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  1. KrysyRN

    Half the class expelled... help.

    How did the other half of the class manage to remain enrolled? Just curious but were you originally threatened with clinical failure for not doing the quizzes? Did you have the other students' and your paperwork showing completion of the quizzes (that was legible) that you could have physically handed to the dean instead of faxing it? Was he basing dismissal on the faxes he received or the actual physical paperwork you had in your possession?
  2. KrysyRN

    HELP PLEASE LPN NCLEX out of school 2 years

    Consider going back to your nursing school's library (or any college that has a nursing school in your area) and reviewing NCLEX-PN study guides. You also may be able to find these guides in your local library. Check if there is an inter-library loan program where you are able to have books delivered from other libraries (including college and university libraries) in your state to your local library.
  3. KrysyRN

    Cover Letter Help!

    Sent an IM to you!
  4. KrysyRN

    shadowing on the unit before accepting position

    Yes, absolutely.
  5. Have you tried Quizlet? There is another similar website, but I don't recall its name.
  6. KrysyRN

    Resume Heading Arrangement

    Switch the spots for Volunteer Service and Education. If your Education is less than five years old, it would be placed above Professional Experience. Resume guidelines are never set in stone. The order and content of the sections usually goes by what is popular with or desired by recruiters/hiring managers at the present.
  7. KrysyRN

    Thinking of changing majors, need advice from nurses

    Have you thought about shadowing an OB nurse or lactation educator? Or techs? Hospitals in your area may offer opportunities to shadow, and it may help you to narrow down the areas that you feel are best suited for you.
  8. KrysyRN

    Would you put a convention you attended on a resume?

    You would never be wrong to add this to your resume. I would recommend using the heading "Professional Development" if you do discuss it there. However, I think a better place to discuss the convention is in your cover letter.
  9. KrysyRN

    Compact Help!

    Hello, If you do a search on nurse.org for "How To Upgrade Your Nursing License To An eNLC In 2018", I think you'll find answers to your questions. I also found a bunch of info on the Florida BON website (floridanursing.gov). Search "Nurse Compact FAQs".
  10. KrysyRN

    Back to school? (LVN to RN RIGHT after my LVN Program)

    I'm not in CA but was enrolled in two different bridge programs (LPN to AD-RN, then AD-RN to BSN). Nursing schools will definitely, and probably primarily, look at your practical nurse/vocational nursing school grades. If you have a few schools in mind where you would like to bridge, you may want to take a look at the school's application, and qualifications for admission, on the school's website. You may be able to see how heavily your PN/VN courses weigh against the pre-req courses you've taken. Some schools award points based on your grades and activities and use the total number to rank your position for admission. Good luck!
  11. KrysyRN

    Need help with pediatric question please

    What does your drug handbook tell you to do?
  12. A faster more accurate way to get the info you need is to go to the CA BON site (rn.ca.gov) for lists of approved associates and baccalaureate degree programs [do a search for 'Pre-licensure RN programs' on the site]. The lists indicate which schools are private. You'll also find the links to these schools with their addresses and phone numbers. Your best next steps should be to call or email the nursing departments at each school you're interested in to see if they allow multiple repeats of required general ed courses. This info may also be available in a school's nursing department web page under "Qualifications for Admission" or similar wording. Research the accreditation of schools that interest you and double check on this. This is an important step for any student that wants to apply to a nursing program. From what I understand, not all BON-approved nursing schools are accredited, and some schools may be a bit creative with their description of their (non)accreditation, leading you to believe they are indeed accredited. Good luck!
  13. KrysyRN


    If you took care of family members out of state, you could add that to your "Work Experience" section of your resume. Something like this: Caregiver (November 2018 - December 2018). City, State Provided in-home care to elderly family members. Responsibilities included medication set-up, meal preparation, and transportation to and from medical appointments. For hurricane disaster relief, if that was provided on a voluntary basis, you would want to add a section to your resume titled "Volunteer Work" and describe the work the same way as above. I'd recommend leaving off all the other activities, including the care you provided to your dog [I'm very sorry about his/her illness ].
  14. KrysyRN

    Resume Advice Wanted

    I found a lot of good info on websites about how to address a gap on a resume or cover letter related to medical issues. Try searching "explain an illness-related medical gap" or "unemployment gaps on your resume due to illness". From what I've read, you'd want to state in your cover letter that you had a brief [or other descriptive word] illness, but you've recovered, and you're ready to return to the workforce. You also want to include anything else you might have done during the gap, such as childcare, household finances, read nursing journals, etc.
  15. KrysyRN

    Should I add this to my resume?

    Yes, I would recommend adding this to your resume. I would put it under your "Work Experience" section. Example: Caregiver (June 2019 to Present) Anytown, Any State Provide home health care to elderly family member. Responsibilities include assistance with oxygen equipment, wheelchair mobility, light housekeeping, and food preparation.
  16. KrysyRN

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    I worked for an organization (not a hospital but a 24/7 operation) that worked us to death during our scheduled shifts but compensated us to the point that we felt like we were given winning scratch off tickets when we picked up a few hours of overtime. Not only did they give us a lump sum for a certain amount of hours extra that we worked [typically $50 for every two to three hours], but they also mailed us cash cards [anywhere from $150 to $300] within a week or two as a bonus. Nurses would jump at the chance to work for the extra cash. We would obsessively check the "extra time board" waiting for hours to appear. On top of this, we were told that they were keeping track of hours of extra time that each nurse worked each year. It would affect our yearly raise. During our yearly eval, we not only got a raise, but we were given an extra bonus AGAIN for picking up extra hours throughout the year. Another way our scheduler lured us in to working extra time was by splitting shifts into smaller blocks of time, such as 2- or 4-hour blocks, instead of full shifts. This worked really well.

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