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BeatsPerMinute has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. Hello - I have been a nurse for about 7 years (ICU, Pre/Post/Intra op for IR, EP, and Cath Lab, and outpatient procedural world). Some things have come up recently that are a bit alarming... as I ask my questions, I ask for the benefit of the doubt, as I have some sincere concerns, and will be speaking about my experience alone about nurses testing patients for COVID in a variety of settings. My boyfriend came down with some odd symptoms (SOB, fatigue, fevers ranging from 99.9 - 103.5, occasional cough, wanted to sleep a lot, clammy, chills, lasted approx 2-3 weeks). He was tested for COVID four times in 1 week (3 rapids, 1 PCR). Since I had been caring for him during that time, I was also tested for rapids and PCR. All of our tests came back negative. We were tested at PCP offices, urgent cares, drive through testings, and ED (per instruction of MDs, PCPs, and what was available, etc). What bothers me is that I've tested patients for COVID many times after educating myself and receiving comprehensive training on the proper way to test. I've had co-workers test a patient and test was neg. That nurse was quick, wasn't inserting the Qtip far in enough because the patient did not like it / was tearing up (and some patients would scream... OMG -_- ). I was not afraid to do it correctly. Yes, it hurts. I know. I've had MULTIPLE COVID and Flu tests done. Anyway, those same patients that were "once negative" would now actually come back "positive." There are multiple factors (maybe they caught something within the hospital, or from a staff member, registration, someone not vaccinated, or someone who was completely unaware. However... I've also seen posts here and there on AllNurses who are confused why when a patient they received from the ED or another department who had been tested for COVID before were "negative" and then suddenly they're positive. So, IDK, I guess I'm a bit concerned about the training / quality of the testing being done. I watched as my boyfriend got tested by multiples nurses and paid attention how the nurses who tested me. Every time, test was cut short. Even if he or I got teary eyed because of the sensation of being tested, and that it was uncomfortable... I left feeling like those nurses have not been properly trained. It was way to quick to get a good sample... IMO, and in my experience... This is NOT about blaming PCP offices, Urgent cares, the ED Rns, drive through test centers, outpatient centers, nor anyone about not "doing their jobs right" when it comes to testing for COVID: my concern is about the training nurses are receiving all over. Do nurses here (no matter your experience, department, whether you're working inpatient, or outpatient, in ICU, ED, a COVID unit, LTC, Peds, something else...) do you feel you have received proper training? Do you feel confident in testing patients for COVID? What are the steps you take to complete a COVID test on a patient? Do you feel confident in the tools that you are using (or have they changed?) as the variants have been becoming a growing concern. When I went to the ED with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago (level 1 trauma, nearly 1000 beds). While we were there I received some hash from triage nurses, asking me to leave right away because of their concern about COVID and the variants. I left right away - no problem. Before I walked out, one nurse said to me "Our beds are filling up and we are running out of space. So you need to leave right now." I was a bit thrown off by her tension, and it was alarming to me to hear that kind of response. I do not want to see a repeat of 2020 😕 and that's why I am asking about all of this. We have all been through a lot and for a long time, with little support, empathy, overworked and understaffed... people have been leaving rapidly (travelers and perm staff) or are making plans to leave nursing / healthcare entirely. Healthcare workers are burning out. The pandemic has been harsher on some more than others. I think we can all agree that things will get worse with time. I'm tired and apologize if this post is a bit confusing.... hope it makes sense. Would be curious to hear some thoughts from ya'll. Stay safe ❤️
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    Patient case share. Thoughts?

    Hello, I am a RN with approx 7 years of experience with the majority in cardiac critical care, some pre/post (IR, EP, Cath) + some IR & Cath intra-op experience. In my new job (first outpatient gig) a fellow nurse says she suspects cancer with a patient when she hears certain things. I know NOTHING about cancer patients. Thoughts about this case? 28year old male with NKDA, doesn't take medications other than Ibuprofen/Tylenol to help with his symptoms, and has no sig past medical history. Comes in with complaints of general weakness, muscle aches, fatigue, chills, sweating, mild to moderate dry cough, sore throat, nausea, and a fever (ranging from 100.2 - 103.5) that's been going on for the last week or so. Had two (rapid) COVID tests done which are neg (PCR recently done, results pending). Negative for flu and strep as well. CXR unremarkable. Other than the fever, vitals are WDL. Cardiac sounds normal and lung sounds clear. Pt also c/o occasional, random pain in the abd - left flank area. For the last 4-6 weeks also c/o "weird muscle, tendon or bone pain, in the right foot. Described as a cracking and spasming feeling and happens regularly throughout the day, even just when walking around the house, and had put a pause on any sort of long walks and jogging since that started. Labs pending, with only CBC results avail at this time. Abnormal CBC values: WBC = 2.5, Platelets = 92, Lym# = 0.5. Also, patient BMI 19 (per patient, has always been underweight). Has had relatives pos for random cancers here and there. His younger sister was treated for leukemia a few years ago and is doing well now. This is not my area of expertise - not one bit - and apologize if this is a silly question: Is there too little information in this case for it to be fair suspect cancer, or is it mod possible? Thanks!
