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Ohm108 has 3 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Midwife, OBGYN.

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  1. CNM with no L&D experience

    Here is my two cents: Yes, you can get a job after CNM school without any L&D experience but there are a few caveats as follows: a. There will be hospitals or institutions that will reject you as a candidate solely because you don't hav...
  2. Frontier doesn't take NY applicants for CNM!?

    We discussed this right before I graduated from my program. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently started requiring all schools that are based outside of NYS to be vetted first before their students can be placed in clinical rotat...
  3. Advice for new midwifery student?

    Congratulations on starting your program! Books - you will find the ones that you like best but the three that I use the most and could be helpful during your clinical rotation are below: 1) A Pocket Guide to Clinical Midwifery (2nd Edition...
  4. YALE GEPN 2022

    FYI - for future applicants that are reading this a few years down the line YSN is currently going through a GEPN curriculum revamp that started with this current incoming Fall 2021 GEPN cohort and will probably continue on to the 2022 GEPN coho...
  5. EFM certification advice

    If you haven't looked into it already AWOHNN has an introductory EFM course that is all online to get you started. Additionally, if you are on the Apple ecosystem, you can download an app called EFM Guide that my preceptors told me about while ...
  6. The road to CNM

    You will do great Specialscar. I just graduated at 40 from my midwifery program. Experience counts for a lot and like LibraSunCNM stated, in healthcare the scariest person whether they be nurses, providers, MAs, or techs are the ones that think the...
  7. Competitive Edge

    Nationally Certified School Nurse (NCSN) is what I think the poster is referring to.
  8. Not specialized MSN can you do APN?

    The way I explain it is that an RN can have a generalist MSN but you can't be an APRN or CNM without at least a graduate degree (masters or doctorate) in a clinical specialty. As other individuals on this thread have mentioned, if you are undeci...
  9. Men Scrubs...for a muscular build

    I would recommend FitScrubs, their scrubs are stretchy and breathable. I have a few pairs that I wear and are very comfortable when I am in clinic and at the hospital. Also check out their Instagram postings, they have quite a number of nurses who ...
  10. I worked as a doula prior to nursing school and I enjoyed it. I would pick this experience over the prenatal clinic. If your ultimate goal is to become an L&D nurse, charting and breastfeeding support will be part of your floor training. Depen...
  11. Yale GEPN 2020

    Hi, @Bpgl2008 current student here. I echo what the others have said about the program. Being an older student with a PhD is an asset and is looked upon favorably by the school. The nursing school actually wants people who are older, have worked, ...
  12. Yale GEPN 2020

    Yes, some students do do this. Not encourage but it has been done in the past.
  13. Yale GEPN 2020

    Hi, will direct message you. You are on the FB page?
  14. Yale GEPN 2020

    For the midwifery specialty, it will depend on when they place you for your clinical rotations especially if you are dual specialty. You might need to have summer clinicals, winter clinicals, or spring break clinicals to ensure that you have enough ...
  15. Yale GEPN 2020

    It will depend on your specialty. There are some students who are currently taking classes at the law school and the school of public health so you can definitely take advantage of those courses. There are also electives in the other specialties th...