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  1. mtmkjr

    VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    A 60-70 minute commute for 12 hour shifts would be the biggest negative for me. I would not do that to myself. For one thing I get sleepy driving especially after a night shift that would be unsafe. However I know many people do it.
  2. mtmkjr

    Shift Nurses Post-Pandemic

    "shift nurses'?
  3. mtmkjr

    Question As A Male Nurse

    Perhaps you could apply for some positions and discuss these things in an interview? I would think the manager of the unit would know the challenges of having male nurses on staff. I can imagine that there are a range of thoughts on this and th...
  4. mtmkjr

    Need Support From My Fellow Nurses

    I disagree. I stayed out 20+years. Came back as a nurse refresher and 5 years later I'm a nursing supervisor in a large well-respected hospital system. I will agree with you on rehab, although that covers a wide range - from long-term care that I wo...
  5. I was always sympathetic to the fact that Radonda overrode the Pyxis warning. THAT I can relate to, and agree 100% with Emergent on THAT being a huge problem. If only that had been the only thing. If only she had then looked at the vial and sai...
  6. I'm not very confident that hard plastic obtrusive packaging have gotten her attention if she already was disregarding the red warning cap and attention to the fact that Versed does not come in powder form. I know! How about tiny little warning...
  7. mtmkjr

    RaDonda Vaught - What is she doing now?

    Agreed. And by the way she did have another nurse with her. Granted he was an orientee but he made a statement that he didn't need any step by step on administering Versed since he had already given it several times.
  8. mtmkjr

    Arguing Over a Patient Assignment

    One thing I have not understood from your first post is why she is not getting the care she needs on the other unit?
  9. mtmkjr

    Would you pass the 1920 NCLEX?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this... What does it even mean?
  10. mtmkjr

    How to spot a bad nurse

    Obstacles such as bad nurses? 🤔
  11. mtmkjr

    Refusing to Cover for a Colleague

    Thank you. Now I can be sure to use it appropriately
  12. mtmkjr

    Refusing to Cover for a Colleague

    Oh my - I resemble that remark -thanks for giving me some useful terminology, as this is often how I feel about certain aspects of my job! Silverbells your position is probably similar to mine, as I work in a co-supervisory role as well. Thankfu...
  13. mtmkjr

    Another Fail by TN BON

    There does seem to be a pattern. I wonder what it would take for TBON to initiate suspension/revoking rather than acting only after these things come to light. These are two very public examples. It makes you wonder how many others are out ...
  14. mtmkjr

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    Yes, agree. Not sure why nurses should be immune when reckless actions result in someone's death. Another example: In this case the supervisor direct...
  15. mtmkjr

    Radonda Vaught Trial

    I believe it was her second and when asked if she was fatigued, she said no