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Hi all,

I've been a nurse for 3 years, and have yet to find shoes that don't hurt my feet. 

Please suggest the best brands and types of shoes for nursing. Thank you!


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It's going to really depend on your feet...I'm a fan of nurses doing one of those foot and gait evaluations that are offered at running stores.

I only wear sneakers, so for my feet that are flatter than a monitor showing asystole and like to roll a bit, I get Danskos since they have the arch support built in. I've also used running shoes from the aforementioned stores.

Key is to have a second pair to rotate and replace them regularly, like once a year or whenever they feel like they aren't giving support anymore. Also to not go with the cheapest / quickest: spend time trying shoes on and actually moving around in them to see how everything feels.

Why I stopped wearing Crocs and clogs - they wouldn't stay on my feet and I didn't feel comfortable moving quickly in them.

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     I laugh sometimes because new or newer nurses always seem to gravitate to Danskos as they seem to have become almost a fashion statement for medical professionals.  I'm a RN of thirty years and as a bedside nurse, have worn almost every shoe available.  Danskos are a very heavy, stiff shoe with little plantar cushion and have a pronounced heel elevation that can easily roll an ankle; not at all designed for fast-paced walking or standing.  I would steer you in the direction of a light weight, supportive sneaker.  I think over the long term, you (and your feet) will be happier

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I did find a Dansko clog that has a lower heel and is a little more flexible than the others (I think it's called the Nora). I like it much more than other Dansko clogs; as a previous poster said, I can't move very fast in them, and sometimes you need to move fast.

I also love these sneakers by Skechers; very comfy and easy to wipe down after those messier shifts: These have been my go-to for a couple years now.

I also had a great pair from NurseMates years ago, but I can't remember exactly what they were, and I don't know that they make that particular shoe anymore. ? But I bought them online without ever trying them on, and they were terrific.

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Go to "The Good Feet Store" in person, you can Google and find one close to you. They measure your feet and do all this stuff with your posture, and how ask you about your job etc....and will set you up with what shoes you should be wearing. Really helpful!! A bit pricey, but the shoes I got are amazing!

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I am not a Dansko fan - have never figured that one out.

But I am loving my Allegria Duette shoes. So comfortable, good arch support. I've noticed several other coworkers have also started wearing them. I bought them in both red and black.

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I am overweight and have big feet. I used to use Keen for all my foot needs (they fit awesome) but with my new job, I decided to try some sneakers. The important things for me are having a good size toe box, having very loose fit over my foot and walking support. I find that my shoes last about a year of work.


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I love my Danskos. I've tried other shoes and always come back to them. They are a little on the heavy side, but I feel grounded in them and can definitely run in them - although it's an acquired skill. And they eventually mold to my feet, I have a high arch and they're the only shoes that rise to the challenge to meet my feet where they're at.

But not for everyone, that's for sure.

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Sketchers, Sketchers and Sketchers!! Works so well for me. I make sure I buy those with enough support; plus I usually use three and rotate them as oppose to using the same one over 6 months


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Kurus. Built in arch support. I’ve never needed to break them in and wore them for the whole 12 hours. Be very wary of clog type shoes. If you fall, they don’t bend like a regular shoe. So many rolled, broken ankles. While wearing clogs, I slipped in water on a marble floor and shattered my patella. Off of work for 6 months and permanent disability. They also cause toe deformities. I hate clogs, LOL. And I wore the old fashioned wood ones for 20 years. 

I wear Merrell shoes and swear by them. I have flat, wide feet and find that they provide the best overall support. Typically my merrells last about a year. I have several pairs but for bedside I wear the jungle moc. 

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I liked the comment that mentioned going to a store and getting your feet evaluated! Getting the right shoes might save you time lost and surgery if you have foot problems. I loved my Danskos (nearly flat feet here), but was having dryness issues and cracking. Tennis shoes seemed to not be as hard on my toes. I bought Cloves and wore them without arch supports. My flat feet were already in trouble because I jumped at a trampoline park (like an idiot) a year ago. Tendonitis. It broke finally and surgery was needed. Both feet are still so flat I'm not supposed to walk barefoot ANYWHERE. It's Vionic or arch supports from here on out. Lucky the arch supports fit in my Cloves

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