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    Work Schedule

    I did the exact thing you are asking about. I went from three 12s to four 10s. I moved into a supervisor position and I definitely feel like I'm working more. But that is okay as my kids are grown and I was looking for a different challenge. I have more flexibility. If I need to leave early, I just leave. I'm off on the holidays but I can work if I want to. I'm off on the weekends but I'm free to work a Saturday and be off an extra weekday. If my day runs extra long I can come in late the next day. I agree with previous poster, I prefer my extra day off to be midweek. I don't feel like I gave up anything - I've learned so much. But again, I'm in a different season of life and this works well for me right now.
  2. mtmkjr

    So tired of bedside nursing

    If there is corrective action needed and you are left feeling stupid, that is not on you, but on the manager. In a healthy work environment there are clear expectations and an incident like you describe is treated as a learning opportunity with a goal of improved delivery of patient care - not leaving you confused and frustrated. Your manager needs some work.
  3. mtmkjr

    Why do I always look high at work?

    When I went back to working an early shift (6a-6p) it was an adjustment. One thing I remember was that for the first few weeks my eyes were red. I figured it was the bright lights, dry air, lack of sleep... Good thing is I can say it somehow just resolved itself. No longer have red eyes at all..
  4. In the time since the first thread was started on this case, I have often wondered, "Where is our nurse attorney?" I was so looking forward to the perspective from a legal professional. Your assessment of the disastrous actions of RV leaves me dumbfounded. Having so many facts wrong will no doubt leave you to the wrong conclusion. How will this affect the nursing profession? By maintaining the high level of public trust. The public needs to see that the actions of RV are FAR below nursing standards of practice and that when someone dies due to extreme carelessness, we do not cry "but....what about just culture??" and "How can we learn from this??" (When the root cause of the failure is so obvious) Instead, as professionals, we know the difference between the kind of recklessness shown by RV and nearly every other med error that happens. By the way, she continued disregarding safety checks, one after another for 30 minutes. This wasn't a moment of mental fogginess, loss of attention or distraction.
  5. Right. In the link above, you have the option to view the PDF or just the text. The tab that gives you the text has a typo making it say the opposite!
  6. The original letter: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5747640-Vaught-Letter.html?embed=true&responsive=false&sidebar=false
  7. There's been an error in transmission... I saw the letter somewhere else and it says "did not" merit further action.
  8. Wow... I missed this the first time I read it! So maybe they passed on any action on her license and then passed the case to the DA?? Or am I still reading wrong?
  9. It works! Well look at that! Yeah! Ok, I guess I don't need to know what that multiquote function is anymore! Thanks 🙂
  10. I think that was actually confirmed in an article posted on one of these threads... That the charges came due to the fact that she was not facing any other discipline.
  11. I still haven't figured out how to multiquote... Different people or even the same person, breaking out a post to respond to several different points. I see other people doing it.🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. But criminal behavior on the job gives them a pass apparently...
  13. mtmkjr

    Trigger Warning!

    This. 1000 times. We've lost perspective
  14. That's the Department of Health..?
  15. mtmkjr

    OMG 🤢

    The contents of a patient exploded? That sound's really bad for the patient...🤯
  16. mtmkjr

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    😆 We can't have Yorkies as service dogs either lol