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I've been a nurse for 3 years, and have yet to find shoes that don't hurt my feet. 

Please suggest the best brands and types of shoes for nursing. Thank you!

When you try on shoes, go later in the day after you have been on your feet a while. Feet swell with long standing, and this is the time to try on shoes for fit. 

Personally, I have both Danskos and some New Balance sneakers and alternate wear. Clogs seem to be on the way out where I work. They were almost universal a couple of years, but I see more sneakers these days and way fewer clogs worn. 

Thirty years at the bedside.  I had tried many different shoes... without much luck. I feel that feet are so individual.. no one  could know what would work for another nurse.

What finally worked for me, was  changing socks and shoes..mid shift and rubbing pain relief cream in during the change.


I love the Hoka One Bondi! I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I also use custom orthotics from my podiatrist.

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Sketchers, Sketchers and Sketchers!! Works so well for me. I make sure I buy those with enough support; plus I usually use three and rotate them as oppose to using the same one over 6 months

Yes!  With the memory foam!  They may not be the trendiest shoes on the block, but I can step into them on day one, do 12 hours, and never once think about my feet.  They don't even require a period for breaking in!

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It might be a good idea to see a podiatrist to get to the bottom of your foot pain.  Also they will order custom orthotic inserts if they feel it would help.  I use orthotics and athletic shoes, running or walking.  I've used adidas and nike lately, but noticed sketchers have some memory foam ones that look like they would be really comfortable too.  I use men's as my feet are long and one is a size longer.  In spite of having surgery for pigeon toe when I was young, I don't have pain walking, other than when I had plantar's fasciitis which resolved with a steroid shot and a boot/splint to wear at rest to stretch the foot.  It is common to get when older and especially when wearing the typical Summer sandals which is how mine started and felt like I was walking on a stone.  At first I thought I had done just that and that it was bruised, but once I saw the Dr I got the right diagnosis and treatment.  Hope you get pain relief with the help of a podiatrist. 

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Hoka one one Bondi 7’s! Danskos make my ankles roll, Cloves just hurt my feet. Crocs? With holes? Just no, because body fluids. I’ve worn Sketchers and while they’re cheaper, they don’t Hold a candle to the Bondi 7’s!

I usually get wide width Nurse Mates, Bryar style. They are pretty comfortable and the 2.25" inch heel gives me some much needed height.  I'm just not used to wearing flat shoes so not sure I could adapt to sneakers- unless they were platforms ?. Just bought a pair of Koi by Sanita clogs and they're really cute but I was surprised at how heavy they are. They felt fine for about 5 hrs and suddenly I couldn't stand them any more- the bones of my feet felt like they were going to crumble. They were regular width though, as I don't think they make them in W. My next splurge is going to be C&C Sweden so if anyone has tried those, I would love to hear opinions. 

Got my Hokka Clifton 7's when I first started 6 months ago, and so far my feet have been the least of my worries

Find a good running shoe, like Brooks or Asics (don't get the cheap ones from department stores). Have your stride evaluated at a running store. They all have treadmills and will watch you walk. If you pronate, you'll need a different style of shoe. Some of them also have a lot of cushioning. I talked to a chiropractor who said he does NOT like shoes with heels if you're spending all day on your feet (I.e. Danskos). 

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I have to say that I just bought a pair of Gales.

They are unbelievably lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof.  I am super happy with them!!

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My sister just bought me a pair of Oofos.  They are marketed as a recovery shoes but they are comfortable and lightweight with a patented type of memory foam.  Just wanted to suggest another option for other nurses to try.

Many within the midwifery community swear by Danskos but I personally never liked them though many who have worn them have said that there is a breaking in period.  Since each pair has slight variations even within the same size, you need to go to the store and try multiple pairs to find the one that works for you rather then ordering them online.  I just personally find sneakers and memory foam more comfortable.

But like many have said it depends on personal preference and your own foot shape. 

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Been wearing New Balance for years post podiatrist recommendation --best $75.00 spent.

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