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Ohm108 has 4 years experience as a MSN, NP, CNM and specializes in Midwife, OBGYN.

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  1. APN/RXN in Colorado

    Hi, Yes, you will need to have had an active RN license for 3 years before you are eligible for an RXN. The law was passed in 2017 but talking with some of my colleagues, they really didn't start implementing the requirement until sometime in 2...
  2. CNM vs NP vs dual degree.... Need help finding direction.

    I think there are a couple of CNM+FNP programs in the United States; the one that I am most familiar with is Vanderbilt University which offers a dual CNM/FNP program. https://nursing.vanderbilt.edu/MSN/nmwfnp/index.php
  3. Did you obtain your bachelor's degree in CA or in another state and/or country? I assume it is a non-nursing bachelor's degree since you are thinking of applying to MEPN programs. Where a lot of people get tripped up when applying for licensure in ...
  4. Your nursing school will send the transcript to the CA BON for the classes that you took that meet the CA BON's requirements to sit the NCELX-RN exam. Your school will explain the process in more detail once the candidate has completed the didac...
  5. Yikes ! BreEZe is being replaced!

    This is a good thing. CA license verifications to other states for endorsement took a long time with the previous manual process. It should now be faster since nurses endorsing to another state can request a license verification for their CA RN lic...
  6. CNM with no L&D experience

    I just wanted to add to what @rac1 said about OBs. I agree that the reason why I didn't want to pursue medical school was because I didn't want to practice like an OBGYN. When I was on clinical rotation, I saw how they are trained in terms of manag...
  7. The Color of Care

    Thank you for the overview and link to resources!
  8. Best shoes for nursing

    My sister just bought me a pair of Oofos. They are marketed as a recovery shoes but they are comfortable and lightweight with a patented type of memory foam. Just wanted to suggest another option for other nurses to try. Many within the midwif...
  9. Accelerated 2nd bachelor's or direct-entry master's?

    If you aren't sure what specialty area you are interested in, the accelerated BSN program might be a good choice for you. It typically allows you to become a nurse in 16-18 months and explore what specialty area you are interested in during your cli...
  10. CNM with no L&D experience

    Here is my two cents: Yes, you can get a job after CNM school without any L&D experience but there are a few caveats as follows: a. There will be hospitals or institutions that will reject you as a candidate solely because you don't hav...
  11. Frontier doesn't take NY applicants for CNM!?

    We discussed this right before I graduated from my program. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently started requiring all schools that are based outside of NYS to be vetted first before their students can be placed in clinical rotat...
  12. Advice for new midwifery student?

    Congratulations on starting your program! Books - you will find the ones that you like best but the three that I use the most and could be helpful during your clinical rotation are below: 1) A Pocket Guide to Clinical Midwifery (2nd Edition...
  13. YALE GEPN 2022

    FYI - for future applicants that are reading this a few years down the line YSN is currently going through a GEPN curriculum revamp that started with this current incoming Fall 2021 GEPN cohort and will probably continue on to the 2022 GEPN coho...
  14. EFM certification advice

    If you haven't looked into it already AWOHNN has an introductory EFM course that is all online to get you started. Additionally, if you are on the Apple ecosystem, you can download an app called EFM Guide that my preceptors told me about while ...
  15. The road to CNM

    You will do great Specialscar. I just graduated at 40 from my midwifery program. Experience counts for a lot and like LibraSunCNM stated, in healthcare the scariest person whether they be nurses, providers, MAs, or techs are the ones that think the...