I just lost it!

  1. Have you every lost it at school or during training? Share your stories...

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  3. by   Pianoman69
    I'm currently in my first semester of Nursing Program. Well, I should say I was because I just had to withdrawal from Nursing Class with hopeful reinstatement. I was accepted into program right away. I started community college in Fall 2012 and was accepted into program Spring 2013, but still had to complete prereq. classes. WOW!!!!What a load of work. I failed A&P in fall semester and had to retake it along with nursing class. I was taking a total of 17credit hours. I withdrew from nursing class in order not to fail, but have been told I could possibly get reinstated in the fall, but worried about taking it with other required classes still. What to do???? Very disappointing and Yes I want to Vent......
  4. by   daisyymaria
    Take your pre-reqs first I know you are in a rush to become a nurse, we all are but sometimes you havetoo do what you havetoo do in order to get where you want to be.