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ClaraRedheart has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

Daughter of a nurse, wife of a military veteran. I work on the best unit in the best hospital in Texas! Med-surg can be rough sometimes, but I love it!

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  1. ClaraRedheart

    Unable To Transfer Due To Write Up

    I've not ever wanted to transfer so that has never been an issue. My practice is to put sanitizer in my hands, but not rub it throughout until I've walked through the door and addressed the patient. I got caught from someone watching from the hallway...
  2. ClaraRedheart

    Big Med Error.

    I am so sorry, I can't even imagine! This is one of the reasons I was hesitant to be a nurse in the first place. Scanning systems tend to significantly decrease the chance that this could happen and are SO needed EVERYWHERE. I hope the patient is OK ...
  3. ClaraRedheart

    Halloween: Are you prepared?

    I'm religious myself (Assemblies of God) so I don't decorate for Halloween anything more extreme than a Jack-O-Lantern. I haven't had time to mess with it this year though. Usually I don't put out a Jack-O-Lantern until close to halloween. Fall decor...
  4. ClaraRedheart

    Religious Exemptions

    I'm vaccinated myself... There are no actual fetal stem cells in the vaccinations and the abortion that started the line was years ago. I think that the good one can get from the vaccine far outweighs what was done years ago. That being said, I think...
  5. ClaraRedheart

    Religious Exemptions

    The 6th commandment speaks against it plainly enough. This predates Christianity as a religion, but is in the text that it's based on.
  6. ClaraRedheart

    MEDSURG-BC certification by ANCC

    Glad you're looking into this now. I did CMSRN through MSNBC. I wasn't paying attention on the requirements until 2 months before it was due to expire. Not sure on ANCC, but with MSNBC, if you turn recert in with less than a month due, you pay the la...
  7. ClaraRedheart

    Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    I love my father, but he is a conspiracy theorist and has gone down the rabbit hole. He's convinced that the vaccine will have effect on women's fertility. I think maybe he got to me a bit. I am vaccinated and will be taking my booster soon. However,...
  8. ClaraRedheart

    Weird Question: Are All Hospital Nurses Wearing Scrub Caps Now?

    I started wearing them! Even if Covid wasn't a thing anymore, I'd continue wearing them. Think of all of the splashback that you've felt while emptying bedpans. Just one more protective layer to keep it off of my hair since washing it after work ever...
  9. ClaraRedheart

    My boyfriend is still unvaccinated

    I want my husband vaccinated, stat. I've worked with covid patients his age that are deathly ill. He refuses. His reason is that everytime he was forced to get a vaccination in the navy, he got sick. Fair enough. I still love him. I'm just looking at...
  10. ClaraRedheart

    Go While You Can...Raise the Pay!!

    Wow! I'm in North TX, but my hourly wage is almost twice what it was when I started 7 years ago.
  11. ClaraRedheart

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    Thank you so much! I love this idea! I suspect our ED is already doing something similar as all of our patients are on non-select rather than allowed to order room-service. I don't see why we couldn't have set times for covid patients and still allow...
  12. ClaraRedheart

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    Agreed. I don’t think any hospital losing staff like this deserves to be considered for magnet. I realize that this is a nation wide (likely international) problem but magnet and all of the extra hoops that we have to jump through (and I chair an ext...
  13. ClaraRedheart

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    You’re probably right, but it would be in their best interest and save money in the long run if it means they’re not having to train new staff or hire expensive travel nurses because the experienced nurses are leaving.
  14. ClaraRedheart

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    Hi. My hospital is currently up for magnet renewal, but we're losing staff constantly. I've even said myself that I can't do another COVID round, but it's here, and I'm still there while my co-workers are leaving and we're having to train staff that...
  15. ClaraRedheart

    Mobility question from new covid nurse

    Our unit was the last safe space from covid at my hospital. We’ve run out of space, so we’re getting them in non-negative pressure rooms. We also have patients in the hallways. Anyways, I’m a new covid nurse just now learning the markers (d-din...
  16. ClaraRedheart

    Christmas Gift Commiseration Thread

    The hospital that I work at is one of the largest systems in my state. We've gotten nothing at all for the last four years. They cater a meal, but our acuity is so abnormally high that I couldn't even step away long enough to go get my free breakfast...