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Cna question

by Sabu Sabu (New) New Pre-Student

Hi all. I want to get a cna training/certification done. The only place still training has moved all classroom training online and clinicals will be performed in their onsite skills lab. I'm wondering if I should wait until we can do hands on clinicals with real patients and in classroom training or if I should just go for it? Any advice appreciated.

AlissaTaylor13, CNA

Has 4 years experience.

I think that you should just go for it. When you get a job you will get more hands on training before you are on your own! Plus, when I did my CNA clinicals awhile ago I just remember we were all too scared to do things on our own and clinicals are so short that you don't learn much. I felt way more confident with the on-the-job training!

Missingyou, CNA

Specializes in Long term care. Has 20 years experience.

Go for it. As I remember, there is the way they teach you in CNA training & then there is the real world.

You will get real life training at any place when you are hired once you pass the test.

Our facility is now doing on the job training which, pre covid19 was unthinkable at our facility.

Hi, I was wondering what CNA program you're going into? I, myself am also in the process of trying to find other programs as many of the programs near me require being physically in class and overlap with my current schedule for school. I see there are a lot of online CNA programs but am not sure if they are legit/ accredited