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Kitiger has 40 years experience as a RN and specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.

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  1. Kitiger

    Thoughts about potential vaccine?

    I feel much better about how fast they are pushing the vaccines after watching this video.
  2. Kitiger

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    I hope so.
  3. Kitiger

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    And here is a company that may be able to supply small orders of N95 masks. https://www.universalprotectiveproducts.com/post/the-right-mask-for-the-right-circumstance?fbclid=IwAR0Nt3VcaYDlf_ynSHjZmQJqHy73Ke58kPCXOnnF4eIW1MpY1ToPn1DnUc4
  4. Kitiger

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    To order KN95 masks, you can call them with your order, pay with a credit card or some-such over the phone, and they will ship the order to you.
  5. Kitiger

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

  6. Kitiger

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    It was kind of hard to listen to this. President Trump refused to answer most questions and he repeatedly interrupted Axios National Political Correspondent, Jonathan Swan. He interrupted and talked over Mr. Swan. President Trump insisted that the pandemic is under control, and that it makes no sense to look at deaths per population. He says the only way to look at it is deaths per cases. And - he says - the only reason we have so many cases is because we have tested so many. He talks in circles. I managed to listen to the whole interview, but it was difficult.
  7. Kitiger

    COVID-19 Trusted Blogs

    Here is an excellent website: https://www.technologynetworks.com/immunology/articles/stay-up-to-date-with-covid-19-drug-development-337641
  8. Kitiger

    Racism: Views of a WASP

    I guess I'm part of the problem, because I have been blind. Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation were overturned by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I was 8 years old. I was raised WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), but I was also raised to understand that skin color is just that; skin color. Just like hair color, it had no special meaning. I had only one Black classmate until high school. I remember coming home from school to find my mother sobbing because Martin Luther King had been assassinated. I had friends in high school, both White & Black. We talked about music (band, choir, etc.). We talked about English classes, science classes, teachers that we liked or didn't like. We talked about what we wanted to do after high school. We debated, and solved the world's problems. (We were young!) I didn't care about the color of their skin. I still don't. I remember being surprised at the many rumbles in high school. It was mostly Blacks vs Whites. When the cafeteria would start to look Black on one side and White on the other side, I would just pick up my lunch and wander off. Later, I would hear there had been a rumble in the cafeteria. Why were they so angry (both groups)? I didn't get it. My Black friends didn't understand why I was so surprised. They had been living with discrimination all along. But I had never seen it. Part of that - MOST of that - was because I was surrounded by people who looked like me. Even if some of them were racist, they didn't show it around me. Now, I'm in my 60s. I still don't see color on an individual scale. You are my friends, white or black. But I do see that Blacks and Hispanics - among others - do experience discrimination. I have not seen overt racism, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I do speak up when I hear racism expressed. This doesn't happen often. People automatically clean up their speech around me. They don't cuss or swear. This is true even for those who do cuss & swear when they don't realize I'm in earshot. So I would not expect a person who is a racist to express that around me. I have a very expressive face; my emotions show. I can keep a secret, but people will know that I have a secret. Without thinking about it, I give instant feedback. Maybe that's a good thing? I'm not segregated any more. I live in a mixed neighborhood, mostly White/Black/Hispanic. They're friends; some are just acquaintances. We don't have racial trouble on my street that I know of. Trouble with drugs, other crime? Yeah, we have that. Poverty seems to be the common ground when it comes to crime. I work with nurses who are White or Black. My clients are mostly White, Black, or Hispanic. Race just doesn't come up at work. At least, it doesn't come up around me. I'm trying to see if racism exists around me, at my work. I'm trying to see what I - as an individual - should be doing to stop racism.
  9. Maybe they should do distance learning with the older kids, and use the high schools/middle schools to spread out the younger kids for face-to-face learning.
  10. Kitiger

    Workplace Safety and PPE

    Here is one place to buy masks. I think they will sell in small enough amounts for one or two nurses to buy. https://www.universalprotectiveproducts.com/post/the-right-mask-for-the-right-circumstance?fbclid=IwAR2ThJ0DDFtcH3851z2Cs7DCdPWiJ9KX58N2EVzf-OYdVYvknGXgOz-BLzA I'm sure there are others.
  11. Kitiger

    Your Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

    Interview with Dr. Paul Offit, mostly about vaccine trials, warp-speed, etc.. This is very encouraging. https://www.facebook.com/ZDoggMD/videos/217916546183785/?sk=h_chr
  12. Kitiger

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    Is this gold and silver that you have in your possession (or locked in a bank) or do you merely have certificates that state that you own this much?
  13. Kitiger

    Workplace Safety and PPE

    I buy my own, too.
  14. Kitiger

    You Don’t Know How to Argue

    I do my best to keep emotions out of my replies when I disagree with someone. That can be hard for me when I see people posting about why they do not wear masks when social distancing isn't possible. When the arguement is about the mask blocking oxygen or causing CO2 to go up, I post simple facts. When they start repeating themselves, I let them be. Some of my face book friends post anti-mask rhetoric regularly. I skip by these posts. Smile and walk away.
  15. Kitiger

    You Don’t Know How to Argue

    On 7/30/2020 at 8:30 AM, SafetyNurse1968 said: False dilemma/False dichotomy – either-or fallacy limits the options to two when there are in fact more options to choose from. Example: “We can either reopen schools and kill people or keep them closed and save lives.” There are 2 options in the first example, reopen schools and kill people or keep them closed and save lives.” Your "multiple ways to manage the risk" are - in fact - a third option.
  16. My area is not surging right now, and I see gloves and masks for sale in our local stores. How is it in the hot spots? When your hospital doesn't have enough masks, can you find them to buy on your own?

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