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  1. CampyCamp


    I'm confused... if essential oils cure autism, then why don't they all vaccinate and then buy the magic mix? There's no reason for concern. Sighhh And here we are starting Kinder registration. The excuses are pouring in with the ones already 5.
  2. CampyCamp

    C'Mon Now!

    I've told so many kids today that stuffy noses and sneezing are part of winter. No you can't lie down. No you can't go home. No I don't think you need tylenol (no headache, etc), No I will not alert the CDC if 5 of them have the same teacher. Go back to your school work. Sometimes I make a point of sniffling to prove that I'm surviving and working with this horrible sniffle, too!
  3. CampyCamp


    I also got question about dealing with a secretly pregnant student or suspected addictions. Some things caught me off-guard because school was a new and very different environment. I seemed to get by well by saying that, saying I looked forward to learning from the other school nurses, and saying I would refer to the school policies to find the best way to respect the student's privacy and still ensure their safety.
  4. CampyCamp

    Latex Balloons

    A lot of fruits can cross react and it seems to vary by person. Some people can't seem to eat any tropical fruit or melon and the next can't eat any stone fruit or chestnuts. (and who even knows if they can eat chestnuts or not? I had them at a winter hayride when I was about 10 and never crossed paths with them again.) I don't know if avocado is a stone fruit or a tropical fruit but they seem to be a problem as often as bananas. It also cross reacts with the nightshade family allergies (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, pepper)
  5. CampyCamp

    PICU Intubation-New Nurse

    Maybe being territorial. I'm in the camp that prefers experienced nurses recording codes and emergencies and newer nurses free to get their hands dirty.
  6. CampyCamp

    Working as a peds nurse pregnant?

    I'm not sure if I'd continue there but not at all being worried about my baby. Unless you have reason to suspect that you would be high risk, belly babies are resilient. Your body is designed to keep them safe. My only concern there would be TORCH infections if you are the only staff person. Your staffing seems questionable- You're 3 people short? Are the ladies on leave returning? Will you always be alone on shifts that should have 2 for efficient flow and safe care? Are you MA's or RN's? Is there a manager or triage nurse who can help? Also, what's with parents not holding or even trying? WHy is that the culture there? Why are kids reacting SO aggressively? Of course we make them very unhappy but this sounds extreme. Bruises on many days? I'm glad the pay is good. It sounds like it should be!
  7. CampyCamp

    Oh my pay cut!

    Camp never pays my enough to help much. But it's fun and they keep me busy enough to have no time or energy to spend money except for one or two nights out with the counselors. LOL
  8. CampyCamp

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    Oh my! Thinking of your littles! Even the fakers because it's Christmas.
  9. CampyCamp

    Assessing the student on drugs

    (In my best kindy teacher voice) Ohhh, Friends... No, thank you. We do not shout. We use our inside voices here in school.
  10. CampyCamp

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    Today seems to be the official day for teachers to gift and try new lotions and open candles in the office adjoining mine. It's like Bath and Body Works in there. I left my purse and epi pen in the other building so now I'm worried about needing to use stock epi if I react to one of those new scents. I think I'm safe now since they are heading to their rooms.
  11. CampyCamp

    Buttersoft Scrubs

    Are they like the Grey's anatomy fabric or the old Barco Riverwashed?
  12. CampyCamp

    First code blue, hard not to blame myself.

    Then, NO, you should not consider leaving the unit. Not as long as you're detail oriented and asking why about everything. That's critical care nurse stuff.
  13. CampyCamp

    When family fails the patient... it breaks my heart

    This is what exhausted me right out of ICU.
  14. CampyCamp

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    "Snowflake" refers to the way the mother treats the child. MY child is SO perfect, SO delicate, SO unique that you cannot possibly understand MY child's special nature. He/She/They doesn't begin to compare to any other children you have cared for or anything you learned in Growth and Development. I wish we could send parent to Drowth and Development to understand that if kids were all-knowing, all-accurately remembering, and all-understanding of nuance, then they wouldn't even need an education.
  15. CampyCamp

    C'Mon Now!

    Don't get stuck there!