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Nonyvole is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Nonyvole

    Best shoes for nursing

    It's going to really depend on your feet...I'm a fan of nurses doing one of those foot and gait evaluations that are offered at running stores. I only wear sneakers, so for my feet that are flatter than a monitor showing asystole and like to rol...
  2. Nonyvole

    New Graduate- ADHD and working as a nurse

    Sometimes it's also helpful to realize that some units are more ADHD friendly than others. I have ADHD. I'm on meds that work pretty well...but I also play to my strengths and work in the ED. Inpatient nursing let my brain just wander too, too m...
  3. OP, I have been handed with the same exact deal with my body. Unfortunately, my goals mean that I've two options: suck it up and deal or give up altogether. (Giving up isn't in my nature, unless and until I have run out of options.) So, figure out wo...
  4. Having been there, done that, got the t-shirt... Doesn't matter if she doesn't want to go to couples counseling. You can go, and honestly, I'd suggest it. (The one time I was able to talk my ex-husband into going with me, all he got out of it was t...
  5. My family finds it funny that a gag gift has turned out to be one of my most valued treasures. A 6-color pen. It's currently being held together with silk tape.
  6. If it's not on a pump, I always make sure the roller clamps are up high. That's just so that I can grab them quickly if needed and I don't have to trace two feet of IV lines. It's something along the lines of when I write down what needs to be done ...
  7. Nonyvole

    Nursing degree after Biology degree

    Graduated with a biology degree. Molecular biology, to be exact. Went back to nursing school. And yes, it was much easier than my biology degree was. But I do acknowledge some facts. Such as: I was an older student, so not focused on the partying ...
  8. Nonyvole


    And NJ can take a while to obtain a license. Start now.
  9. Nonyvole

    Poop Protocol

    These are post-op patients, I'm guessing. Instead of setting up the habit of calling the on-call overnight doctor about every little thing, maybe it would be worth having a sit-down with the surgeons about having a standard set of post-op protocols i...
  10. Oh, and something else that I thought about. Learn your pain triggers, and anticipate them. Me, I can tell when a bad storm is coming because I hurt all over, I move slower than usual, and as coworkers put it, I "just don't look like [myself]." So...
  11. Yo. I've hEDS. They think. Knees, ankles, elbows, hands, shoulders, neck, chronic pain...several months of hard-core PT got me back to a point where I didn't have to use my braces at work, and sticking with the home program that got set up by my PT...
  12. Nonyvole

    Normal Saline Shortage

    My facility is now running short on fluids in all sizes. We're giving IVPB meds as IVP, and no end in sight yet. Oddly enough, the only way that we knew about it was a sign from the distribution department that suddenly appeared in the medication r...
  13. Nonyvole

    Am I too small to be a nurse?

    I'm 5'2. I make sure I know where a step stool is, I'm not afraid to climb onto a bed to do things like compressions or help move a patient, and I've even just climbed up on counters if I needed something on the top shelf. It doesn't bother me, and...
  14. Nonyvole

    Stethoscope selection

    Having my name engraved on it didn't prevent my master cardiology from walking off, sadly. I was sad. I hope that it continues to serve its new owner well.
  15. Nonyvole

    Precepting brand new nurse in ER

    There's a time for working with her, and there's a time to go to the nurse educator. Go to the nurse educator. From your description, the problems that this orientee has is outside of the realm of a preceptor to handle. Let me put it this way: someb...