. We ran out of male urinals. I didn't even know we had female urinals until we had nothing else to use. It was a pretty innocuous shortage though LOL.
  9. Swellz

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    Yogi, I gotta ask - why are you trying to get your DNP? You make such a great argument not to
  10. Swellz

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    I paid about 68k in total in school loans. I owed about 15k from my first degree, 5k was interest accrued before payoff, and the difference was from my second-degree BSN program. I don't think I'll ever get a graduate degree if I have to take loans o...
  11. Swellz

    The damn flu shot and other required immunizations

    I once flew from FL to PA and back in a day to get fingerprinted in-state because that is what a health system required. I've had to get two PPD's in quick succession and gotten flu shots earlier than I thought was reasonable. I didn't understand the...
  12. Swellz

    What's it like in the VIP wing of a hospital?

    An old coworker of mine had to have emergency surgery when the hospital was full, so she was placed in one of our VIP suites! The pictures looked similar to the Penn suites - multiple rooms, balcony, kitchen, etc. The balcony with the call bell butto...
  13. Swellz

    Travel Nurse Corps

    I'd love to hear how it goes. I had tried to reach out and apply with them a couple years ago, but I couldn't get any follow up from them at the time. Also, if your handle is in fact your real name, you probably want to change it.
  14. Swellz

    Passed the PCCN 8/30/2020

    Thanks for the specifics!
  15. Swellz

    Blood draws vs. phlebotomists?

    My first job we only had phlebotomy overnight for daily labs, which were drawn at 0200. Any other peripheral labs were done by techs or nurses, and central line pulls were nurses only. Everywhere I have worked since has had 24/7 phlebotomy for all pe...