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    Degree over Experience?

    "I believe in lifetime learning, and think it makes for a better nurse". True, but most of the BSN curriculum was a repeat of my ADN and unnecessary. I completed the BSN to be more marketable (so I could change jobs) and my company footed the bi...
  2. Those are all great ideas above, but I can't see them ever being implemented. In my experience, staff appreciation and team building events are unheard of. Appreciation comes in the form of a garment with the company's logo, a sugar cookie or a littl...
  3. 2BS Nurse

    Mid-Life Blues

    "I thought that people choosing the nursing profession would be professional". I thought this too when I entered the profession, but it's not always true. BTW, I've encountered more lack of professionalism with the 40 and 50 somethings than I ha...
  4. 2BS Nurse

    My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

    "There was finally a policy initiated but I think they continued to do it". This. Policies are rarely enforced. IDK if they were enforced in the old days, but staff are now allowed to run amok because they can't find a new replacement.
  5. 2BS Nurse

    My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

    "Ongoing social chatter while people are trying to concentrate". This!! "playing on fb, Tik Tok, etc." And this!! I once sat next to someone who was googling a doctor's divorce online!
  6. 2BS Nurse

    Previous Jobs Not Giving Out References

    I wish there was some sort of national database to store and access references. I hate bugging the same supervisors over and over again to request the same references I provided to my last two employers. It's not like they expire!
  7. 2BS Nurse

    How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    This is a great article. Health care workers are bombarded with unhealthy food options presented in our hospital cafeterias and "smorgasbords" in the nurses' stations. We are given large sugar cookies, pizza and candy as rewards. We are mocked by our...
  8. 2BS Nurse

    Offensive Badge

    Political badges should not be worn at work. Politics should not be discussed at work. There is a time and a place. Join your local political party meeting and discuss after work hours.
  9. 2BS Nurse

    What exactly is protected and sensitive material?

    I worked in a busy clinic where the nurses' station was located within earshot of the waiting room. There was a wall in place, but patients could hear triage calls. This made me very uncomfortable, but the privacy rule does not require private rooms,...
  10. 2BS Nurse

    New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    "It's not just the unit you're on either necessarily because usually the culture permeates the whole hospital. Maybe a different culture would change your perspective on it". So true! "She's keeping her head down and flying under the radar ...
  11. 2BS Nurse

    Need Support From My Fellow Nurses

    Most tech colleges offer nurse refresher programs. Have you considered calling the pediatrician's office to let them know you're now looking for a position?
  12. 2BS Nurse

    Advice Needed - Denied Promotion

    I'm wondering if these "I can't find a job" posts are coming from small towns? In my area, there are so many unfilled positions. Four large health systems are hiring anyone and everyone.
  13. 2BS Nurse

    HR and Employee

    Are unions common in certain parts of the country? There are not many unions in my area.
  14. 2BS Nurse

    New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    "The last time I stepped foot in a hospital was my last day of nursing school clinicals. No, it's not a solution to the problem; somebody has to work there. But it doesn't have to be me." Ditto!! My clinical experiences were very telling. I kn...
  15. 2BS Nurse

    Back to the Hospital?

    Do what's best for you. Every family has different priorities and financial situations. Working in a school (pre RN days), I didn't fully appreciate having vacation time off with my family. These days, that's my priority. "You can still get acce...
  16. 2BS Nurse

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    I recently read a job post where weekend differential was $1.50/hr. We wonder why they can't keep units staffed?
  17. 2BS Nurse

    The MD Bias Hits Home

    I recently moved to Occupational Health and I love it. I am working with NPs as providers and they are awesome! "I'm eligible for a full retirement with pension and medical benefits". These seem to be the only nurses remaining in their pos...
  18. 2BS Nurse

    No Ethnic DIversity

    Kyrshamarks: "Legitimate question here. Why does everything have to be about race?"" "Everything" doesn't have to be about race, but the title of this post suggests the OP has concerns about lack of diversity in a company. Your posted comment i...
  19. 2BS Nurse


    "Ask to job shadow before making a decision. Best wishes 🙂" Great advice! Something I was unable to do during the pandemic and I strongly regret it! After starting the job, I realized the culture was just NOT a good fit for me.
  20. 2BS Nurse

    Am I making the wrong decision?

    ds_the_rn: You are NOT stupid. I think job availability depends on the job market where you're located. I live near a mid-sized city with several competing healthcare companies and dozens of unfilled positions. It's easy for nurses to jump from one c...
  21. 2BS Nurse

    No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    If you want to work in a clinic, what is your goal? Supervisor? You don’t need a Masters. Manager? A Masters would help. I would recommend working as a clinic RN first. Knowing the ins and outs of the clinic is extremely important. There are a lot of...
  22. Outpatient setting... it's impossible to know the ins and outs of every specialty unless one has maybe been a pool float first. I've never seen a manager jump in and help out. In my experience, most are afraid of conflict and want to be everybody's f...
  23. 2BS Nurse

    Am I making the wrong decision?

    It seems as if there are no requirements for any job these days. It's basically a free-for-all!
  24. 2BS Nurse

    How soon to start my first job after graduation?

    I would say, if you can afford to, go take the month off! Go on vacation! You earned it! I suppose it depends on where you live and what the job market looks like in your area. The jobs are available for the picking where I live.
  25. 2BS Nurse

    Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    Wonderful article for sure!! As an adult who went to nursing school as a second career, my clinical experiences were shocking. I quickly decided the inpatient setting wouldn't be a good fit for me. Spending 40+ hours a week in an unsupportive environ...