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  1. Drama on my unit

    You know how you're sitting there on the Hulk ride all strapped in (intro to nursing) and then it starts, you ride into Bruce Banner's lab and you hear him talking out formulas and you start to get nervous and apprehensive but at the same time excite...
  2. Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    Interesting….this may need to be explored furthered . This may be what is needed for kids and teens, everybody for that matter. Like some public health infomercial like those lung commercials from ex smokers.
  3. Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    What foresight you have.. It is definitely a public health issue!
  4. MONKEYPOX IS GOING VIRAL: What You Need To Know!

    Yea my family says they used to not give you a choice whether or not you got the vaccines.
  5. Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device at work?

    same. But we haven't really had an incident that was questionable either, where they needed to prove where someone was, so this could still be the intent behind the use, we'll see. I didn't know they wanted some places to take them home. We...
  6. Personal Deathbed Vision Stories?

    So true, there are times when I know someone is passing soon so I’m a bit more open when it comes to strange things patients might say or do. It’s the ones that I don’t see coming. The ones where I have to think back and say oh my they did say this o...
  7. Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    I wholeheartedly agree! I posted elsewhere concerning the challenges that we are facing today. I believe they are multifaceted mental health included but we have some serious social and economic issues that seem to be driving people wild. It’s almost...
  8. Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    Yea sounds like not enough to me. Hence the mental health crisis we’re in.
  9. Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    hmm, I see. Do these facilities have SW, Case Mgrs, ppl for housing, addiction counselors, psychologists and psychiatrist that do daily rounds like Attendings and Residents in hospitals do?
  10. Emerging Ideas to Innovate Mental Health Awareness

    Great article! Totally agree. Mental health is just as important if not more important than physical health as it is often the driving force behind a lot of physical decline. There should also be mental health hospitals, designated health care...
  11. Frequent Bathing is Harmful to Health: 17th Century Pilgrims

    Okay pause, you can't have it both ways. It's okay to not bathe but okay to change into clean underwear and clean sheets. Nope, I would have been a butterfly. Maybe they were just preserving water which I can get behind, because in these days we a...
  12. Wow, I'm speechless (by choice) Good Job TMB
  13. New Job Not Working Out

    I agree with BTDT, how much longer is the training. Yea I would also just let them talk and listen, store or write down my questions for later. It's good you're getting this experience, so you learn what not to do. If all this fails and it's...
  14. What if your central monitoring system goes down?

    Do you also have monitors on display on your units?