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  1. scuba nurse

    My very first squad call

    I TOTALLY agree! these skinny jeans are killing me!
  2. scuba nurse

    Typical schedule.

    I am at a public elementary school in MA. My hours are 8:00 -2:30. The school day is 8:15-2:20.
  3. scuba nurse

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    I was never a FF. But I do recall in 3rd grade going to the nurse and being sent home with Chicken Pox!! LOL. I think I went to the nurse a few times in HS because I wanted out of gym!
  4. scuba nurse

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    Ugh, I just had a mother on the phone tell me that her dear son could eat almonds at school because they are "not peanuts" and don't have "nuts" in the name so they are not "real nuts". No honey, the only REAL NUT is YOU! Crazy people!
  5. scuba nurse

    Staff Training

    I do it during one of the first staff meetings of the year. (Not CPR or first aid, they can take that on their own thru the district). We have a sign in sheet that I keep all year.
  6. scuba nurse

    MA Nurses

    Gatez: I can help you with MIIS if you wish, just message me. It is actually very easy to get a report, IF the doctors office actually enters them!
  7. scuba nurse

    The panic before the storm

    I am in Central MA...and I was SO hoping for a 2 hour delay today because they were calling for a small amount of snow, but we got nothing! Anyway, no talks about Tuesday yet, but just glad we already have Monday off! We are still having outdoor recess despite the frigid temps! Stay safe guys! First big storm and everyone goes crazy!
  8. scuba nurse

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    If there are recurring cases in the same family they are clearly not doing all they can to get rid of it, meaning they need to wash sheets, towels, bedding, clothes, vacuum really well.....etc. I guess just more education to the parents and telling them what they need to do. They may also need to use a different product on the hair, or go to a place to get rid of it. I do not send out letters to entire classes, it just creates panic.
  9. scuba nurse

    Field Trip Bags

    I have 2 field trip backpacks and each one has: various size bandaids, some gauze, alcohol wipes, gloves, a few saline wipes, box of tissues, a few sanitary pads, an ice pack, hand sanitizer, pens, baby wipes, and then I put in the class lists and any inhalers or epipens needed for that class.
  10. scuba nurse

    Life outside of school

    I'm sorry, that is sad. But I am glad you had a great time and considering going back!
  11. scuba nurse

    We're back!!!

    Yes missed you all! But did you notice they changed our specialty title to just "school" instead of "school nurses"....I hope we don't get a lot of annoying questions about going to nursing school and nursing students!
  12. scuba nurse

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    The thing I have noticed this year, is the amount of toys, games...etc...that have to do with POOP and the toilet! or boogers! REALLY?? You cant come up with any better games that poop or snot games?? And why does that fascinate people? AND WHO BUYS this stuff??? Crazy!