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ClaraRedheart has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

Daughter of a nurse, wife of a military veteran. I work on the best unit in the best hospital in Texas! Med-surg can be rough sometimes, but I love it!

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  1. ClaraRedheart

    Racism and Covid-19: The Unmasking of Two Pandemics

    I saw it first hand when I was a tech while in nursing school. I've had more than one black nurse ask me to join them in a room so that I can witness a patient's behavior in case the patient decided to report them. The same floor also had a manager that came down hard on nurses based off of patient reports... the nurses that were disciplined were often black. This was not a floor that I ever wanted to work on. Management was terrible. I've also followed a wonderful nurse who is from Africa whose patient confided in me that they didn't like that nurse because they didn't understand her accent. Really?! If I could choose a nurse to take care of my mom, it would be her and you don't like her accent. Bleah. Yes, old white people are racist to black nurses. I will not capitulate to that nonsense if I happen to be charge that day though.
  2. ClaraRedheart

    No support with Covid

    I filled out a release of information form that was provided on my short term disability company's website. Does that mean that they will try to obtain it instead? I'm hoping that the case. I've always loved my doctors office, but that made no sense to me.
  3. ClaraRedheart

    No support with Covid

    I work for an amazing healthcare system, but have tried and tried again with calls and emails to HR with no calls back. I came down with Covid and feel like I'm on my own. If I even get paid this Friday, it exhausts the last of my PTO. My manager and supervisor have been great. HR is just not there though. I tried to do short term disability on my own with no guidance and my doctors office said that for them to fill out the paperwork, I have to test negative twice and set an appointment and bring it in person. Obviously, by then I can work and won't need it. But by then, at the rate that I keep testing negative, I'll be destitute.
  4. I used to wear Asics, they're so comfortable. But I had a patient with uncontrollable diarrhea once, and the tennis shoes have all of those little holes that stuff can get smashed into. I switched to danskos after that, because bleaching and burning my feet with the tennis shoes on after that incident was not a viable solution. 4.5 years later, the first nearly 4 years with Danskos have been amazing. However, lately I feel like I'm rubbing blisters and corns and generally my feet are on fire. I did buy a new pair in August, and they did great for three months. Same size I wore the prior 3.5 years. I can't do it anymore. I need to get back to comfy shoes because my feet still hurt badly 3 hours after leaving work. What kills me is that until recently, Danskos WERE comfy, even the new pair. I've never made a blister with asics though. Same can't be said for Danskos. Guys, I need the perfect shoe. The fit of an Asics sneaker that feels like a little foot cloud, but easy to clean like Danskos so poop doesn't get waffle stomped into the little sneaker holes. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Our city has been the third most cases in Texas and my hospital has had around 20 since mid April. Never slammed. We stopped elective surgeries and shut down a whole unit. We are a smaller hospital, so maybe they're going somewhere else?
  6. I completely agree. I was referring only to the imprisoned psych patients, that are their because they committed a crime. Doesn't even mean it was a violent crime, but they are in prison not because they are mentally ill, but because they broke the law.
  7. I agree that flattening the curve is necessary, but I have a few very real questions. #1. If COVID19 is as contagious as they say that it is, isn't it less a matter of "if" everyone gets sick but more a matter of WHEN than if we get all get sick or are symptomless carriers and develop antibodies? #2 The longer that this goes on, the more devastation is occurring to our economy. People are losing jobs en masse. We hospital employees (mostly) are lucky to have a paycheck, even if it is our PTO. If our hospitals are empty, wouldn't it make sense to loosen some restrictions so that the hospitals are at least moving at a normal clip but not overwhelmed. They can be tightened if things speed along too quickly. I agree, coronavirus is dangerous and dealy and social distancing is necessary, but could a controlled spread be done? It's going to have to spread before we're immune. It would be nice if it's done before the economy is completely devastated.
  8. ClaraRedheart

