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Kitiger has 44 years experience as a RN and specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.

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  1. Kitiger

    Full Moon

    If you think bad things will happen during a full moon, can the patients sense this? It may truly be happening, but not because of the moon.
  2. Kitiger

    LPN - Medicaid PDN

    I wonder if you could join different patient support groups, like the National MS Society or the ALS forum. You could probably network within these groups.
  3. Kitiger

    LPN - Medicaid PDN

    The need is immense where I live, too. We cannot get enough nurses to cover the hours needed. Some parents even pay privately for nursing help. Expen$I've! These parents would love to have you. My concern about doing private duty home care with...
  4. Kitiger

    Patients Filming You

    In private duty home nursing, it is not unusual to have a nursery video monitor trained on the child. In some case, an actual closed circuit camara is mounted on the wall. This is so the parents can keep an eye on their child - especially when their ...
  5. Kitiger

    Home Care

    Wow. I don't know what happened to my reply, but I was able to copy & paste just what I wrote. Here it is: I would ask permission from the parents to organize the supplies. Nurses know how to do this, and this is part of what we do. ...
  6. When nonmedical people use Google to look up medical information, they might find a good website. It's just as likely that they will hit on a site that has misleading or even false information. These are some of the sites that I use. I find webM...
  7. Kitiger

    A face book funny

    I found this on face book. Is there a problem if I copy & paste as long as I show who wrote it? Mark ChewieHumor Jokes Nostalgia & Funny Memes Mark Chewie · · Johnnys wife, Judy, had been after him for several weeks ...
  8. Kitiger

    LPN - Medicaid PDN

    You are looking to do private duty nursing without going through an agency, right? Do you work directly with the client's physician?
  9. Kitiger

    Continuing education courses Cost is something like $35 for 2 years.
  10. Is the shortage just in Michigan? We simply can't find the nurses for private duty home care or for physician's offices. I don't want to work full time, but we can't get nurses to answer ads to work. Help?
  11. Kitiger

    fatFIRE and Nursing? You should start with reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I agree with most of what Dave Ramsey teaches. I do wish I had known these things 40 years ago. I could have been RICH. Really. If you w...
  12. And the Brazilian butt lifts? I just can't see why someone would want that. I'm trying to keep my weight down, my figure trim. (OK, not trim yet, but I'm working on it. At least I'm no longer labeled 'overweight'.)
  13. "Our grandchildren will even believe they invented them." Thanks for making me smile. You are so right. 🙂
  14. Excellent advice. 🙂
  15. Kitiger

    Game of Groans

    I don't feel like doing anything today. I think I have an enlarged procrastinate!

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