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  1. FNPtobe2020

    Walden University FNPand worming full time??

    I am currently in the Walden MSN-FNP program. Been working full-time throughout the program. It's doable. Becomes more difficult once you start clinical. I saved up vacation so that I could take off every other week as vacation in order to complete the clinical requirements.
  2. FNPtobe2020

    Walden University

    Don't pay attention to this person Amanda! I will finish Walden's FNP program in November. Not ONE preceptor has had issue with where I am going to school! My last preceptor could tell that I currently am employed as an RN in a clinical setting with a LOT of experience under my belt based on my vast knowledge base! I have a friend who is attending a brick & mortar school for FNP and just like me, she TOO has to find her own preceptors! She is actually with my last preceptor now. And that preceptor also went to an Online NP program. Graceland. And she told me the same thing. That she also had to find her own preceptors for clinical. Yes, online programs are self-taught. I knew that going in. I am doing well in my classes. Just remember, that we ALL take the same board exams no matter where we went to school ;)
  3. FNPtobe2020

    Why Do You Love Being A Prison Nurse?

    I've been in corrections for almost 3 years now. Been a RN for 20. I work in a male medium security state prison and my prison has the most seriously mentally ill inmates in the entire state where I work. Prior to coming to corrections I had 12 years of Critical Care experience(adults). 1) I work night shift so no supervisors breathing down my neck 2) I have earned the respect of the inmates because I don't treat them as though they're sub-human. And I DO what I say 3)While the hands on nursing care on nights is minimal, I do a LOT of paperwork, secretarial type stuff and I get paid quite well for it 4)I have put my Critical care skills to good use on more than one occasion 5)I only have one, or maybe two co-workers to deal with at night. 6)NO PRESS-Gainey Surveys or HCAHPS scores to have to worry about. 7)Don't have to 'kiss the inmates butt" for Customer Satisfaction 8)NO VISITING HOURS 9)The inmates are all locked-up at night 10)I am SAFER working in a prison with 2300 male convicts than I ever was working in a community hospital! There's at least one officer when I interact with an inmate and if I raise my voice, MORE Officers arrive right quick and they all have OC (pepper spray but stronger)Spray
  4. FNPtobe2020

    Walden NP students

    I can't send a PM yet either...gonna have to post some more.lol
  5. FNPtobe2020

    Irony regarding cellphone use at work

    Personally, I find communication from management via text to be highly unprofessional ESPECIALLY since they don't want you using your cellphone while on duty.
  6. FNPtobe2020

    Walden NP students

    Sounds good to me! Send me a PM here and we can get things set up! I"m SO excited to finally get started on this journey as I'll be 45 in August & not getting any younger.
  7. FNPtobe2020

    Walden FNP August 2017

    Hello, I too will be starting Walden U FNP in August. Just working on getting my Financial Aid stuff in order. I've filled out all the forms...awaiting further info from my enrollment advisor.
  8. FNPtobe2020

    Walden NP students

    I just found out today that I was accepted into the Aug 2017 class at Walden for the BSN to MSN-FNP program. I spoke with the mother of one of my son's classmate who just finished this program last year, passed Boards on 1st try and is working at a walk-in Express Care clinic in our town. She had good things to say about the program. English wasn't her first language either. She's from the Philippines. I'm going in with over 20 years experience as an RN. 12 of that was in Adult ICU of which 9 of those years I held CCRN certification. I had already lined up a few clinical rotations amongst CRNP friends, one of whom is a Women's Health CRNP with a local hospital system and another CRNP, whom I went to undergrad with that works in a family practice office of the same hospital system. Having been an RN in this area for as long as I have, I know quite a few CRNP's and Dr's so I hope getting a few more clinical sites under my belt wont be a problem.