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CampyCamp has 18 years experience as a RN.

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  1. CampyCamp

    COVID-19: Pneumos

    Are other hospitals seeing an increase lately in tension pneumothorax/ pbeumomediastinum? It seems like it's 1 in 4 ICU patients with these complications in the last 2-3 weeks. All ages and comorbidities (or lack of comorbidities) We're talking about steroids and barotrauma but we haven't changed dosing protocols or bipap/vent use since Summer. We didn't have these issues in Summer or fall. I hate this disease, it seems like there's always something new just as we start feeling like we can manage treatment.
  2. CampyCamp

    Rashes on Darker Skin

    On instagram- brown skin matters Lots of real photos from parents.
  3. CampyCamp

    Jackets for chunky arms

    Does anyone have recommendations for warm up jackets for middle aged ladies with thicker arms? XL jackets fit all in the torso but are so tight on the and that I have no room to push them up. They must be designed by the same people who design long sleeved clothing for target which don't fit my arms.
  4. CampyCamp

    New Swine Flu?

    So do we.
  5. CampyCamp

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    Backyard pools of any size and bicycles seem impossible to find now.
  6. CampyCamp

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    I like assisting with any bedside procedures in ICU. I'm always pleased that I good at catheterization and NG/OG tubes from baby to elderly. I actually hate IV and phlebotomy sticks. I used to be good but once I started working in a high level ICU where nearly everyone had a line and the aides liked to to draws if they needed a cx, I lost all skill. I can't seem to get it back and dread every attempt. My aging eyes don't help. I guess this is why ICU nurses usually retire to PACU, LOL.
  7. CampyCamp

    How do you do lab work on patients while maintaining social distancing?

    I feel like I don't remember the last time I had a patient interaction without a face shield.
  8. I get 3-4 pts in med surg covid, 3 in progressive side of covid ICU and still 2 in the acute side. We have 1:1 only for CVVH. So, for the first time in my career, I don't care if they want me in MS. It's the least stressful place to be even with the baseline confused people and the total feeds. We might have an aide in any of those areas, we might not. We almost always have a clean runner in MS, always in ICU/PCU We are the RNs, aides, housekeepers, tray passers, RTs, PTs, and it seems, sometimes the doctors on MS since some seem to avoid the rooms and just observe the patient through the window while we work.
  9. CampyCamp

    Peds Nurse Furloughed During Pandemic

    My unit has had kids 4 days in April. In the beginning there were some covid19+ kids, now there are none needing admission (hooray!) But there's nothing else either! We're floating to the maternity/nicu side of the service or to help out as "helping hands" on the floors or simply furloughed. I'm working ICU since I used to work there and another nurse is back on her med surg floor. I'm grateful for the experience to fall back on.
  10. CampyCamp

    Are gowns necessary, especially in home care?

    I've always been unworried about the microbes at work. This one has me scrubbing and wiping and everything. Thanks for what you do in the home. My mom is getting a nurse twice a week and I'm so grateful for her.
  11. CampyCamp

    How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study

    is there any discussion about dealing with the fit? A correctly fit tested mask feels effective at 7 AM but by 7 PM, my glasses are fogging and I can feel leaks at the side because the elastic stretches out even if it's only removed and replaced once.
  12. New Zealand has a much better approach. (Obviously their geography helps) People are healthy and happy. Paid and fed. There are many articles about it. I have friends there and their experiences are night and day to ours.
  13. CampyCamp

    Iron Lung vs. Ventilator

    There are quite a few negative pressure vents in use. Very few iron lungs (a joke about bringing them out of storage just because residents want to try out all the order sets in the computer went around several months ago on gomer blog) but there are many people with chronic muscular disease using cuirass shells and soft wrap vents. I think the key there is muscular disease. They mimic the ventilation effect of chest expansion and the diaphragm but I don't think they recruit alveoli to enhance gas exchange like positive pressure vents. Intubation also helps manage secretions, keep the airway open if mental status changes, get medications deep into the lungs, and provide the doctor with a route to perform bronchoscopy.
  14. I think areas that locked down before it started spreading are doing well. New York closed the barn door after the cows ran away. ...And the cows ran to their vacation home and relatives in PA, NJ, CT, so it spread here. (We're rural but the highway runs through the county)
  15. I work at a 300 bed rural Pennsylvania hospital. We are being hit. They are floating med surg, OR, and peds staff to ICU to work as helping hands or take the least sick patients (no drips or vents) that has never happened, not in swine flu, not our major ECMO use flus, never. I have tripled, I have worked extra shifts, I have offered my first born to nurses to come in- but I have never seen non critical care nurses used in the units. I have not worked ICU in my current hospital, only low acuity family health services (maternity, peds, etc) ICU is starting to put me on the schedule because I wasn't getting enough hours in FHS. (Our covid kids have been stabilizing quickly and ready for DC in a couple days) Your actual question. I used to work in a city hospital, bedroom community to NYC. My friends there and my friends in the city are extremely busy. It's truly unprecedented. hospitals are pretty much as shown on TV (although the media does gloss over some great recovery stories and extubation celebrations) I even have a friend who is in a community health clinic and they are constantly seeing symptomatic patients and doing testing (he's one of my nurse friends who has been covid+, so far, all my nurse friends have done well)
  16. CampyCamp

    To mask or not to mask

    There is definitely some better evidence out there as far as protecting others and even the mask wearer. One study does show higher infection rates in cloth mask wearers vs control group but it came out that some in the control wore nothing, others wore surgical masks. Otherwise, I suspect that a false sense of bravado was involved. Some are early investigations into Covid transmission, others study past SARS and flu. I've searched them slo often for people, I should have made a list but didn't. As for the back tracking, CDCs mistake was telling people not to wear them.