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    Anxious, depressed, and might need to go to HR.

    Mine or someone else's response was a million years to late? Either or is fine - I legit. don't understand what you mean.
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    Fired (Wrongfully?) And It Hurts

    ❤️ I can only say that I'm going through something like this. My manager accused me of things that are not true (literally, no evidence exists) however, it set a tone, and it was a very bad accusation. Suddenly my co workers don't work with me. Then patient safety issues come about. Also, my schedule is verbal for a month, and I get "dinged" for not showing up to work on time.... My name was not on a schedule on paper nor electronically available. Per HR - its my fault anyway for not showing up on time (blah blah blah). HR: "We understand there were some challenges. You have to take responsibility for your part as well." OMG if I here this one more effing time... Im disappointed too. Looking to get by with my RN license and eventually get out of the nurse world.
  5. Hey everyone - would appreciate some advice, opinions or thoughts on this... I recently started a new job in the Cath Lab and Recovery (combo position). My background is in critical care/ ICU, some PACU, pre/post and intraprocedural work in Cath Lab & IR (7 years total nursing experience). The work itself is fine, however I have gut feeling that I need to leave this place. My boss has asked about and accused me of things that have never happened Ex: that I made a severe med error. Since then, rumors have been spreading. I have even been approached by neighbor department nurses asking about what they had heard: like, that I may have personally mishandled narcs or diverted meds... Not concerned because it is untrue. There's nothing there (clean history and background).. its just weird and make me feel uneasy... I imagine it creates a neg perception of me, which isn't a great place to be in when starting a new job (nor at any time, really). Week after that, boss is upset and pulls me into her office about attendance issues. I was told on multiple occasions to show up to work by a certain time and later learned that every other nurse shows up at an earlier time, so I was questioned about that by my co workers who appeared quite frustrated. (Note: I have been working there a month and have asked every week to gain access to the online schedule so that I can SEE when I work and have a visual reference.... Still hasn't happened and also my name isn't even listed on the schedule. I've been instructed to do what my preceptor does, which unfortunately changes and sometimes communicated to me in a vague, ambiguous way. When I try to explain to my boss that all I need is access to the schedule with my name included on the days that I work, I am met with frustration/irritation with statements such as "You didn't communicate and touch base with your preceptor and that is all on you. It is SIMPLE: Check in with your preceptor and show up on time..." Lately, I was told that even though I am supposed to be orienting to both the labs AND to cardiac recovery, I was told that I am going to be stuck in cardiac recovery only for the next 3 months. I pressed for a reason. I am NOT a recovery nurse. I could do a job that involved both intraprocedure nursing with some recovery (which is what was pitched to me before I accepted the position). She said it had to do with being tardy the other day. When I expressed that I was confused b/c attendance and skills/performance are separate in a way. Like, whether or not I am orienting to recovery or in the labs, on time or not on time, what is the difference? Her answer was "Because I said so." It was a very rude, condescending and unprofessional discussion. Also, I barely got a word out during this most recent talk. During this "discussion" she went on and on about what she wanted to talk about even though I was the one who requested the meeting to chat and "check in" on how I was moving along in orientation. None of my questions were answered (nor was I allowed to finish sharing any of the questions I had - as she would change the topic, interupt, etc before I was done trying to ask my questions). None of my thoughts were expressed in full before she interjected and redirected the chat too. She asked me to sign a disciplinary action form, which I refused to do. Nothing in it sounded 100% truthful and captured very little about what this "discussion" was all about and addressing. It sounds yucky. I have confided with some close healthcare friends and their immediate response is "start sending out applications and get out ASAP." I have run through scenarios so many times and I cannot get passed the things she says: an observation or detail is completely reframed and is negative. I've made some med error involving narcs or was abusing narcs or something (which is new information to me). I've been told by my boss that my co workers no longer trust me and/or feel that I don't want to work with them. I haven't had any negative interactions. We chat during downtime, help each other out, joke around/have some fun when boss lady isn't around, and when we are done with our shift we all walk out together. So IDK that anyone actually hates me? Maybe they do. My 3 questions are: 1. Could I have any thoughts , opinions, advice on this situation? if anyone is able to shed some light on this situation and offer tips or share stories/examples of something that looks similar and how they handled that situation it would all be much appreciated. 