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LibraNurse27 has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Community Health, Med/Surg, ICU Stepdown.

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  1. Med Error

    Have others given IV insulin on a Med/Surg floor? When I worked Med/Surg we had to transfer pts to Stepdown or ICU for IV insulin or insulin drip. I was very familiar with giving sub q insulin on Med/Surg but I needed further training when I transfer...
  2. Lack of acute care experience

    Do you want to try acute care again because you enjoyed it, or because you feel like you should? If it's the former, keep trying! Covid is still an issue, so some hospitals may not have the capacity to train new grads now, but maybe when things get b...
  3. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    Yes, and since I am not a talented athlete or entertainer, living in Silicon Valley has taught me that second best would have been becoming a software engineer, or better yet a venture capitalist! Unfortunately I also don't know how to do coding and ...
  4. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    I guess the country doesn't believe nurses will keep quitting, although the evidence seems clear. I am afraid it will get to the point where people will die because there is no one left to take care of them. For some reason some people are angry abou...
  5. Dear Nurse That wanted to know if pt had a bm... (venting)

    LOL! Exactly. Unless it's in a foot or neck, which I will be sure to let you know!
  6. U/s IV same arm as PICC

    I've had patients with a PICC line in the upper arm and a peripheral IV in the same arm in forearm/AC/hand. It wouldn't be in the way unless it's in the same vein they are going to use for PICC (usually basilic vein) or somewhere else in the upper ar...
  7. If you have a license that says RN, you're a real nurse!
  8. Burned Out?

    Surprisingly useful skill, I've found!
  9. Burned Out?

    I wish I had been given that exam! I definitely would have failed ?
  10. Burned Out?

    Exactly! I wish I knew this when I took my NCLEX. I answered 70 questions in 25 minutes and passed, yet I am currently on leave from work because I can't handle being a nurse. What would you suggest as a better way to determine if people are ready to...
  11. The Gap Between East Coast & West Coast Nursing

    CA is seen as the golden state for nurses (our state nickname is Golden State!), and is known as a beautiful, liberal place. I agree that it's the best state to be a nurse, and the natural beauty and architecture in parts of the state are amazing. Ho...
  12. The Gap Between East Coast & West Coast Nursing

    That's my experience too = ( No unit clerk, no CNAs, no transport, sometimes no lab techs. The ratios are great but when you're answering the phones, filing all paperwork, spending an hour at MRI with an unstable pt, doing total care for all your pat...
  13. Struggling With New Job

    It seems unreasonable to have you quickly orient to both adults and Peds and then be expected to work both independently. Peds is its own specialty with entirely different skills and med doses, diagnoses, dealing with parents, etc. I would NOT feel c...
  14. The Gap Between East Coast & West Coast Nursing

    I wish I could but I have only worked at one CA hospital and heard about a few others from friends. I think it depends on the unit, manager, and hospital. All CA hospitals are obligated to follow the ratios, except those that applied for emergency ex...
  15. Has anyone ever failed to meet the expectations for 2 jobs?

    Once on psych meds it can be hard to get off, due to dependence and withdrawal. I tried to taper down on my own when I was running out and when I felt my high dose of lamictal was affecting my memory/concentration. Doing it alone while working was st...

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