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  1. Patient Assessment

    Over the past 25 or so years I have been working in hospitals, I have noticed a trend away from doctors listening to heart and lung sounds to looking at a combination of patient appearance, x-rays, EKGs, labs and other tests to tell the story. During...
  2. Frequent Bathing is Harmful to Health: 17th Century Pilgrims

    Interesting article. My mother was raised on a farm without running water. In her day, once a week full baths was a practical decision because it is incredibly labor-intensive to haul gallons and gallons of water to the house (stream or well might b...
  3. NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

    Try seeing it in another way. For a parent, they probably don't know what is expected of them. For you NICU is everyday reality, but the parents are walking into a new situation and don't know their expectations. If you politely and explicitly ...
  4. Degree over Experience?

    I wouldn't describe it is "choosing to stay stagnant". Education costs money. In a country where the majority of people don't have the money to cover even a $400 emergency expense, a community college ADN makes financial sense for entering the p...
  5. Degree over Experience?

    My hospital was very much into BSN, being a magnet hospital and all. These days staffing is so short that I hope they relax the requirements a bit.
  6. No CNAs

    CNAs especially night shift are hard to find these days. The labor shortage is widespread. If CNAs have an opportunity to move into a job with better conditions and pay, many will. The shortage of ancillary staff is far worse than the nursing shortag...
  7. Mid-Life Blues

    Be kind to yourself. For a new nurse, it is normal for your morale to take a dip after the newness of nursing wears off. Over time, you adjust and feel more comfortable. If you are not sleeping well because of working night shift, that also affects y...
  8. Is a long commute worth it?

    Is your daughter in a position to work at a local hospital for a period of time, and save up money to be able to move to a bigger city when she gets a job there? As others have said, getting your days all together will not always happen, and th...
  9. IV Push Ativan

    In ICU, we push all kinds of meds like Ativan, midazolam, hydromorphone, morphine and fentanyl. We are giving these drugs for a specific purpose. In 25 years of doing this, I have rarely had a problem. In my Dad's final week with cancer, the hos...
  10. Is this a Violation?

    Your common sense alerted you when you started crossing some boundaries. Then you were self-aware enough to stop looking up where this person lives and get back to work. I wouldn't call nosiness a HIPPA violation, and you seem to have learned yo...
  11. Judgmental rant about time off

    JBMmom, I can only imagine the disappointment at losing a good job that you enjoyed through no fault of your own. I would be peeved and upset too. As some of the others have pointed out, the reasoning sounds suspect and you may never get the ful...
  12. Why are Nurses Leaving the Bedside?

    My unit has several people leaving. NP, CRNA and travel jobs are the most popular escape routes.
  13. Why are Nurses Leaving the Bedside?

    Interesting article. One part that really rings true for me is the lack of ancillary staff. I think there is an even bigger shortage of nursing assistants, transporters, unit secretaries and housekeeping staff than ever. I feel the shortage in ...
  14. What are the treatments available for delirium except leaving the hospital for a more familiar routine and activity? I know prevention is the key, but in my windowless (small windows look out onto brick walls) ICU, where sleep is interrupted by ...
  15. Career over family?

    Can't find a job in your state? Does he work in a very niche field? There is a worker shortage in almost all fields, so that excuse sounds suspect. If you find a well- paying nursing job where you are, you will make enough to support the family ...