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  1. I did; Seattle-WA.
  2. Wait...what? 'IntelyCare', a "healthcare scheduling and staffing platform" authoring an article on nurse burnout?? Am I missing something here?
  3. At my age is my BSN worth it?

    If you have only 16 credit hours and you want to work in a non-clinical setting, I would say go for it. My opinion is that the BSN (I have one from a top rated University BTW) is a useless, fluff degree that will not expand your clinical skills or k...
  4. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    My experience was gleaned from working multiple hospitals in multiple states, but granted, NYC/Philadelphia are two parts of the country I've not worked. That said, after the COVID mass exodus, it's been my experience that in just about every other ...
  5. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    ^^^Not sure where this is (BSN for bedside)?? As permanent and travel staff, I've worked over much of the country (Midwest, East, South, Southwest, West Coast; no one asks, cares, or even knows that I have my BSN. Personally, I can't recommend in g...
  6. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    comment below
  7. Travel Nurses' woes

    Warning, rant ahead! I was previously a travel nurse but came off the road for a few years. Recently however, I got itchy feet and decided to take a travel assignment in a neighboring state. I am an experienced traveler, have held numerous state l...
  8. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Raindrop, kudos to you. It sounds as if you shut down this ignorant nurse recruiter and I'm betting she wasn't at all expecting this response. She had obviously figured that you'd sit quietly why she carried on her interrogation and browbeating. O...
  9. How to find a safe surgeon?

    Career OR RN here. Over the years, I've worked with many mediocre surgeons, a few exceptional ones, and a few, mostly incompetent surgeons. From my perspective, I don't see a whole lot of oversight from the medical community (other surgeons) or any...
  10. Am I too old for bedside nursing?

    There has been such an exodus in the wake of Covid from permanent staff, that most HR departments and hiring managers would now look seriously at any carbon based lifeform with an active, unencumbered RN license.
  11. East Seattle here!
  12. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    Haha, I think I worked for the same hospital system! I was a long time employee and had a small outstanding balance because I was waiting for additional insurance reimbursement on a medical claim. Even though it was for a few months only and I comm...
  13. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. While pay for nurses has gradually increased over the years, the medical/dental plans that many healthcare employers offer to employees, have been gutted to the point that they are almost of no valu...
  14. A Sticky Wicket

    Haha! What...personal responsibility for your actions? "Would you care to supersize that"?
  15. Last chance RNJob

    I've walked in your shoes and totally get it! Working full-time consumes so much of our life, time, and energy (physical and emotional) to the point that if you're miserable at work, you're also miserable at home. I've had periods in my life of sig...