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  1. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Good for you! Sounds like it was a toxic culture in 2003 and is still a toxic culture. Good luck on your job search!
  2. Jeff, are you done the cape? I'm in Northeast CT and we are basically giving away jobs through Northeast CT and Worcester. However, I just heard from a friend the other day that an ED position in the Framingham area was offering a relative new grad 5...
  3. Stoles & Cords for Pinning?

    I have never seen graduation regalia worn for nurse pinning. Pinning is the ceremonial culmination of transferring from a student to a nurse and I would imagine that most programs want that to be relatively uniform among the students. Whereas graduat...
  4. Heparin Practices

    When I transitioned from OP to IP dialysis, I was also befuddled by the lack of heparin orders. Four years later and I have had very few times that it would have been beneficial. In those instances, I am able to flush the system, add to the goal and ...
  5. Can we talk about "fashion" scrubs vs "scrubby" scrubs?

    I am an RN in inpatient dialysis and PMHNP student. Typically I rock the OR scrubs.... Purely because I can wear street clothes to the hospital, throw on scrubs get my work done and change out and be clean(er) again. I have access to a shower if I ne...
  6. Expel air from pre-filled NESP injection?

    I can't imagine a reason that you would not want to remove the air prior to administering the medication. Realistically if you are administering IV through the HD machine any air is just going to get caught in the chamber, however a large enough bubb...
  7. Make sure you consult a tax attorney knowledgeable in foreign remote work. It can be done but you need to consider what kind of visa you have when visiting and if the host country will let you work and what business structure, tax implications may be...
  8. Any recommendations for liability / malpractice insurance?

    I have NSO. I have never had to use it and hope I never have to. I am about to add a second policy as a student NP. It is short money for peace of mind.
  9. Switching Careers from Nursing because I hate it so much

    I have always said that every job and profession has its *** and it just a matter of which *** you want to deal with. I work in inpatient dialysis and you could not pay me enough to be a floor nurse or ICU nurse. I became a nurse after a 15 year care...
  10. Best shoes for nursing

    I wear Merrell shoes and swear by them. I have flat, wide feet and find that they provide the best overall support. Typically my merrells last about a year. I have several pairs but for bedside I wear the jungle moc.
  11. An FQHC is an incredibly vulnerable population to be spreading misinformation to. That nurse should have a license review by the BON... It is one thing to no get vaccinated (dumb I know) it is a complete different game to jeopardize the health and sa...
  12. RN patient ratio in dialysis

    When I first started in the clinic, I was usually unencumbered with 5 PCT each with 1:3 assignment. However at times when it got short, I would have a 3 patient assignment and 4 techs with me. I have always thought of OP dialysis as factory dialysis,...
  13. Massachusetts now has Full Practice Authority

    I am from MA and now live in CT right on the MA border and also never thought it would happen. I am glad that practicing in MA will be an option when I am done with school.
  14. Psych NP education vs CRNA

    As I was researching my DNP options, it did seem to me that overall CRNA programs are a better breed of program. They all seem to be more squared away and sticking to a core set of standards. With that said, I found a PMHNP program that appears to ha...
  15. Is it normal for nurses to enjoy hunting??

    I live on a lake, I fish everyday in the Summer. I have no qualms about it. I don't hunt because it is not my cup of tea but I work with several nurses, male and female that routinely hunt. I do enjoy foxhunting but in my part of the country its all ...