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  1. HiddenAngels

    Send A Message To The World Contest | Nurses Week

    My message is for my Mama, and everybody else, but mostly my MOM!! MOM!! I miss you so so much. I miss hugging you and kissing you and going out to dinner with you to all those fancy places you like to go to just so you talk about "back in my day and complain about how things are now" only to later on tell everyone how much fun we had!! HA! To my sister! Since the coronavirus started you keep sending me gifts and words of encouragement and I could never ever thank you for the ways that you are thinking of me...I love you. To my Brother! No matter how many times you text "I love you Sis, stay safe".. I love you MORRRREEEE!!! To my FRIENDS! I am going to go out to breakfast and drinks with you more more more even if my legs fall off from standing all shift!! I could go on but just writing this made me feel good. I know I will see my friends and family soon... To ALL NURSES on ALLNURSES: HAPPY NURSES WEEK! I'm glad we are all here together!
  2. HiddenAngels

    If Truth Be Told...

    When I first came to this profession there were a lot of nurses who warned me to be careful "nurses eat their young".. Surely being a buck I didn't know what to expect but I learned fast... I was outed for not using the dictionary of terms in the alaris pump but instead starting the fluids as "fluids" with the correct rate and volume in an emergency situation but never going back to type in the words...ooops. But that nurse told the boss floor mgr who didn't do anything so then she went above that manager and so on and so on. How humiliating for me and stupid. Yes stupid now that I look back on it. She could have just said don't forget to program the drug in there... I would never do that to a new nurse.. That was an excellent teaching moment...I said this to say we have to work together... As for our profession, with all due respect, I believe the general consensus is that people see it as a subservient role, I should say some people, not all. It is because of this that we are EXPECTED to suffer. This expectation is what allows us to be overlooked, undervalued, and sometimes not appreciated. Not fair, I know, but somewhere along the lines we need to see some policy change that reflects and respects how instrumental and pertinent our well-conceived vocations are with the work that we do as we continue to shape the framework for healthcare.
  3. HiddenAngels

    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    Ah ha ha! Who redelivered this baby in 2020... These are POST GOLD!! I am on here dying at yall!! "only a jerk would drag someone away from admiring a baby"...Nurse SMS😅 "write down her assignment in her Special Special Notebook"..Waiting for Retirement😴 "Tardy Marty"..Wuzzie😍 "I might say, "I've got five minutes to be out the door and then point at it! ha ha ha!! 'Four minutes' or 'Three minutes"..Sour Lemon🙃 "I don't need to know how many nose hairs they have"...MrNurse(x2)👏 "If you're taking 40 minutes to do this, then it's no longer called a report because you're giving them a powerpoint presentation"..Crash_Cart😊 Gotta love it!!
  4. HiddenAngels

    Intimidated by being only male

    I get excited about being around males because it adds a dynamic to the unit that otherwise wouldn't be there. Sometimes too many women can cause too many___________ (feel free to fill in) NICU Guy is right save your back, just honestly state that "I have to save my back" and help out when/if you can, all up to you..
  5. HiddenAngels

    Intimidated by being only male

    Please please don't go, we NEED more men in nursing! WE love you guys!
  6. HiddenAngels

    Any nurses wished they had become doctors?

    I still vacillate back and forth, but more on the no side nowadays. Believe it or not I actually wish I would have become a math teacher.
  7. HiddenAngels

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    WOW! You nailed it! And that is absolutely heartbreaking and a smack in the face. If you want this job you better come into it knowing that this is a marathon and you will most likely travel those peaks and valleys by yourself, no compliments or felicitations. Yes, at times some of us are fortunate to run this race alongside others but when you get to that finish line, be thankful when you see your FAMILY and FRIENDS because those are our REAL cheerleaders. We truly are Hidden Angels, but: I C U
  8. HiddenAngels

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    This was how they tried to approach us Mid-March when there were just a handful of Covid patients admitted. Someone told us that at night this big truck backed up into one of our loading docks removing tons of PPE (wipes, sanitizer, etc) to take to one of warehouses until the big wave came. (I know sounds like a movie right)...Once it hit us hard, things changed quick. I'm not sure if it was because nurses were starting to quit or if they were just waiting for the big wave (which is what we believed), the PPE reappeared we got addtl PPE a lot since then. Do you remember your size mask from your fit test before Covid? I wear 3M small and your facility or Outpatient center where you usually get tested should have the correct size you were tested for prior to Covid. If you have hard copies of your physicals and tests it would be on there as well. "Until it is visibly soiled with body fluids" or Turn in the one you use in a "paper bag", the dirty one.? I guess this is where the resterilization is taking place." So far we don't turn ours in, we just dispose of them when we feel they are beyond saving especially when those straps start to hang on by a thin thread..
  9. HiddenAngels

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    Year of the "mask"
  10. HiddenAngels

    Early Studies Show Remdesivir Improves COVID-19 Mortality Rates

    Fingers crossed
  11. HiddenAngels

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    Really? Which N95 do you have? I have the aqua blue colored one I think it would mess up the seal since we are fitted to them
  12. Separate r/o Covid, from +Covid, and NonCovid. Separate nurses based on preexisting conditions (pregnancy immunocompromised), place these nurses with noncovid. Have your PPE ready and let staff know what PPE you facility is using. Keep disposable steths and anything else you can waste in Covid rooms. Keep boxes of gloves and supplies with multi purpose use out of covid rooms. If your facility has drawers outside the room stock your major supplies there. Set times for med passes, wound cleaning, vitals etc. OF course put your more experienced nurses with the pt that may require more maintenance (you're probably gonna get push back from this; I pushed back but it didn't work)😫 Above everything bundle you care and limit staff going in and out of rooms when you can. There's more but I just woke from nap, someone else can take it from here... Luck!
  13. Really? Where?
  14. HiddenAngels

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    Dang, maybe plan to take at least one break so you can get a drink of water. This is so sad that we have to weigh these decisions. When I wear this one I do take it off when I leave the unit for a sec, even if it's just to take in some air. It's really hard for me to breathe and my throat gets dry wearing this all shift. Nice article but I'm not inspired. Just please make some more dangit! This is the land of milk and honey right?
  15. HiddenAngels

    COVID and return to work anxiety

    Ha ha, run like hell... No seriously, it’s really up to you. Since the anxiety is coming from Corona PPE (re: time, distance, shielding) check for sure with your institution and if it’s not something you feel okay with don’t go back. If you do go back, know that you are not alone in feeling this way there’s an ARMY of nurses WHO FEEL THE SAME WAY YOU DO (hugs).
  16. HiddenAngels

    Advocating for Nurses: Allow Nurses Their Own PPE

    WOW!! It is such a disgrace that nurses were fired during this pandemic for such unjustifiable reasons as those stated above. This just shows the enormous abuse of power and ever extending glass ceiling that pervades and perpetuates the work that we perform, the work that some of us dedicate our blood sweat and tears towards for the greater good of humanity .