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  1. RNperdiem

    Future Nurse with a Purpose

    One thing I noticed in your post, is the description of nursing as an abstract. Nursing described as heroes of this earth selflessly devoting ourselves to the care of humanity. Most of us don't live and work on that cloud. We live and work firmly on the ground of nursing work. Nursing not as a state of being, but nursing as work. It is kind of like the difference between parenthood as an abstract idea and the real daily hard work of childcare. Nursing work often has long irregular hours that can affect your sleep. Some nurses start out of shifts that leave them sleep-deprived and their physical and mental health suffers. Nursing work is usually a heavy workload. Lots of people are totally depending on us for their care in their ill and disabled state. Turns every two hours, incontinence care, pain control, suctioning secretions, monitoring around the clock. Nurses are always "on" and responsible for the care of people who can suddenly take a turn for the worse makes a job stressful. Nursing work requires stamina and resilience. Nurses get into nursing for a variety of reasons. Passion is an unreliable emotion, and not enough to sustain a person in the long run. Resilience is a trait needed to sustain a career in nursing. My opinion is that the nurses who thrive best in nursing are the ones who build a satisfying life outside of nursing. They care about nursing, they care about their patients, and they build up outside interests, relationships, travel and other aspects of their life.
  2. RNperdiem

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    Nurses being short can also give employers ammunition to hire unlicensed personnel, upskill them, pay them little and parcel more and more nursing tasks out to them while paying fewer nurses to supervise, kind of like how long-term care works now.
  3. RNperdiem


    Best of luck with the urologist office. A lot of places do use MA and LPN interchangeably. If the hours are convenient and guaranteed, then a slightly lower pay might be worthwhile. It sounds like you have a lot going on, and your heart is just not in RN school right now. You can always go back when you are ready. But keep an eye on the future. Eventually, you might want a wider range of job opportunities at better pay in the future. Life is unpredictable too. Also, don't make the childcare issues only your problem. Childcare is a family issue. I worked weekend days since the kids were born, and making sure my husband did real childcare (not babysitting like my own father did), made a real difference in our family.
  4. RNperdiem

    Nurses, invent what you want.

    I want to see a scanner that detects gastric residual, just like a bladder scanner. I hate drawing up large amounts of tube feeds with a syringe.
  5. I live I NC too. Apparently the guy whose snake went missing last week was bitten by another one of his venomous snakes a while back. I hear anti venom is really expensive. Does insurance cover that?
  6. Don't see the mask requirement going away anytime soon. The eye protection rule isn't as heavily enforced, but nurses are expected to have eye protection available for certain procedures. At least we get a clean mask every shift these days, right? Where I work, early in the pandemic, we were given a mask and a paper bag for storage and told to make the mask last for five shifts. My face would smell bad after wearing that mask.
  7. RNperdiem

    Things I wish my patients understood

    We don't control the doctors' schedules. We can give an estimate about when they will be around, but they are a separate entity from nursing with their own schedule. Same thing with PT, OT and speech therapy. I wish more patients knew that between when the doctor says you can be discharged and when you actually leave the room, a lot of actions need to occur first, and your nurse does not control all the factors. Experienced patients know that discharge usually happens in the afternoon after follow up gets scheduled, the doctor writes discharge paperwork, other services sign off, the nurses do discharge teaching and the transporter can be available.
  8. RNperdiem

    Work Schedule

    I was thinking the same thing Jedrnurse. If this is a procedural job, you work until the last patient leaves. The hours listed might be approximate.
  9. RNperdiem

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    I had expected something more dramatic and out of bounds. These are misdemeanor offenses in my opinion. A simple, "hey Barb, I'll get back to you when I am done" usually works. I have learned as a nurse, that not everyone is going to like you and that is how it is; we do need to learn to work with them.
  10. RNperdiem

    Reality Check.

    There is nothing wrong with having goals since you were very young. If you go along and find that what you thought you wanted isn't what you want now, you are allowed to pivot to something else. People grow and change and get to know themselves better. If you would be happier with a lesser burden of responsibility, maybe it is time to re-evaluate your goals and see what you really want.
  11. RNperdiem

    Nursing Intuition- What Is It, and Do You Have It?

    Interesting topic. I have read about intuition being an important part of personal safety. The book "The Gift of Fear" gives lots of examples of intuition saving people's lives from violence. It is like your mind saw something and your body responded before you were really fully aware of what triggered the response. It makes sense that experienced nurses would develop an intuition about patients.
  12. RNperdiem

    Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    You survived there a year, you can handle two more weeks, maybe a bit less if you take a sick day or two. I assume you have a plan for lining up your next job?
  13. RNperdiem

    Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    I work per diem, and have the option to work shorter shifts, but because of the headache of matching up short shifts to fit into a 12 hour system, rarely take them. The charge nurse would need to reshuffle the entire staffing to have someone to pick up your patient load after 6 hours. Constantly having your coworkers have to shuffle their assignments to pick up your load will not make you popular. I pick up part shifts when someone is working overtime for part of a shift, and I pick up the rest. This makes life easier. A fixed schedule is possible for a per diem nurse, and I work the days and shifts that I prefer. However, your hours are not guaranteed as a per diem and you are the first called off or (more likely) to float.
  14. RNperdiem

    Breakroom Pet Peeves

    TV is on something obnoxious and the volume is turned up full blast. There is a reason I take lunch at off peak times.
  15. RNperdiem

    How do you guys do it for so long?

    I have worked less than full time hours for years and years. It gives me the rewards of working, financial benefits, but limits my exposure. Per diem work means I never have to join a committee, am in charge only in emergencies, and I get to enjoy meaningful work out in the world, but only one or two days at week. I went per diem for childcare reasons. The kids are grown, but I like my freedom too much. I am lucky to work in a unit that while busy at times, has a reasonable workload, a free charge nurse with no patient assignment, a transport nurse for ICU patients, IV team, a manager who cares and strong coworkers. I haven't missed a lunch break in years. Less than full time hours in a quality unit, a life outside of work and reasonable expectations have benefitted me.
  16. RNperdiem

    ADN or BSN?

    If someone else is paying for your BSN, it is a legit accredited school, and you don't have any other major obligations on your time (job, children), go for the BSN. It helps to know the local job market. I live in an area with many universities, nursing schools and magnet hospitals. If you manage to get hired with an ADN, you are expected to get a BSN within a number of years in some places.