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  1. Sabu

    Worried I'm Not Aggressive Enough To Be A Nurse

    I worry about this too. I'm direct and assertive when I need to be but I hate conflict- like physically hate it.
  2. Sabu

    Riots in Minneapolis

    Seeing how violent the police have been in response to all of this is really more troubling than anything the protestors have done so far, for me. Also unpopular opinion but, MLK is not the be all end all of the civil rights movement. There were plen...
  3. Wait so this would negate parental consent? That's malarkey.
  4. Sabu

    A&P l in Summer or no

    I second that it's going to be difficult because of the faster pace. But if you read your textbook/take good notes and review consistently- and it's also the only class you're taking, I think you should go for it. Good luck!
  5. Sabu

    Cna question

    Hi all. I want to get a cna training/certification done. The only place still training has moved all classroom training online and clinicals will be performed in their onsite skills lab. I'm wondering if I should wait until we can do hands on clinica...
  6. Sabu

    What do you do with scrubs/shoes when leaving work?

    Yikes sorry posted in the wrong thread 🙈