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Kitiger has 43 years experience as a RN and specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.

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  1. Kitiger

    Said No Nurse Ever

    That almost guarantees a quiet night . . . Said No Nurse Ever.
  2. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    I hope it all goes well.
  3. Kitiger

    Kathy Visits the Psychiatrist: Part 2

    The doctor used to hand me a prescription that I read, and then took to the pharmacy. I liked the fact that I could read it and say something right away if it was wrong or incomplete. Oh well, the times, they are achanging. Changed, actually. 🙃
  4. Kitiger

    Join my journey

    I've been meeting with a friend to go walking once a week - last time we finished up in the pool at her condo. 😊 It's hard to find a day to walk, as my work schedule varies so much. My friend is retired, but she has a lot of social activities going o...
  5. Kitiger

    Thursday June 23 2022

    When I worked as an aide in a nursing home - that was back in '74! - I remember the night nurse would mess up a drawer filled with pencils, paperclips, erasers, etc. and she would ask our little wanderer if she would help straighten things up. It kep...
  6. Our NICU is very good at grouping care so as to allow the little ones to sleep. They also do what they can to decrease excess stimulation from other areas of the room. Are adult ICUs doing the same?
  7. It sounds like a nightmare. I respect you for doing what you can to help her. I would be exhausted, too. I assume you have pulled in what help you can get through Senior Services, etc.?
  8. Kitiger

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    What I'm hearing is that part of the problem is that hospitals have not done enough to retain nurses, and that ER fills up when there are not enough nurses on the hospital floors to care for the new admits. Then, when the hospital tries to muzzle the...
  9. Kitiger

    Kathy Visits the Psychiatrist: Part 2

    When the orders are electronic and wrong, it's harder to fix after the fact. I learned the hard way to read the orders on the discharge paper before I leave the exam room. But even then, the electronic order is sometimes different.
  10. Kitiger

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    I am, too.
  11. Kitiger

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    I agree with you that alert and oriented adults can make choices, and their actions have consequences (like losing access to care.) I just wanted to be clear - as you were - that mentally incompetent patients don't face the same consequences. We...
  12. Kitiger

    January 6 Select Committee

    Yeah. Some in my own family think that way, and - since they know that they are right - they can't hear me. They listen; we don't fight. But they can't hear. I just don't get it.
  13. Kitiger


    Sending hugs and hope for better healing. I'm glad you have the support that you need.
  14. Kitiger

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    So everyone starts out with the right to access healthcare, but if they abuse or mistreat the healthcare workers, they lose that access. Their actions have consequences. If we're talking about alert and oriented adults, then I agree. When ...
  15. Kitiger

    Petty office environment

    Have you called them to ask about getting assigned to a case? In my area, we don't have enough nurses to fully staff our homes. Maybe they feel that you are ghosting them.