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Swellz has 6 years experience and specializes in oncology, MS/tele/stepdown.

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  1. Swellz

    No One Understands

    If you are unable to move out, which I do agree would be best, you need to talk to your family. I appreciate no one is offering to help, but taking it all on yourself and then feeling resentful and exhausted later is not a solution for you. Some people genuinely think staff who work nightshift get to sleep - is it that simple of a misunderstanding?
  2. Swellz

    RN providing total care for 4-5 patients

    I work on a unit that doesn't staff a tech unless we are short a nurse. So it's 4 patients, total care, or 5 patients, with a tech. Make just one of those patients a confused jumper, or start to circle the drain, or just have cdiff, and you don't have time to ambulate, bed bath, order food for, feed, toilet everyone (on top of nursing responsibilities) if you don't have a tech. I sympathize. I would certainly tell your manager how you feel, but I wouldn't hold your breath that anything will change, because it's all about the budget.
  3. I would keep it just in case, from an employment perspective. I hear your concerns and think an advisor in your medical school should be able to give you some insight.
  4. I think it's great you told them you need some time OP, but I think you set yourself up for the same problem by saying you can't work any more in November. You'll get another phone call December 1! Practice enforcing boundaries. You're no good to anyone if you're too exhausted for life.
  5. Swellz

    Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    Some hospitals require their PCTs (patient care technicians) to be EMTs. At my old hospital, our PCTs and CNAs had a very similar role, but the PCTs also drew labs and performed EKGs. You'd have to find out if hospitals in your area do things the same way, but that would explain why nurses could be advocating for EMT over CNA.
  6. Swellz

    Performance improvement plan woes

    What's the expectation after this two weeks is up? What are the goals for you to accomplish during this time? Is this person guiding you like an extension of orientation or looking for problems to report to the manager?
  7. Swellz

    Travel Nursing is Always an Adventure

    Yeah, then they say, "oh you're such a good nurse we thought you could handle it" like it's a compliment lol.
  8. Swellz

    Retirement account for travelers

    If you search this, I'm pretty sure Ned has answered this in the past. I haven't put anything in a retirement account as a traveler. I know that's not helpful, but it's true and you did ask lol. It was half that I didn't bother with setting up my own plan, and half that my husband and I are focused on paying down our mortgage so we didn't want to pull any money from my paycheck. But I'll be working another 30-35 years, so I anticipate having time to push those savings when we own our home.
  9. Swellz

    Differences between these: Tele, step down, and intermediate care

    As Ned said, it really varies by hospital. I've had as few as two and as many as five patients in the intermediate care/stepdown/PCU world. You're going to have to ask your recruiter for specifics. A lot of places will expect you to have vent experience.
  10. I've done it both ways at different facilities. I've also been told by pharmacists at different hospitals that I can't run vanco and zosyn together because the information is "inconclusive" as opposed to them being definitively incompatible. Just depends on where they are getting their information.
  11. Swellz

    medical spanish courses/classes

    Do you mind sharing where you took this through?
  12. Swellz

    What does a Brain Navigator do?

    I'm glad you asked this question. I see job postings like this periodically and don't really know the job function either, I've just never asked on here. Hope you get some answers.
  13. Swellz

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    Do you mind sharing where/when?
  14. Swellz

    Any travel nurses currently working in Richmond VA?

    Fb has a lot of travel nurse groups, and I'm betting there's ones specific to VA where you can find travel friends. IDK about Richmond specifically, but Charlottesville had a lot of travelers when I was there over the winter.
  15. Swellz

    Patients Who Pass Our Way

    We had this guy with recurrent lymphoma. Nicest man, real supportive family. We spent a couple weeks trying to get him discharged to rehab, but no one would take him because of having to shuttle him back and forth for chemo. So, we decided we'd bring rehab to him. Between nurses, CNAs, and PTs, this man got THERAPY. He was able to be discharged to home after the next cycle. He ultimately came back in a few more times before a being discharged to hospice, but when I think of him, I see remember him walking in the hallway with his wife, smiling.
  16. OP, by your recent posts, you seem to be having trouble deciding which way to go with your career. I get it. I actually started travel nursing when I didn't know what I wanted to do, and it was a fun diversion that taught me a lot about what I wanted and didn't want in a job. Most of your questions aren't answerable without more context. I recommend you read up on here or elsewhere about the realities of travel nursing and come back with more specific questions if you still have them.