2. coming from a benefit of the doubt stance, maybe there's a communication issue that's going on. It's not always my strength. I do have bouts of major depression and am being treated for ADHD (meds, counsel, etc for the last few years. Usually there is no issues or anything that interfers with work, EXCEPT in situations like this, where I am viewed negatively / treated differently or belittled or fear that I may lose my job (she has threatened to terminate me a couple of times, now). I notice that ADHD symptoms get worse (and so do any anxiety-depression symptoms). Is there anything I can do about this, or talk to? Is HR a good idea? I honestly feel that if conversations looked differently with my boss that would alleviate a lot of the stress that I am experiencing. I am at the point where the stress = awake until 4am typing this out & asking for some guidance or help because I cannot sleep 😕 3. when boss lady asks for surprise 1:1 meetings, check ins, I dread them. She uses belittling terms and intimidation. (and reminders of the fact that she could fire me). I am a people pleaser by nature and cooperative, but its not doing me any favors atm. What are some things that I can say to exit a conversation that is going sour and leaves me feeling uncomfortable, discouraged. I would rather have a second person, or HR, be involved in any future convos with boss. FYI: I am not the only oneexperiencing some of these things. LIke, people will straight up scatter when she appears to avoid interactions with her. I am the newest hire though so I am still learning the culture and am probably the easiest to push out if something else is going on or blame needs to be directed at someone else (or used as a distraction) or whatever that all looks like Thank you all!
  6. You gave an honest answer... no need to apologize for that. I appreciate this very much actually because of your honesty. I have re-read your reply several times, stepped away, revisited it, digested it, gave some time to really understand your point of view... Honest reply back: what caught my attention is that initially I was tempted to dismiss your answer, because claiming of # years of experiences doesn't automatically mean an answer is trustworthy and kinda turns me off (baby nurse here has seen that used and abused too many times already)... I also understand that I am not going to get very far following the advice that I may want to hear, nor by soley accepting advice from nurses with experience around my own # of years of experience... There's a really great balance in your answer: understanding, reassurance and empathy along with factual reasons of why I should believe you, and you list valid and reasonable points. Even if it's a hard truth I can get on board with accepting that as truth. Something about your answer makes me trust it, which allows me to learn something from this... and I can do something with that... and I appreciate it all. I will take some time to heal (just what is needed; not too much) and I will include my last job on my resume. Will take all advice given by other users into consideration while preparing self for the hard questions. Thank you 💕
  7. Different approach... anyone willing to offer a piece of their story in their reply? Don't have to, but encourage it. Helps to prevent debate from infiltrating the thread, as its not very substantial or useful to try to convince another that their life story is more correct or more incorrect... its just their own personal experience. Whether that story is long, short, detailed, vague, I'd really like to hear it and would find it very helpful. It paints a picture, and allows ppl to follow along and better understand the train of thinking of why one believes what they believe. Stories are much more informational and valuable than lists of "do's and don'ts." If anyone's here has been fired before, how was it explained to your next employer? Was it a fair or unfair situation? How do you tell the difference - as in, how did you learn and come to know that ... vs realizing that you need to stand up for self, advocate for self? (especially if taken advantage of) ? Have you ever had to navigate through a situation where you desired to be honest in paper and in person, but also were experiencing a dilemma (where you had to just get a job, get income, to take care of self and/ or your family) and how did you find a balance? If you have never been fired, were you ever close? How did you handle that? I don't wish to "stretch" truth. There is where a real dilemma exists: how, in this situation, do I care for self, and also gain employment? At the end of the day, there's a point where I cannot care for self without income. What factors do I need to be mindful of? How do I stay true to self and true to values (like, honesty)? Some of these questions have already been answered to an extent and I am starting to see how both sides (omitting, or not omitting prior employer from resume) can lead to different outcomes (good and bad). There is a professional and appropriate way to frame things, too... I am more worried about shooting self in the foot on accident and would like to avoid that... But what does that actually look like? Sounds like there's no perfect answer? At the end of the day... just try something and see what happens? 🤷‍♀️
  8. Emotions are finally beginning to settle... am starting to see more clearly what my options are... I don't have the security of family being there to support me emotionally or financially in times like these. Always believed that as long as I was a hard worker I would fine. Never thought I'd be in the position that I am in now... Not feeling great necessarily, however, am feeling less overwhelmed. The responses here have been incredibly helpful in grounding me and getting me to a better state of mind. Don't know what'd I'd do without this community. Everyone's ideas, advice, and words of encouragement are all sincerely appreciated. Thank you all 💕
  9. Hmmm... so, thats making sense, in a way... am still feeling hesitant to go that route, however, its just my feeling this moment, and you have some very valid points that I need to take into consideration in moving forward. Appreciate the advice. Thank you very much!
