What do you do with scrubs/shoes when leaving work?

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Do you carry a change of clothes and double-bag your clothes and shoes - and maybe leave shoes in trunk but take scrubs inside home (while still bagged) to be washed?

Do you change in your garage? Please comment on what you do or believe is the best practice to stay safe.

Thanks in advance

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I was discussing this in another forum tonight and someone posted this handy cheat sheet - hopefully I attached it okay ?

Most people have decided to shower at work, then walk to their cars placing their work shoes in a plastic tub in the boot, using hand sanitiser through the process of leaving and arriving home. Dirty clothes are bagged and kept in a tub in the garage until washed at >60 degrees.

Also wiping down swipe cards, stethoscope, fob watches, pens etc before leaving.

I really wish they would wash our uniforms inhouse rather than us taking them home. Also, not enough showering/locker facilities which sux. Hope something here helps.

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Awesome- thanks! I looked for similar information before posting so I wasn’t duplicating questions, but apparently I overlooked this.

Thanks for sharing!

Yikes sorry posted in the wrong thread ?

What about hair? I have textured ethnic hair and hate the thought of washing it every day and always hated getting it stuck in the mask elastic. How often are OR caps used? I've seen some in pictures.

You could try a couple of stylish beanies and use them like work wear (wash and wear). I've used these at times but I'm not sure if you can find them cheap now...

I lysol my shoes, leave them at the door. Strip naked and have scrubs in washer then jump into shower.

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Thanks everyone for your input. It’s so important to stay safe and keep our family safe, with this virus running rampant. It’s good to establish a routine.
I have mostly worked in home health, with the exception of working on a med/surg floor about 10 years ago, and I’ve just been offered a similar job. I want to be extra careful.

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