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  1. Kitiger


    My patient also informed me that he uses sea salt now, since his doctor told him he couldn't have salt. "Sea salt is healthier", he says, "because sea salt doesn't actually have salt in it, it just tastes like it does." I asked him if he meant Lite Salt, which is half potassium chloride ... "No!", he said, "I know about Lite Salt - that stuff is no good - but SEA salt is good for you!" *sigh*
  2. Kitiger


    Small towns are fun!
  3. Kitiger


    I had a cardiac patient - on diuretics - tell me his doctor said to never eat salads because it took all the potassium out of him. He said he had been taking 7 times as much potassium as most people take, and he "didn't have but a tiny bit of potassium in him." He also told me that the way to know if your potassium level is right is to eat a banana; if it tastes bitter, you don't have enough potassium in you!" "You don't need to get a blood draw, just taste a banana."
  4. Kitiger

    **** I've seen

    I found my patient's dentures and her roommate's dentures planted in the pot of flowers. I scrubbed them well! Fortunately, they were different enough in size that I got them back to the right people. I had a little lady in the nursing home tell me she couldn't find her crochet hook ... I found it in the back of her closet, wrapped in toilet paper (clean) and tucked into a box of Kleenex.
  5. Kitiger


    If you need to poll nurses, you're in the wrong place. You don't even know whether I am a nurse! How can you call this research? You need to talk to nurses in person.
  6. Kitiger

    What's up with this RN?

    Leaving pronouns out entirely can be a problem. As a student nurse in OB, I once wrote, "Father in. Nursing baby."
  7. Kitiger

    What's up with this RN?

    I agree. In the hospital I signed Kitiger, RN, at the end of every entry. Working private duty in the home, I sign at the bottom of every page, and when I leave. Either way, it is easy to see who I am, so I use the pronoun, "I", when charting. I do avoid using the client's name in the narrative most of the time. I say, "transferred to wheelchair", not "I transferred Johnny to the wheelchair." Why write in all those extra words, when we all know who transferred whom?
  8. Kitiger

    First Reaction to Changes

    My old "likes" are gone. Don't you like me anymore? Please don't "dislike" me. Feeling paranoid. Someone is following me Is this good or bad? Am I getting old? Allnurses is confusing. Time to go to bed.
  9. Kitiger

    First Reaction to Changes

    I don't see this black circle. Help?
  10. Kitiger

    First Reaction to Changes

    Hi Kitiger, You just logged in from a device we haven't seen you use before. Browser MSIE (location information deleted by Kitiger) If this was you, please ignore this email. Otherwise, you should secure your account immediately.
  11. Kitiger

    First Reaction to Changes

    What does it mean when it says someone is following me?
  12. Kitiger

    First Reaction to Changes

    I might get to the point where I like the changes, but it will take a long, long time. You took something that was easy to use and made it confusing and maybe not worth the trouble.
  13. My employer always wants to know first. That works OK in theory, but - in practice - my employer does not always communicate with the parent in a timely manner. I may have asked my employer about leaving early, but that might not work for the parent. This might have been a day that the parent had to pick up her child's meds on the way home, or any other errand that needed to be done. With advance notice, the parent could have made it work. It is so frustrating for the parents to find out - an hour before I am to arrive - that I cannot work tonight, when I had told my employer THAT MORNING that I had bronchitis. Had the parents known, one of them might have been able to get in a nap during the day, so as to be able to stay up all night. I still tell my employer first, but I have learned to also tell the parent.
  14. Kitiger

    Day Shift vs Night Shift

    You say you are just now making the switch. Have you already acclimated to days? When I switched from full-time nights to full-time days, I found myself truly struggling to stay awake and alert. By 2pm, I was clumsy ... sometimes even groggy! I had to go somewhere to wash my face in cold water, to force myself awake. And the regular day shift people just didn't get it. They would say, "You wouldn't be tired if you just went to bed on time." But I was trying to sleep during my "day" (11p to 7a) and then trying to stay up all "night" (7a to 3p)! It took a month or two for me to really make the full switch.
  15. Kitiger

    Profanity in the workplace