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ClaraRedheart has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

Daughter of a nurse, wife of a military veteran. I work on the best unit in the best hospital in Texas! Med-surg can be rough sometimes, but I love it!

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  1. ClaraRedheart

    What We Take Home

    They do impact us... there are a few wives I remember to pray for around Christmas time, one, I cared for her husband and he passed around Christmas, another is a co-worker who lost her husband at the same time. It makes you grateful for your family ...
  2. ClaraRedheart


    I like the brain view! I never used the side brain view until recently, but a year or two ago, I noticed that the brain view shows blood labs that are due and there is no way to get that to show in list view. I also like all of the little green check...
  3. ClaraRedheart

    Nurses' Charting: Focused Documentation

    My hospital system took things like "foley catheter" and "central lines" out of the flowsheet, meaning you have to open them up separately and document. They call those little things "focused charting". I don't like it and am honestly more likely to ...
  4. ClaraRedheart

    Best shoes for nursing

    I liked the comment that mentioned going to a store and getting your feet evaluated! Getting the right shoes might save you time lost and surgery if you have foot problems. I loved my Danskos (nearly flat feet here), but was having dryness issues and...
  5. ClaraRedheart

    Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    It really depends on where you're working. I've been on the same med-surg floor for years, but the acuity has gone up to the point where my nerves are constantly jangled the day before and ALL during my working days. I used to save my cries for after...
  6. ClaraRedheart

    If You Quit Your Job Rather than Get a Vaccine, What is Your Specialty?

    I have gotten very few and I'm not too surprised, though I thought I'd try. I have a hypothesis from reading the news.. Most of the sad facebook stories of nurses quitting over the vaccine requirement have not been from units that saw a high nu...
  7. If you personally know someone who quit their job rather than get the vaccine I might make a separate poll.
  8. ClaraRedheart

    Burned Out?

    I can't even imagine what new nurses are going through now. When I started in med-surg 7.5 years ago, I was already emotionally and physically exhausted from nursing school and was walking into a very supportive environment in which I constantly doub...
  9. ClaraRedheart

    Has anyone ever failed to meet the expectations for 2 jobs?

    I've never done a per diem job, but I did do a capacity plan on my med-surg unit on a busy year right before covid. That meant that I would work an overtime shift every other week. Close to the end of it, I was not in a good head space. My resting he...
  10. ClaraRedheart

    Do you ever wonder...

    Oh my. Yes. I've long known that my mom has undiagnosed ADD, and that my daughter did from third grade until now. We had to get my daughter a diagnosis and medical help this year because after repeated talk and punishment and taking things away, she ...
  11. It's been seven years since I've done this. When my mom did it about 22 years ago, she called 16 year old me crying after testing and asked "Are you still going to be proud of me if I fail?? About 15 years later I called her crying asking a similar q...
  12. ClaraRedheart

    Do you ever wonder...

    I understand. I have a daughter who was just diagnosed with ADD. Pretty sure I have it too, as does my mother who is a nurse, but has a troubled job history. I failed as many classes as I could, but somehow managed to pass. I spoke with another nurse...
  13. ClaraRedheart

    Nurses Must Fight Covid Misinformation with Education

    Easy for you to say. Every time I post ANYTHING recommending vaccination, my family and friends start an ugly fight on my facebook. I'm done.
  14. ClaraRedheart

    Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    If anything COVID has shown me how hypicritical my hospital system is. A few years ago, they fired LVN's for not going back to school to get their BSN. We became a fancy magnet hospital. We're trying to renow now. ? We can't even get enough new nurse...
  15. ClaraRedheart

    Unable To Transfer Due To Write Up

    I've not ever wanted to transfer so that has never been an issue. My practice is to put sanitizer in my hands, but not rub it throughout until I've walked through the door and addressed the patient. I got caught from someone watching from the hallway...