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  1. jobellestarr

    Advice On Appropriate Head Covering For A Transgender Nurse

    Don’t have an answer for you except sending you love and support in your journey
  2. jobellestarr

    Dismissal From Nursing Program - Is all hope lost?

    Interesting responses that you’re giving to people that are kindly giving you advice. I have a friend who is a retired professor and her saying is “ In school, you (student) are not the one that has power. Also, “school is not the place to f… around.” So, I guess as the saying goes, you fu…. around and found out. You always have to remain professional even if your brain is telling you other things and especially in an email where you had the chance to change what you were saying.
  3. Completely agree. The no curiosity is a weird thing to me. I live on the Navajo reservation and idiot travel nurses come to help in a pandemic and aren’t vaccinated. WTH is this? Also, they had no idea (no curiosity) about where they were, history or get this! That natives were forcibly removed from their native lands hence reservations. I am astonished about the lack of general knowledge, cultures, etc.
  4. jobellestarr

    Possibly Moving to NM

    I like both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Actually, Santa Fe is one of my favorite places. I like it better than Taos. I’ve heard good things about the hospital in Santa Fe too and there are also Indian Health Service jobs there. I love IHS and retired after living on the Navajo Rez for many years. Lots of good hospitals in ALB too. I have a friend that lives there and loves it. There is a light rail that goes from ALB to Santa Fe. Good luck!
  5. jobellestarr

    Non Accredited (but approved) Nursing Schools

    Look for MEPN programs. This is a masters in nursing as an entry level.
  6. jobellestarr

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    I see. Well, it sounds like something away from the bedside might be best for you. Good options for you from other posters and I wish you luck and peace ❤️
  7. jobellestarr

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    I’m just throwing this out there as I have no idea what the market is like but would working in psych be a better fit for you? Would this be less stressful for you? And maybe get your psych NP? ❤️
  8. jobellestarr

    Can I get fired for refusing to give the covid shot?

    Sure, of course I would help someone if they were busy, etc. That’s not the issue. I’ve had this happen before where a coworker had a moral issue with some task that was part of her job. It’s her job and not because she’s momentarily busy or swamped. It’s a moral issue with her and needs to be addressed by management.
  9. jobellestarr

    Pay in Phoenix, AZ.?

    VA pays much better than private in AZ. Also, consider IHS (Phoenix Indian Medical Center) which also pays much more than private. As a 34 year nurse, I make about 104,000 for IHS and a friend that’s worked in the private sector (same number of years), makes 67,000. Also, much better working conditions. If you are 62 and have 5 years of service, you can retire from federal service and keep your benefits for life. And you get a pension which covers most of your benefits cost.
  10. jobellestarr

    Can I get fired for refusing to give the covid shot?

    It’s actually not OK or fair to ask a coworker to give a vaccine. It’s a part of her/his job and I feel that this would need to be addressed at a higher level.
  11. jobellestarr

    Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    Please don’t misunderstand what people are trying to say to you. Of course it is sad and your concern is heartfelt. The way I deal with this is to say “this is not my sorrow.” Am I sad? Of course. There are a lot of sad things today and everyday. Our lives are hard enough with our own personal tragedies and the older I get, I realize that we all have our time on earth for how ever long that may be. ❤️
  12. jobellestarr

    Work refuses call out?

    Well, sometimes it’s a crazy world and the supervisors can be crazy too. Although not directly related to the OP, I thought I’d share an experience. This is in Navajo country and I was the infection control nurse. A M//S nurse called off for the night shift. The manager of the unit was on call but went home to Colorado. Her solution (or so she thought) was to load up all the patients and transport them to a hospital 50 miles away. Umm, yeah. Just so she wouldn’t have to drive the 2 hours back and work the night shift. Calmer heads prevailed and the day nurse stayed until midnight and someone else picked up the night shift. 😳
  13. jobellestarr

    Failed clinical portion of nursing school during COVID

    A friend who is a college professor puts it this way. “School is not the place to f...k around and you are not the one with power.” There’s your answer.
  14. jobellestarr

    10th grader forced into nursing by family

    Don’t do it. Your life is your own to decide who and what you want your career to be. My mom, a nurse, pushed me into nursing. I started as an art major in college and ended up a nurse. I think I would have been much happier and had a much better income as an Occupational Therapist. As a friend says, Nursing will spiritually, emotionally and physically ruin you. I only have one nurse friend (among many)that enjoys being a nurse and she’s a missionary in Africa. I’ve been a nurse for 38 years.
  15. jobellestarr

    Is PPE really helping?

    I think it also has to do with viral load and how much of the virus we’re exposed to.
  16. jobellestarr

    Ever date a patient? Or would you?

    Yes, it happens. A friend of mine married her patient and they had a great relationship.