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  1. jobellestarr

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Glasses, no glasses. I don’t care. He’s clearly the lowest form of human and most of the time, not even that. Despicable. A complete fraud who has no business being president much less giving medical advice.
  2. jobellestarr

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    I’m sure. I was just kidding.
  3. jobellestarr

    Flagstaff Medical Center

    I lived on the Navajo reservation for many years and did all of my shopping in Flag. And I did a travel assignment for the state last Summer. So, my husband has been a patient there and I have friends that work there. It has a good reputation and the staff like it. They are growing and I was told that they have bought land to expand. It sounds like you might not be familiar with the city? Flagstaff is a college town and an old lumber town. The downtown is nice, lots of good restaurants, breweries, etc. And great hiking! The elevation is 7000 ft so it takes some getting used to. Flag gets a lot of snow average is 97 inches but it melts within a couple days and it’s always sunny. And people are friendly. It’s a great mix of people. The cost of living is high because it’s pretty land locked because of the mountains and the college. It’s considered a pretty safe city and I don’t personally know of any bad areas. As far as salary, I don’t know specifically except I had a friend that worked M/S tele and usually worked 48 hours per pp and earned over 100,000. Also of interest is that Northern Arizona Healthcare does not use The Joint Commission, just CMS. I’m not sure what your hobbies are but in my other life I’m a fiber artist and Flag has a great fiber community. I really love Flag but I live in the Valley for affordability. Where would you be coming from? Good luck and I’d love to hear if you decide to relocate.
  4. jobellestarr

    Where were you...9/11

    I was on the Navajo reservation with 2 code talkers for patients. We held hands most of the day and talked about how war is so terrible and how it makes your spirit sick. I loved those men.
  5. The CDC is under HHS. But I fully agree as always there is punishment with trump if you have a differing opinion and/or basing information on fact instead of going along with his bats... crazy ideas. I’m not sure how we get our info or if it’s going to be transparent or not. I’m a former federal infection control officer and this scares the hell out of me. I am hoping the hospitals are keeping secret records on this.
  6. jobellestarr

    anyone have a board complaint

    First, this post was incredibly rude. And I’m not sticking up for anyone. But if someone has a different viewpoint (which I actually didn’t), I’m sticking up for a corrupt BON? Frivolous complaints to the BON are terrible and I would hope that would never happen but I’m sure that it does. As for the MSN that lost her license? There is way more to this story and from what I’ve read, she deserved to lose it. That’s why it’s good to understand there may be more to the story than just the nurse’s and again, it is the BON’s duty to protect the public. Whatever your complaint was, I hope that it gets resolved. And in the future, I hope if someone adds a comment to your post on a public forum that you will be polite and think that respectful discussion is a good thing.
  7. jobellestarr

    anyone have a board complaint

    You’re posting on a public nursing forum so anyone can post a differing opinion. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to insult the person. You can always just ignore a post too. I was sharing my experiences of having been a nurse for 35 years, 20 of which have been here in AZ. Everyone has different experiences and that’s how these posts work. Maybe find all like minded people if you want everyone to agree with you. And I actually didn’t even disagree with you but I was sharing my experience. And that’s what adds value to a conversation.
  8. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or has done. What you have done is the issue. No, nurses don’t lie on their license renewals. I sincerely hope you get the help you need and get into long term therapy. Allowing someone to inject you with drugs while being a nurse and a single mom says that you have very serious issues. I hope you can find the help you need ❤️
  9. jobellestarr

    Outdoor fields and nursing?

    There are jobs in the national parks for nurses but usually provided by private vendors so you’d have to do some research. I.e. Grand Canyon services are provided by North Country Healthcare out of Flagstaff.
  10. jobellestarr

    Medication error wrong patient

    Well, here’s mine for you. I was giving an expensive anti rejection IV medication and thought the tubing was connected to the main IV and when I opened the clamp, a few thousand dollars of medication ended up on the floor. Yup. It happens and in time you’ll put it behind you. But you won’t forget it and it will make you a nurse ❤️
  11. jobellestarr

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Although I’ve never worked in dialysis other than peritoneal, I’ve worked in organ transplant for many years and staff was always so amazed at how many and how fast dialysis patients crash. I always said “ well, you’re just looking at technique and not thinking about what’s actually going on in the body.”
  12. You seem to have an agenda. So, you want to be right? Good, then you’re right. Why don’t you post on a political site instead of a nursing one. And then everyone can agree with you and you’ll feel morally superior that you were right and had it all figured out.
  13. jobellestarr

    Vanity Plates?

    Actually, I believe it’s being identified as most likely a lone female. Although it may seem harmless, you never know who is out there. I would never put anything on my license plate that identifies me.
  14. Well, why were they trying to arrest him in the first place? I think that is the issue besides that they shot him in the back. Any common sense person with an ounce of compassion would have had the car towed and either he could have walked to his sister’s house, which is what he said he wanted to do since it was right there or they could have given him a ride. Good grief.
  15. jobellestarr

    Vanity Plates?

    I once worked with an arrogant transplant surgeon whose license plate said “gre8MD. Oh brother. The best vanity plate I saw as a sports car flew by me was “Zoomnbyya”
  16. Nnnooooo. Do not put your or your children’s stability at risk. I’ve been a nurse for 36 years and it just plain sucks. It will break spiritually, mentally and physically. My friends that are nurses that retired? Yeah, one died at 64 and the other one is barely physically able to function. I can’t express to you enough what the collective trauma can do to someone after years of this backbreaking work. If you’ll notice, the ones that may encourage you have advanced degrees and are most likely not on the floor. If you had difficulty in school before, what would the difference be now with more burdens and responsibilities now? Maybe volunteering would be a safer bet or maybe you need to find your passion in something else other than your job. So, in my non nursing life, I am also an artist and it’s what has kept me sane.

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