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  1. As a fellow traveler, I can weigh in a bit here...It's not that the story is fiction (it is ******* hilarious tho!) it's just that it does feel like the request and deadlines that are put on you when you decide to say "yes" to a new assignment can make you feel as though you've been run over by a truck. Keep in mind that you have plenty of time available while your agent is searching for your next assignment, to send in any new or expired items. However if Have Nurse is anything like me she's been keeping her recruiters and HR up to date with any new certs licenses, etc. as they come in.. But for some reason.. It all seems to be misplaced or never received once you are about to start something new and usually you have 48 hours to send it ALL in again. Not to mention the drug screen place that you have 1 hour to get to once you say yes ha! But i digress.. All in all it's not for everybody.. You just have to have your stuff organized and ready to send in again with each and every assignment.. Just saying