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  1. 2BS Nurse

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Thank you! My thoughts exactly! Yes, every Dr. I've worked with is making way over $100/hr plus they are paid per patient, plus they make an after 5:00 p.m. bonus that's higher than my hourly salary! Let's pay our PAs and NPs more too for doing the same jobs as our MDs for 1/3 the salary!
  2. 2BS Nurse

    Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    It's natural to be worried about your (presumably healthy) baby, but honestly I'd be worried more if I lived with an elderly parent. I'm not concerned at all about my nieces and nephews getting over Covid. I'm highly concerned for my parents.
  3. 2BS Nurse

    We Did Not Sign Up For This

    LOVE THIS! I vote to move this to the article contest forum.
  4. I bet they'll give you the option of attending a future ceremony with the next graduating class. Students catching Covid-19 may be a liability issue for the hospitals. They could definitely help, but nobody got sued in 1918.
  5. 2BS Nurse

    Wellness meets COVID-19

    Some great points, but we can't change one risk factor... aging.
  6. Since we're not testing everyone... does administering a nebulizer treatment in the clinic cause airborne transmission? Should one be wearing a N95 mask when entering the room?
  7. I get so annoyed when coworker calls adult patients "sweetie" , "honey" and "handsome". We shouldn't have to pour on the sugar to increase satisfaction scores. We are there to do a job and that's it!
  8. 2BS Nurse

    Urgent and emergent situations in the clinic

    I would say "it depends on your urgent care". We are all so different. Some urgent cares are true walk in clinics that only accept colds, sore throats, etc. Others can place patients on cardiac monitors and accept chest pain, severe abdominal pain, etc. It's an ambiguous field and we dont communicate well with our ERs.
  9. 2BS Nurse

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    It's the young ages that are a red flag: A 29-year-old respiratory doctor in Wuhan, the city at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak in China, died on Thursday night after being infected by the virus, according to an announcement from the hospital where he worked. It was the latest in a string of deaths among health care providers working to contain the outbreak. The doctor, Peng Yinhua, was also among the youngest of the publicly announced victims of the virus, which has largely killed older men with underlying health conditions (NYT).
  10. 2BS Nurse

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Just sanitize that phone first!!!
  11. 2BS Nurse

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    This is unusual I haven't heard of this in the Midwest. How would you have time to teach AND care for students?? They must be supervising health room "aides". It would be fun to teach a health course though!
  12. Sheesh! Well, I can always put in my ear buds, find an empty room, close the door and pretend I'm not there!
  13. 2BS Nurse

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    Is a "school nurse teacher" a nurse who has her own classroom of students? I've never heard of this job description.
  14. In my state, an employer is not required to provide a lunch break. If you are forced to swipe out for 30 minutes, legally they cannot require you to stay on the premises. You'd better believe I'm swiping "no lunch" unless I get one.
  15. 2BS Nurse

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    Li Wenliang was only 33 years old when he died. Now 51 year old Wuhan hospital director and neurosurgeon Li Zhiming has passed away from coronavirus. "On Tuesday, state media reported that doctors and nurses who die while trying to contain the outbreak will officially be designated as "martyrs" (CNN). I can't help but wonder if they actually died of the virus or were made martyrs by the Chinese govt.
  16. 2BS Nurse

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    I am not "living in fear of the people around me", but I do have the right to PPE access at work (for influenza, coronavirus or anything else). Also, having a dialogue on this site is not "spreading terror".

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