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emergenceRN17 has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in OMFS, Dentistry.

Oral surgery, Implantology, and OR nursing 

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  1. emergenceRN17

    Questions about OR fellowship?

    That's wonderful. I am a circulator but can definitely say that had I learned to scrub first, it would have made the understanding of circulating a bit easier. Try to do both if you can. You will be more marketable and it will help everything come t...
  2. emergenceRN17

    Questions about OR fellowship?

    Will you be both scrubbing and circulating?
  3. emergenceRN17

    What are medics doing in your ED?

    I am sure that it is different depending on the hospital system. In the field, medics can give almost 125 medications independently and do a few interventions that even us RN's can't do such as intubation, king tubes, cardiovert, pace. Medics do tho...
  4. emergenceRN17

    Calling A Code Death (call police?)

    In my state, Police, Fire, and EMS usually show up together.
  5. emergenceRN17

    Advice Please: Seeking Operating Room Job

    I found these to have OR nurse residency programs: -Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center. -Penn State Health Lancaster Medical Center. -Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.
  6. emergenceRN17

    Advice Please: Seeking Operating Room Job

    I totally agree with Rose_Queen. See if you can find an OR Residency program once you graduate. Not sure what state you are in but there are several in mine (MA). Or you can also take Perioperative 101 by the AORN, it is offered at some nursing sch...
  7. emergenceRN17

    What to do with my dog?

    I am an nurse and hubby is a medic. We are both gone for long hours but all 3 of our fur babies are litter trained, have tons of food, water, and toys to keep themselves occupied until one of us gets home. That can be really daunting for a new pupp...
  8. I believe it.. 😃
  9. I have no words.. yikes
  10. emergenceRN17

    How to spot a bad nurse

    Most I know go through a longer more specialized residency. This is the link to the program: https://www.mass.gov/doc/post-graduate-transitional-year-program/download After doing this 1 year program, it looks like he then served as a flight surg...
  11. emergenceRN17

    How to spot a bad nurse

    Well it is a 1 year residency so I look at it as good. I am not sure why it is named as such as it makes it look like an internship but it is isn't.
  12. emergenceRN17

    How to spot a bad nurse

    It is a transitional residency program that consists of one year at the Shattuck.
  13. emergenceRN17

    Moving to Boston, advice needed!

    Hi, I too have an October birthday. I got my license in February of an even year and was not obligated to renew it that October. Just every two years after.
  14. emergenceRN17

    Refusing to Cover for a Colleague

    I have always loved the way that you word things!! ❤️
  15. emergenceRN17

    AORN Peri Op Exam

    I agree with Rose_Queen. There is a study guide for each of the 25 modules that help you study for the final. I have also seen some good flashcards on Quizlet as well.