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scuba nurse has 31 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN.

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  1. scuba nurse

    What is your school using "CARES" $ for??

    I don't know exactly what they used it for, but I asked, and received 6 new "dummies" for training, since we cannot use each other. I know they cost about 1 k each, at least that is what I was told.
  2. scuba nurse

    40 days left!!

    In MA as well, just starting hybrid on March 29 (some students started on the 15th). We have 57 days left.
  3. scuba nurse

    40 days left!!

    57 days, and we start in person next week!
  4. scuba nurse

    What are some of your office policies?

    We are finally going back in person, hybrid, in March. I need some office policies. What have you implemented? My school is K-6, and we have a medical waiting room (covid only), but for non covid visits I need to put some policies in place. So far I have been thinking that daily meds will be by appointment time only. Teachers must call me before sending anyone down. Only one student in office at a time (my office is small). What else do you do? What about students who have to use the nurses bathroom? And how are bathroom visits done in your school in general? Thanks for any help! I realize I am late to the party!
  5. scuba nurse

    Are your kids back to school full time in person?

    So the small town in MA I live in is Hybrid (and it is working out awesome!!). But the large city I work in is fully remote. But they are wanting to bring "complex significant disability" kids back on Nov.16. There are almost 1k of them, and out of the 45 schools in the district they can only go to one of the 10 "green" schools. They also want to bring the students back that go to the tech HS (grades 10,11,12 only as they have shop). Honestly, the plan is so complex its crazy! AND there is NO way any of this can happen. They color coded schools for what they need in terms of HVAC, my school was built in 1896 so its "red", meaning we will probably get some air filters (which are backordered and hard to get) before kids come back here (plan is in February). PLUS the person who is the Covid director for the district...is a COP! (Because he is the "safety officer"). (I have nothing against the police, my husband is a cop). BUT they didn't involve nursing in much of the planning (there are 130 nurses in the district) so we have no clue, no input, no nothing....its crazy! I cant see it happening. AND the city is considered a "red" zone by the state. **sigh**
  6. scuba nurse

    Post offer physical

    You will pass, it most likely is a drug test and vital signs, bend and touch your toes type of thing, every time I have had to do it, there was no physical exam, just questions. Answer NO to all of them, but I would say I was diabetic and well controlled on whatever meds. They cant deny you a job because you are diabetic. That is the only thing I would disclose.
  7. scuba nurse

    Is it okay to drink water after liquid medication?

    I usually always let them have a drink after liquid medication, sometimes its the only way to get it down because they know it will taste bad!
  8. scuba nurse

    SNAP vs Welligent vs ??

    I have only ever used SNAP and I love it! But whatever you get make sure it interacts with whatever system your district uses so that things like absences, parents info...etc.. crosses over and populates into it.
  9. scuba nurse

    Antacid tabs in school

    Did the school district also provided you with them? and does what they provided you with match the orders? And what grades are you working in? I am in k-6 and we do not use them, but at the HS level they do.
  10. scuba nurse

    Job: Clinic vs Hospital vs Case management

    I would consider the pay, the benefits and the weekends on or off, plus which shift you would be working. Personally, the women's health clinic sounds good to me if it is day shift and no weekends, and full time, but I have kids. As far as covid is considered, I agree with the others, you are going to be exposed no matter what, even at the store, so just take your precautions. You cant avoid it.
  11. scuba nurse

    Left in the Dark

    First off, that is horrible! I'm sorry! Is it like that at all schools in your district? Do you have a nurse leader? It sounds like your principal is not approachable, is there someone else yo can go to? You must be involved in this! you are the medical person in the building!!
  12. scuba nurse

    It felt wrong...

    And this is what I hate about this whole thing! EVERYTHING is symptom! And teachers are going to freak out if a kid so much as coughs in their class, even if they have known seasonal allergies. It is sad, truly, we are not going to be able to use our nursing judgment, basically everyone who complains of anything will get to go home and have a free pass to skip school.
  13. I can tell you the program is really good! It is tough, not easy. But some of the clinicals are during the day. Well they used to be anyway, no idea how they are doing it now with covid. I used to teach the pediatric clinical I am not sure about other clinicals. The classes maybe in the evening though.
  14. scuba nurse

    Social Media Worry

    You can delete your comment, but you cant trust that she hasn't taken a screen shot of it. You could delete her as friend (but then she would find out and maybe even more mad) or block her from seeing your posts, but keep her as a friend, as well, and make your account more private if you havent already done so. I wouldnt trust her one bit. Her argument is weak too, you didn't say anything discriminatory about any specific religion. Plus schools have WAY too much to deal with right now than this. I am in MA as well, and while I am totally with you, I feel the same way. I don't agree with the mandate at all. It will cause a lot more problems, I already have issues getting parents to bring students to get caught up on the vaccines they DO need, never mind a flu shot. Though DPH usually does flu clinics at all our city schools every year, I think parents might actually use this service this year if they do it. Usually I have about 30 students out of 400 that sign up. And you know what, I might claim religious exemption for my own children, we have never gotten flu shots and I am not about to start now, especially since they are remote.
  15. scuba nurse

    What to wear?

    Been talked about before, but now with covid, just wondering everyone's thoughts: I wear street clothes, but am thinking of getting scrubs. While I am not sure if its necessary or worth the investment yet, as we have no plan for school yet, but just thinking ahead. What are your thoughts if you wear street clothes, will you continue? I work in k-6, and really have never had any issues with my street clothes getting soiled or anything. Thanks for any input!
  16. scuba nurse

    Hospice or School Nurse?

    Well as a school nurse, I say go for that! Though I have no idea how school will look in the fall, they have not decided around here yet. I love the hours and the students, and believe me, you will use a ton of med/ surg experience, and it works out great with kids schedules as you are on the same one. Join us over on the school nurses page, under specialties, if you take the job, we are a great group and can help you out!