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I generally introduce my self as such "My name is Clara (not my real name). What do you prefer that we call you?" Most people really do prefer to go by their first names, but I've had a few that say "Ms. Jones is fine". Often, they're teachers. Then I get some really odd ones on occasion that's just hard to say with a straight face, "Stretch, Tooter, or Champ" but that's what they go by and what their family call them, so I roll with it.
  9. ClaraRedheart

    Night nurse - noise cancelling headphones to sleep with

    I have the Jabra Elite earbuds. I just buy the $70 ones, which are not officially "noise cancelling" but they do a pretty good job. I have two noisy children and sometimes I go to bed before them on work nights. I listen to 30 minutes of an audible story, after bookmarking my place, of course. I usually fall asleep by 30 minutes and throw the headphones in the floor while half asleep an hour or two later. I've never had such a good pair of headphones! They never short out. I buy them with the best buy two year replacement plan. I had to take my last pair in at almost two years because the pause/play/turn on button quit working though.
  10. ClaraRedheart

    Advice for new nurse? Mistake was made

    This is a common mistake that I've seen our techs make. I had one patient with vitals indicitive of septicemia that were not reported to me, or caught because of an elevated MEWS score because the respirations were estimated. Had they been accurately counted, there would have been an alarm pop up on the chart and it would have been caught earlier. An elevated heart rate or an elevated temperature on their own might not mean that the patient is septic or having a reaction, but if you get one abnormal vital sign, count the resps for a full minute.
  11. ClaraRedheart

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    I didn't have a job when I graduated either. I was working as a PCT at a hospital that I liked and kept waiting for them to release their new grad positions, all of the other new grad positions in the system were released and filled. When I asked my supervisor, she said "Oh, no one told you? Our hospital can't afford to hire new grads this year". It was devastating. I was looking at moving. I think I was the only one in my cohort not to have a job at graduation. My hospital called me. They had previously rejected my application without an interview, but someone failed the NCLEX. I love it here. It's been 6 years now and I don't plan on going anywhere else.
  12. ClaraRedheart

    On FMLA, Can't Go Back To Old Job, Now what?

    I can't tell you what to do.. but if it were me, I'd want to be with my family. Do whatever it takes to get there. They will support you and your family while you go through the grieving process while starting a new job.
  13. ClaraRedheart

    Supporting New Nurses in Their First Year

    Also, don't roll you eyes at the new nurse as he/she approaches the charge nurse desk with a likely elementary question that was driven by anxiety. Thanks
  14. ClaraRedheart

    How to grow a thick skin and not take things personally?

    You will learn to not take things personally in time. I thought that would be hard for me, but it didn't take long. I tend to empathize, so if someone is being controlling, manipulative, grouchy, etc.. I look at where they're standing, and at where I'm standing. If it's the patient, they're sick and in the hospital bed. If it's the family member, they're dealing wiith a sick loved one. Sometimes they try to get control where they can find it. If it's a family member, their idea of helping can be micromanaging the nurse. I will have to set boundaries, but I don't get angry 99% of the time. For instance, today... I was frustrated at how time consuming a patients care was, it was a med-surg floor and I'd just spent 2 hours down with him for a test that didn't go so well. I get up and I have new orders and late meds on all of my patients that my co-workers were watching for me. They watched the patient phones, but didn't check orders or give new due meds. I felt overwhelmed. I was feeling like I was about to cry until I caught a periphery of his wife in the room through the window by the computer that I was charting on and it was sobering. My husband was at home... healthy. Taking care of our healthy children. At the end of the day, I get to go there too. At the worst, I have gotten delayed to 8:30 PM in the last few years. An extra hour is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about. I caught up on the others one task at a time and somehow, miraculously, STILL got out on time.
  15. ClaraRedheart

    Torn between job offers

    Another thing to consider about the college position... what do they offer in terms of reduced or free tuition for family? The only way my kids are going to college without earning their own scholarship or taking out student loans is if I can get them free or reduced tuition.
  16. ClaraRedheart

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    As a white, I concur. Except whites have been over-represented in healthcare studies as a percentage of the population.

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