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  1. jobellestarr

    Break between graduating and taking NCLEX- RN, advise?

    Can you find a study group, review class, etc.?
  2. jobellestarr

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    There are masters degrees in informatics. Are you a nurse also? I just retired from the federal government and they have “clinical informatics jobs.” That would be he heading I would research.
  3. jobellestarr

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    I just retired from Indian Health Service, which was the only workplace where I could contemplate finishing my career. Grateful and lovely patients and good staff to work with. I was an art major in my first college go around and now will be again. It takes courage to think of yourself in a different career than a nurse. I think it would be wise to use your degree in a related capacity like informatics, etc. And not to think of nursing as a calling is excellent advice. Take care of yourself first without any guilt and you’ll find your career path.