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  1. 2BS Nurse

    Hardest Thing to Learn

    Tolerating annoying co-workers who like to gossip and complain. I just want to focus and do my job.
  2. 2BS Nurse

    Endocrinology Nursing

    The salary above is for a NP. We definitely aren't making $90,000/ year as clinic RNs!
  3. 2BS Nurse

    Non Bedside Nursing

    What kind of nursing background do you need to work in a FQHC?
  4. 2BS Nurse

    Managers, Nurses and Delegation: Who Has Authority?

    I work for a huge organization and I don't know a single outpatient supervisor who does this. It's an organizational culture.
  5. I have no problem with the coworker who takes the occasional mental health day, especially because we are chronically short staffed and our 2 floats are used to staff unfilled positions. With that being said, I have been on a unit where a coworker scheduled an elective surgery (conveniently) over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and was out for 3 months. This was a chronic pattern for her. As soon as she came back I gave notice and moved on. And yes... the supervisors or managers NEVER step up and help!
  6. You will be fine! A couple of my classmates kept their bartending jobs throughout nursing school because, well... they made great money! Guess what? Bartending skills are valuable for multitasking as a floor nurse! Bartending and nursing are both service industries where you need to bust your butt! We shouldn't be expected to take low paying CNA jobs (and acquire more debt) just because we want to pursue a nursing education! BTW... using a glucometer and performing an EKG are not difficult tasks. You practice a few times and you should have the skill down. If you told me you were learning to place a PICC, that would be a different story.
  7. 2BS Nurse

    Nurses are Pushed to the Brink

    I realize that family members are prohibited from coming into the hospitals, but so many have already had Covid. With so much community spread, is it time to require a family member (previously proven positive) at the bedside to help with these ADLs?
  8. 2BS Nurse

    How much should I ask for?

    Most nursing supervisors I know are salaried and they end up making less hourly than they did as a floor nurse or charge nurse. The only perk is taking vacation days pretty much whenever they want to.
  9. 2BS Nurse

    Working short

    Y'all are reminding me why I never wanted to work inpatient!
  10. Most importantly... you actually have a conscience and you've learned from your mistake. I applaud you for that! I know too many nurses who just don't care.
  11. 2BS Nurse

    Why Am I So Exhausted?

    I shut down social media, do not watch the news and refuse to discuss politics in the nurses' station. Makes a huge difference! Nature is my coping mechanism. I have to get off the computer and get outside!
  12. 2BS Nurse

    WGU RN to BSN

    Most classes have one final exam. There are several papers to write, but some are short. You will also have to submit a video and complete some simulations. Overall, it wasn't too difficult.
  13. 2BS Nurse

    WGU RN to BSN

    The classes have online learning modules. Some have an online textbook. You either take an objective assessment (OA) or write a paper(s) or a combination of the two. One class required a video head to toe assessment. Each class is pass/fail. I believe this translates to a 3.0 in the end. You will have a program mentor who will check in with you once per week. There are instructors you can email, but I never used them.
  14. 2BS Nurse

    RN's required to be sitters???

    So much for wanting us to work at the top of our license!
  15. 2BS Nurse

    Bad signs? New department

    "We've always done it this way" is the mantra of health care. I've given up on attempting to make changes for the better.
  16. 2BS Nurse

    What are they teaching?

    They're teaching EPIC!! How to write lengthy progress notes that no doctor will ever take time to read!