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RNperdiem has 14 years experience as a RN.

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  1. RNperdiem

    Changing jobs

    With many places having a hiring freeze, any job you can get is a start if you are a new grad and need experience. If you already have a job, decide if you really want to change jobs.
  2. RNperdiem

    RN to MD journey - prereqs

    Go visit the premed forum at Student doctor.net. They will provide you with lots more data. The impression I get over there is that getting into med school is more competitive than most people realize. Just doing the minimum requirements is not enough to be competitive. You will be competing with people who have been spending their lives building an impressive resume.
  3. RNperdiem

    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    Time to get some facts. So your friends claim to have a gig that takes them in the high six figures a year. What is the catch? My first guess is a pyramid scheme. That would explain the recruiting. Or is it something illegal?
  4. RNperdiem

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    If there is a lof of staff pushback, there is probably good reason for it.
  5. RNperdiem

    Spouse with Cancer

    Does your management know? I noticed a while back that I wasn't getting floated out. When I asked, the managers decided since my husband was very ill with cancer, they would not float me to the Covid unit. I was touched, because I would never have asked, but they were being very considerate.
  6. RNperdiem

    Taking Vacations

    I work with a few people who do take 3 weeks off every few years to go back to visit family in India or the Philippines. They save up their vacation hours, work overtime and schedule the trip when other staff are not taking vacation. You are more likely to get a vacation approved in March than during the Summer. You don't need 3 weeks to travel. Lots of us travel, or we used to. Plenty to be seen on shorter trips.
  7. RNperdiem

    Complaints of Complaining

    This resembles a toxic relationship. The famous question applies- is this relationship acceptable to you? Do you want to tolerate being treated shabbily then being told to shut up and smile? Time to break up with this job. You can do better.
  8. RNperdiem

    Hazard Pay

    No actual hazzard pay, but there is critical staffing for ECMO trained nurses when staffing gets tight. Extra $16 per hour.
  9. RNperdiem

    Not sure where to go from here

    Do you have to move to California next month? Can the move be postponed until you have a job offer from a job you are excited about? Especially if you currently have a decent job and are a new grad.
  10. RNperdiem

    Nursing tips and tricks: Please share.

    Not a bad tip, but I tend to leave lines connected. Connected and well-labeled is even better. Some talented nurses leave their multiple lines completely untangled and laid out in a way that every drip is obvious. I like following those nurses.
  11. RNperdiem

    Racist patient. What to do?

    I once heard a quote "leave room for disappointment" when getting to know people. I suspect you felt let down because the nurse-patient relationship had some wobbly boundaries. Nurses take care of people regardless of their beliefs. You don't have to listen to diatribes, but people are going to believe what they want to believe. We don't control that.
  12. Be humble and teachable. Accept that your education has been a theoretical one and that a lot of nursing is learned on the job. Orienting as a new grad, nurses will know this when precepting you.
  13. RNperdiem

    Any advice on when to put in 2-wk notice??

    You do have another job lined up with a start date? Covid demolished the budgets of a lot of hospitals in my area and hiring is way down. Unless hiring is strong in your area, or you can risk a stretch of unemployment, give your notice two weeks before the starting date of the new job.
  14. Your manager probably wants you to succeed. They hired you.
  15. If this is your first full-time, adult level of responsibility job, the transition is tough. I suspect it is more than nursing; you might feel the same way in a different field with the expectations and time commitment most "real" jobs demand. I think the transition from youth/student to adulthood isn't talked about and underappreciated for the stess and anxiety involved. Be kind to yourself, but be strategic in your plans.
  16. RNperdiem

    What is your "favorite" procedure?

    Nothing like a good extubation. Especially when the family comes back to find their loved one up in a chair, feeling better and working towards transfer out of ICU Hairwashing and a good shave are things I like doing when I get the chance.

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