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  1. Spinmass

    Acute Dialysis - What do you use to carry your supplies?

    Most of it is attached to our machines as well but things have a habit of growing legs and I dont want to be caught without it. Biomed does a good job with pre-filters and carbon blocks but if poor flow can be an easy quick fix.
  2. Spinmass


    Scott all the way. Keep that septic and pump up working properly.
  3. Spinmass

    RN PAY dialysis

    In Mass I made 40/hr plus 2/hr acute diff before becoming a manager. I have 3 years in HD. The Carolinas do pay significantly less.
  4. Spinmass

    Capstone on a Transplant/Dialysis Floor

    ESA's, various Fe options, anti rejection meds, abx dosing in renal impairment. Different types of access, various RRT modalities and their uses. Wouldn't hurt to study apheresis as well. This is not an inclusive list, best of luck with your capstone.
  5. Spinmass

    Acute Dialysis - What do you use to carry your supplies?

    I went to lowes and got a water proof Milwaukee bag that is just a little larger than a bank deposit bag. It holds my two hose connectors, screw driver, o-rings, pre filter wrench, new unopened blue clamps. I think that's it. Just remember whatever you bring in to patient room needs to be bleached on the way out so get something sturdy
  6. Spinmass

    Help! I hate my Littmann lightweight!!

    I love my cards three! I had an SE II before and i have noticed a huge difference. That being said I have heard good things about ADC cards series
  7. We have a staff patient ratio of 1:3. We currently have one ISO patient so must have two nurses on at the time he is running. Acuity is considered at time of admission and re-evaluated during care plan meeting and or d/c from hospital stay. We have denied admission to patients based on acuity but it is subject, totality of circumstances, not based on a specific scale.
  8. Spinmass

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts

    I work two 16's and a 12 with OT every week and I love it! I get four days off a week and time to spend with my family.
  9. Spinmass

    Schedulewise...any advice??

    We have had schedulewise for about 3 months and so far I am mostly happy with it. That being said our ratio is 1:3 with one nurse unassigned who can basically bounce between staff and help with turnover, emerge dice etc. When we do not have that unassigned nurse, I find it very difficult to get much done. It'll be 11 at night and I've been in the clinic since 430 am and I'm still trying to finish K+ and Eli algorithm..
  10. Spinmass

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    I actually made out pretty well. I got Starbucks most of the week, ice cream for the week, lunch one day and then a camelback water bottle personalized.
  11. Spinmass

    Tips for Cannulation?

    I haven't had issues locating new AVF's but I have had difficulty locating new AVG's especially deep in the thigh or upper arm, I will listen around the area and then mark out a path that I can follow. It hasn't steered me wrong yet. I listen to just about every access before I cannulate anyhow but especially with new access's. As the previous poster mentioned, FistulaFirst is a great resource.
  12. Spinmass

    New grad first job-Is this the norm in nursing??

    I started as a new nurse in HD, the company I work for provided a thorough training program. I truly enjoy my job but it is very fast paced and busy. Several nurses that I graduated with have had similar experiences as yours in LTC. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a job that will provide you adequate training.
  13. Spinmass

    What's In A Name Badge?

    I worked for a hospital several years ago that only allowed RN on the badge unless you were "credentialed" staff and then you got a different color badge with your degree/certs listed. where I work now they will put BSN,RN on your badge only if you are charge or above. Staff RN don't get BSN on the badge.
  14. Spinmass

    How long after interview did you receive job offer?

    Holy old thread revival ! I would check the spam folder for the email address you provided. I was in the same boat you are and then found the email sitting in my spam box.
  15. So while your getting all nostalgic and remembering the good ol days, I am just starting dialysis and appreciate the link for the video. I will be sure to use more Khan academy videos.
  16. Spinmass

    Mass Job Market...

    The western part of Massachusetts with the exception of BayState in Springfield seem to be more apt to except ASN. As you move east it gets harder but there are still plenty of jobs available. My understanding is that mass pays better than ct as well.