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Ruby Vee has 40 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU, Precepting & Teaching.

Ruby Vee has roughly four decades of nursing experience, primarily in ICU.  She has worked on the east coast, on the west coast and in the midwest.  

Original Member of the Crusty Old Bat Society,

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  1. Ruby Vee

    Mispronunciations That Drive You Nuts

    Had a patient keep asking for a peecan one Thanksgiving. Physician brought him a slice of pecan pie from the nurse's potluck. What the patient WANTED was a urinal.
  2. Ruby Vee

    Is this New Grad Residency Program...normal?

    My favorite shift was . . . rotating. There are plusses to working day shift — you're on the same shift as the rest of the world. You get to learn more, because you're around when the cardiology team rounds or the neuro team explains intrathecal in...
  3. Ruby Vee

    Is nursing burn out really that bad?

    Understaffing seems to go in cycles -- but the pandemic may have skewed the cycles. It also seems to be somewhat facility-related. I've had jobs that were chronically understaffed, and others that were rarely so. When you interview for jobs, you a...
  4. Ruby Vee

    Crusty Old Bats

    When I first started nursing back in the 70s, the Crusty Old Bats were discussing cleaning and sharpening their own hypodermic needles after giving an injection. We didn't have unit dose, so we "prepared our med pass" by taking the required do...
  5. Ruby Vee

    Patients Filming You

    I went to great lengths to hide from the ex-husband who tried to murder me. I moved a few thousand miles, changed my last name AND my first name and educated my family about NOT giving out any contact information to ANYONE. I informed all my friend...
  6. Ruby Vee

    The Wage Gap Myth

    Objectively — each males I had shared paycheck stubs with had several years fewer experience as a nurse. (Roughly five years fewer.) One of the males had prior experience on an oil rig, driving a tow truck and as a dock worker. He worked sporadic...
  7. Ruby Vee

    Having A Nurse As A Patient

    Good to be seen!
  8. Ruby Vee

    Having A Nurse As A Patient

    The term is "Crusty Old Bats" as I recall, and I am proud to be one. As far as too damn old to work bedside, I'm still at the bedside, because that's where I want to be. Sadly, though, I think the attitude that we're irrelevant and disposable becau...
  9. The "horribleness" of nursing is, I believe, a matter of opinion. I have a job with flexible hours, I work indoors instead of outdoors in 106 degree or below zero weather. I have good benefits, a stable job and the flexibility to move anywhere in t...
  10. You've packed a lot into one post. First, you called the physician without adequate vital signs, and you knew your equipment was faulty. You don't really know what her temperature was. You don't report vital signs unless you know (or have reas...
  11. Ruby Vee

    A Conundrum

    Speaking as someone whose mother was involuntarily admitted to geri-pysch, I'm thinking that refusing treatment is not the same brand of self-harm as suicidal ideation. Mom had Alzheimer's. Her special brand of crazy at that point in her Alzh...
  12. When did you retire?
  13. Ruby Vee

    When You Receive a Warning at Work

    The floor does IV KCl?
  14. Ruby Vee

    Anxiety Makes Me Want to Quit

    90 year olds die. Especially very sick 90 year olds. I doubt very much it had anything to do with you administering meds through his G-tube. (Even if they were the wrong meds, unless you made an egregious error. As for egregious errors -- you are ...
  15. Ruby Vee

    Having A Nurse As A Patient

    Not true. Persons who behave like the south end of a north bound donkey make the worst patients, and they can be employed in any industry.