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Missingyou has 20 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Long term care.

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  1. Missingyou

    COVID-19: Suspected Abuse of Systems

    I work in long term care. The latest challenge our facility is facing is staff taking advantage of systems put in place to protect our residents & staff. While it can't really be proven, it appears that some staff are calling in to report potential exposure to covid. They are then put on leave for 10 days no further questions asked.. There is no disciplinary action. Problem is, there are more than a handful staff who have reported potential exposure 4 & 5 times now. They all have tested negative at our mandatory testing which happens 2x' s a week. Apparently, it's a good way to get a vacation which, at our facility is always denied due to staffing shortages. Do you see this problem where you work? Would you do it to get time off after working chronic overtime with no time off in sight?
  2. Hmmm, at our LTC we get mandatory tested 2x a week. If miss even one test (regardless of reason) we get suspended, as in disciplinary action, until we have a test that returns negative. Each test not taken is considered as if it were a call out & 8 call outs in a year means termination. We lost 32 residents in 5 weeks this past Spring. Several staff were hospitalized, many more were out sick. One staff lost her husband shortly after having covid19 herself. If someone just sniffles they are put in quarantine for 14 days.
  3. Missingyou

    COVID-19: LTC Advice!

    We were hit hard In the Spring. Of 120 residents, we lost 32 to covid & 66 tested positive, most with symptoms bad enough to land them in the hospital. At that time we closed off all units with plastic so wandering residents ( or staff ) couldn't easily enter the units. Each unit had its own breakdown & staff bathroom. Kitchen/laundry staff not allowed on units. We hand to receive/ deliver such items to fire exit doors for pick up. I agree with above, no matter how careful you are, you will get covid. Nursing homes just don't have access to proper protection like hospitals do. There is not one single staff in that building who have been there since the beginning that hasn't tested positive at sometime. If I knew then what I know now, I would have left the nursing home back in March when our 1st resident tested positive & worked in either home care or hospital. The only reason I stay now is because I've had covid & the majority of staff & residents have had it. We have been completely "covid free" for more than 6 weeks.
  4. Missingyou

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    Last week we were told the vaccine would be mandatory in our nursing home for all staff. Today, we were told it is NOT going to be mandatory AND they are offering $50 to anyone who gets the vaccine NOW while we have first stabs at it.
  5. Some logic I've heard in our nursing home is: if every resident is required to get the vaccine, why force every staff to get it. If the facility's plan is to protect the residents and all the residents are vaccinated...........mission accomplished without staff being vaccinated.
  6. At our long term car facility we already told It WILL be mandatory unless we provide a doctor's note, same as with the flu vaccine. So far, I don't know of any employee willing to take it. Including upper management. Many have said they will quit & go to lesser paid nursing facilities that won't require it.
  7. Missingyou

    Five Months Later, Where is the PPE?

  8. Missingyou

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    Flu vaccine is and always has been mandatory where I work for both staff & patients.
  9. Missingyou

    Five Months Later, Where is the PPE?

    Still an issue in mid Michigan. I work in a nursing home. There are currently 0 cases in our facility but, residents are in & out for apptts (dialysis, etc) & New patients arrive almost daily. We wear KN 95 masks x5 shifts. It is OK to wear exam masks if we do not come in contact with a new patient or one that has been in the community. It's wrong there are still not enough PPE for us. At the 1st hint of covid returning to our facility, I'm done. I've saved up enough $ from working 60+ hours a week at the height of the infection rate at our facility to get me thru financially til Spring.......I risked my health & my families health & they can't /won't protect me or the patients.....NOT going thru that again, not ever.
  10. Missingyou

    Wanting to Quit my Covid-19 job

    So, if an error is made and the patient is harmed as a result.....who will be found to be negligent? .....the DON? Hospital administrators? Someone in the ED ?? .....I'm guessing, in the end, they will point at the RN & call neglect or malpractice. There will be no mention of being over worked, overwhelmed with less than 12 months experience.
  11. Missingyou

    Workplace Safety and PPE

    I work in LTC. We are one of the hardest hit facilities in our county. Never once have I worn or seen any other caregiver wear ANYTHING other than a KN 95 mask & face shield and gown/gloves when giving care to a person positive for the virus. What's more unnerving is that we removed the gown, shield & gloves, placed them at the door for reuse (x 5 days). Leaving the mask on and continue on to the next patient who may or may not have the virus. We wear THE SAME MASK for 5 shifts in a row....be it 8 or 12 hour shifts. A nurse dates each mask before giving it to us. We continue to have people test positive. I am pretty sure they mistranslated the guidelines for PPE during this pandemic.....which is less "safe" than what we were doing for contact precautions pre covid 19. I question why I risk my health & that of my family. I did get sick at the very beginning & it really frightened me & my family. A coworker lost her husband who likely got it from her when she brought it home. I am currently looking for another job along with most of my coworkers who haven't left already. I just can't do this again when the virus hits hard again this Fall.
  12. Missingyou

    Still a PPE shortage?

    So, I just read on 3M website, a company that makes N95 masks, As of June 2020 they have tripled their production of masks to 95 million a MONTH. A third of which are going to other countries.
  13. Missingyou

    Still a PPE shortage?

    It's hard for me to believe that now, at the end of June, there is STILL a shortage of PPE. I work in a long term care facility where we wear a KN 95 mask ( not fit tested, doesn't fit properly) for 5 12- hour shifts. We go in to care for covid19 positive residents & come out wearing the same mask, hang the gown on the outside of the door to reuse for 5 days & then enter the next non covid resident room to give care, wearing the SAME mask, not changing it at all. ......and they are wondering why our facility has the highest positive & death rate in the entire area of the state. So, is there a shortage in a small town USA?
  14. Missingyou

    CNA's always on their cell phones

    At the LTC I work at, you will NEVER see a cna on their cell phone.....EVER. That's because if we are caught with a cell phone or any other electronic device while on the schedule we will be fired on the spot. No warning. We don't even have to be using the device. If it's spotted on us, or even heard ringing while in our locker, we are done. We can leave our phones in our cars & check them while on our lunch breaks only. If someone needs to contact me, they have to call the facility, just like they did in the olden days. Works like a charm...and we are one of the top facilities in the entire state.
  15. Missingyou

    Overwhelmed, inexperienced CNA advice

    OMG. Run, don't walk from that place! First, 13 patients should have been about your max amount. If there is no care plan on the patient to outline the care needed, you should not be giving care as it puts you & the patient at risk in so many ways. You should NOT be transferring patients alone especially if it is not clearly documented on HOW it's to be done (1assist, 2 assist, mechanical lift, etc.). Clearly this facility is in desperate need of CNA's which is why you were thrown in without training. Do NOT work another shift without at LEAST 3 days of training. You can bet that if something happens, a patient falls, family complains, you will be responsible. They WILL throw you "under the bus" to protect themselves....guaranteed.
  16. Missingyou

    New and feeling discouraged (vent)

    LTC is very busy. I forget things too & I've been doing it for more than 20 yrs. I have a notebook & sometimes I forget to look at it! It takes time & practice & it takes longer than 3 months. You need to get to know the people you take care of. What works for another CNA May not work for you. This resident may not like you for no good reason other than you are new. Do your best, it's all you can do.