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Missingyou has 20 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Long term care.

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  1. Missingyou

    Home Health Nursing and Covid - better or worse?

    I only work a few hours a week in home care. The agency I work for does NOT require staff going into a home to wear any mask. I do wear a mask the entire time. I also work in a nursing home that was devastated by covid early on. .....and no, my curr...
  2. Missingyou

    Was this a wrong approach?

    If it worked, then it was the perfect thing to say. If you told them them truth, it probably would have agitated them. Other things that have worked: °it's snowing out & the roads are bad, we're all staying here tonight. ( I say thi...
  3. Missingyou

    CNA and Social Anxiety

    It is generally difficult to communicate with residents of a nursing home because of the reasons why they are there, dementia, etc. It will just take time and experience to learn how to better communicate with them. As far as making small talk (...
  4. Missingyou

    COVID-19: Suspected Abuse of Systems

    I work in long term care. The latest challenge our facility is facing is staff taking advantage of systems put in place to protect our residents & staff. While it can't really be proven, it appears that some staff are calling in to rep...
  5. Hmmm, at our LTC we get mandatory tested 2x a week. If miss even one test (regardless of reason) we get suspended, as in disciplinary action, until we have a test that returns negative. Each test not taken is considered as if it were a call out &...
  6. Missingyou

    COVID-19: LTC Advice!

    We were hit hard In the Spring. Of 120 residents, we lost 32 to covid & 66 tested positive, most with symptoms bad enough to land them in the hospital. At that time we closed off all units with plastic so wandering residents ( or staff ) co...
  7. Missingyou

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    Last week we were told the vaccine would be mandatory in our nursing home for all staff. Today, we were told it is NOT going to be mandatory AND they are offering $50 to anyone who gets the vaccine NOW while we have first stabs at it.
  8. Some logic I've heard in our nursing home is: if every resident is required to get the vaccine, why force every staff to get it. If the facility's plan is to protect the residents and all the residents are vaccinated...........mission accomplished w...
  9. At our long term car facility we already told It WILL be mandatory unless we provide a doctor's note, same as with the flu vaccine. So far, I don't know of any employee willing to take it. Including upper management. Many have said they will qui...
  10. Missingyou

    Can't get covid at work

    In April, when I had covid, my employer contacted me to tell me they were filing workers comp on my behalf to ensure the claim would be approved. Fast forward to today: we are on our own if we test positive. So far, the 4 staff who tested posit...
  11. Missingyou

    KN95 mask?

    Uh, if I refuse to take covid patients until they provide me with a "proper" mask they would insist the reused KN95 IS within Guidelines. If I refused, they escort me off the premises & I'm without a job..... I work in a nursing home with seniors...
  12. Missingyou

    KN95 mask?

    This facility IS following "acceptable" guidelines.....acceptable to whom, I don't know...
  13. Missingyou

    covid related job questions

    LTC we cannot force any resident to wear one if they refuse. Even when they are out socializing in the hall which, they do all the time since we can't force them to stay in their rooms. ...and when they wander into the covid unit down the hall they a...
  14. Missingyou

    LTC Covid Care, or I am Legend by default

    Been there, done that this past Spring as a CNA at a long term facility. It won't get any better. And be prepared.....you will surely get covid yourself & likely bring it to your family. Hate to be a "Debbie downer" but, it's the honest trut...
  15. Missingyou

    Standard COVID Precautions

    It seems things are very different in a nursing home than in a hospital setting. We wear the same non fit tested KN 95 mask x 5 shifts regardless of which type of unit, covid positive or otherwise. Only just recently we have been required to we...

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