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  1. 2BS Nurse

    Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    Wonderful article for sure!! As an adult who went to nursing school as a second career, my clinical experiences were shocking. I quickly decided the inpatient setting wouldn't be a good fit for me. Spending 40+ hours a week in an unsupportive environ...
  2. 2BS Nurse

    Ready to Move On

    Check out Western Governor University's programs. All online and you can move through their courses quickly. They have various health care administration/management programs.
  3. 2BS Nurse

    Nurses are the 'Canary in the Mine'

    As Peachpit stated: "I work with a good group of people". As an older RN who no longer has the same family/financial responsibilities, this is my #1 or #2 (along with work/life balance). I refuse to spend 8-10 hours with a toxic group of people.
  4. 2BS Nurse

    Nurses are the 'Canary in the Mine'

    "No need to exercise, already getting that at work!" Exercising outside of work is extremely important for mental health as well as physical health.
  5. 2BS Nurse

    Medication Expiration Dates

  6. 2BS Nurse

    Offensive Raise Structure

    Where are you located? All of those salaries seem low for inpatient!?
  7. 2BS Nurse

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    ERArmyRNND: Crohns? IBS? Could be legit! 🤪
  8. 2BS Nurse

    Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    If your manager is male, just use menstrual bleeding as an excuse. The conversation will end quickly! 🤣
  9. 2BS Nurse

    Working with a Colleague with a Dominating Personality

    There's something to be said for "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Yes, this happens time and again in nursing. Supervisors are typically conflict avoiders, so it's just easier to let them have their way. I have seen these personality types g...
  10. 2BS Nurse

    Hanging Out with Coworkers Outside of Work

    "My current workplace does a quarterly "forced fun" event" I would put this in the category of attending a retirement party, holiday party, etc. In these cases I'm OK attending but I typically leave early. I have also met a coworker one-on-one f...
  11. 2BS Nurse

    Mistake? Maybe?

    It would be silly for a parent to get upset about a single dose of Tylenol (unless the child was allergic or had a another contraindication). Sadly, parents can be unreasonable and you just never know these days. My father had a motto "what doesn't ...
  12. 2BS Nurse

    Need something new...

    I'm not sure where you live, but companies in my area are desperate for outpatient nurses. They're all extremely competitive and keep building clinic after clinic! Many jobs are posted as "no experience required". This may not be the case in a small ...
  13. 2BS Nurse

    Lower Back Pain and Anterior Pelvic Tilt

    A very helpful article! Thank you!!
  14. 2BS Nurse

    How to deal with lazy techs/CNAs?

    "and she also doesn’t want to spend her budget" and "I didn’t want to confront them because management doesn’t do anything". Red flags. Move on. You are not obligated to stay until fall. "CNAs can put IVs in? Since when?" Yes, CNAs and...
  15. 2BS Nurse

    Non-Hospital Nursing

    "Social experiments I did with mice as an adolescent showed that if more than 8 mice live in a square foot area, disharmony occurs. The same is true with human beings in a hospital setting". This is true of ANY nurses' station! In the clinic I w...