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CampyCamp has 18 years experience as a RN.

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  1. Older kids start wanting a diagnosis and a cure for whatever is going on to them in this moment. They get frustrated is all we can do is offer ice and band aids or the occasional tylenol. They want a full pharmacy, xray, and lab. Anything less is "not listening" or "doing nothing" I suspect part of it is a feeling of "ice? I can do ice by myself. Any 12 year old can do ice!" LOL.
  2. I feel more micromanaged in school than any other job I've worked, except maybe OR. There's no autonomy here. The lead nurse micromanages us, right or wrong, the principals micromanage us, the teachers try to micromanage us. I really can't stand to be told how to take care of kids at each step, how to set up my office, and when to contact parents by people with 0 nursing knowledge. For me, it's camp. But that depends on the directors. Some are like my principal. ICU felt autonomous despite the fact that it is teamwork.
  3. CampyCamp

    Why so long

    I expect that it can take a while because our district is spread out and some of our kids are on the bus for an hour. Our immediate area has few employment opportunities so parents leaving work almost always have an hour drive. (I did too, when I worked at the hospital) However, some are just ridiculous. I had a kid with a 103 temp and couldn't even medicate her until the parent took her time calling back because the child had "chewy purple pills" in the morning. Mom finally called and said grandma would pick her up. An hour later, grandma shows up... turn out, she had been IN THE BUILDING the whole time for Grand Day. I feel like the child's sibling would have coped if nana had cut her visit short.
  4. CampyCamp

    Certified Peds Nurse Exam-Studying

    All the descriptions are the same- a bit vague about content and format but promising. http://spn.mycrowdwisdom.com/diweb/catalog/item/id/2013935/sid/39977333/q/n=1&c=389 I had a lightbulb moment yesterday and went on ebay. I got the Nursebuilers study cards and the SPN review book each under $20 even with pricey shipping. Even if I buy practice test new, it helps. They were current editions. Keep an eye on those type of outlets.
  5. CampyCamp

    Certified Peds Nurse Exam-Studying

    I looked up the Nursebuilders course. I almost bought the package without review questions! Ooops. But I was wondering if anyone knows how it compares to the SPN course? It's cheaper than SPN even with the member discount.
  6. CampyCamp

    C'Mon Now!

    Good Lort. Hopefully there will be no baby for a Very Long Time.
  7. CampyCamp

    School nurse salary non-negotiable?

    I could handle it if the environment was pleasant but the salary is just the start of the disrespect.
  8. CampyCamp

    How long was your training for school nursing?

    The secretary of the building I went to my first day showed me where to find keys and standing orders/policies and verbalized a few that she knew and impacted her job like sending kids home and excluding kids. Then, an hour or so later, a CSN came and showed me the charting system and how to handle incoming paperwork. What to enter, what to pile, what to file. She sat with me for the morning, as a resource, while doing CSN reports and other tasks on her computer. After that, when I went to a different building, a secretary gave me keys and I found the rest. Every nurse has a different lay out of treatment supplies and binders of info.
  9. CampyCamp

    School nurse salary non-negotiable?

    In public school, it's absolutely non-negotiable and then it's posted in the school board minutes for everyone to see and scrutinize for transparency.
  10. CampyCamp

    Head lice

    Nope. I've got kids with years on chronic lice despite our nit free policy and never once seen it in a classmate despite some classes getting weekly screening checks.
  11. CampyCamp

    When to start looking...?

    Most camps start rehiring in Decemeber. By Feb/Mar they start looking to fill vacancies that returners aren't filling. Nurses are HIGH demand so be choosy! (about the situtation/environment. Salary is what it is but if you can swing it, worth the pennies)
  12. CampyCamp

    Head lice

    I love it too. Unfortunately, I emailed it to every nurse and administrator in the district and since one nurse still disagrees, there will be no change to the no-nit policy. A teacher wouldn't even look at the article because it's gross.
  13. CampyCamp

    Transition to school nurse

    NYC is an animal of it's own as far as getting placed in a school. To be hired by DOH/DOE, they do recruiting/interview events. You can definitely dip your toes in the water and sub through an agency but there is no guarantee that if you transition to full time, you will be placed in a school where you subbed. Obviously, the demographics can vary wildly from school to school. They try to place you near home.
  14. CampyCamp

    C'Mon Now!

    That made me think of the old humor blog post "my boyfriend doesn't have ebola. Probably" It had the BEST pain scale that the author made up. I think bleeding from the eyes was one of the worst levels.
  15. CampyCamp

    Unwilling link in the enabling chain...

    I wanted to give your post a sad face but I didn't want it to have a down vote so I settled for the thumbs up. That's awful and some schools are like that. I'm glad he's getting what he needs now!
  16. CampyCamp

    Questions from staff: week 2 version

    I'm going to start bringing grad school papers in to school. "Can you proofread this for me?" "Can you explain if I used my commas correctly?" "I'm bad at math, can you explain the formula for my o-chem?"

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