  10. I like this idea very much. No finger pointing. Neutral stance. And honest. Thank you!
  11. There's nothing about my situation that I have to be proud of. But I can learn from this experience... I will not learn anything if I just choose to accept every single person's comment here as truth. Nor will I learn anything if I am too afraid to share that I don't understand. I won't learn anything if I don't ask questions, ask for clarity, for follow up. I have a very different experience from you, and it's going to take some work to wrap my head around and understand those different experiences, thoughts and ideas. Not running from it - am leaning into that. Am trying to create a bridge between opposite ideas and own experiences so that I can truly understand. Please keep in mind that it really is easier to just say nothing to the replies that I do not agree with or don't understand. Each time that I reply to someone with a very different point of view - even when I state that I could be wrong, or maybe don't have the understanding or experience, or ask for clarity - I am choosing to put myself at risk to receive negative feedback. I realize that, but for learning / growings sake, need to do it anyway... and that's hard, especially right now. True. That makes sense. Will need to take that into consideration too. Thank you
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    New Grad ICU Burnout from COVID

    Not just Americans. Have friends from Germany who spent some time studying in America. Still talk with them from time to time. They're suffering too. One of the German girl friends ended up getting proposed to by one of my guy friends. They married last year, and they both live in America now. Currently, because of this pandemic, my friend is not allowed to visit family in Germany and doesn't know when she will see them next.
  13. I've never seen a job description require that I must list every single nursing position ever held (aside from government jobs). Is that really an issue? In my experience, tailoring a resume, one that best shows off how an individual would be a great fit for the position listed, is the best way to capture a potential employers attention and get an interview... and that also, a resume with many words and little white space is glazed over... That is what I have learned and heard from others, anyway. But, things are always changing and I could be totally wrong.
  14. Feeling the pressure to get back to work asap... Assault happened and that caused an initial injury.. from there experienced pain, and I grew weaker, clumsier... and just have had some bad luck. No evidence of something serious... Do need to hear and be reminded that its OK to take care of self first. So, thank you 💕
  15. I feel like, with this, we're entering a gray area. I have been working since I was 15 years old. Everything from babysitting, cleaning houses, farm work, gardening/landscaping, fast food service, cashiering, piercing ears, receiving shipments at department stores, working at mall kiosks, clothing stores... occasionally took on seasonal gigs to help pay for nursing school. Shoot, there was one season of my life where I was technically employed at three different places at the mall I worked at. Was a lot to keep up with (and with me having ADHD, that does NOT come naturally to me).. but I did it. After nursing school I actually took on another nurse job, however, since it's completely different from what actually want to do, I generally leave it off my resume. Kinda got side tracked there sorry... I guess, with all that, my point is that no one lists every single job that they have ever had. And that doesn't make them a liar. IF I was called out on something like that (potential employer for some reason really felt like I was giving a false representation of self, or hiding something) - would it not be better to wait and see if that scenario even plays out and THEN fill in the details? (Still limiting whilst keeping focus on what you said: reminding them of the established work history; situation was outta character; I took care of things and am ready to work now). Would it not be unreasonable to consider it irrelevant as it is not something I wanna pursue after all, was still on orientation, worked less than two months there... comparing and considering that my last employer had me for five years? I want to reassure you though that I am not dismissing your point by any means - I am reading, reflecting, and sharing back with what I am uncertain about. I don't believe that you're wrong. I see youre trying to help and offered a scenario that very well could happen. It does give me some more things to consider and think about... I guess personally feel like maybe I should take one step at a time over fortune-telling too much, and allow that to prevent me from trying? Or maybe I do not have enough experience to really understand that the scenario you presented is a very real thing and happens regularly enough that I should worry about it? Also, Im trying to avoid that whole "what If this?" and "what if that?" sorta game... which for me leads to overthinking / worrying / inaction. Trying to sort through what and how I should prepare vs what is unlikely to happen I guess. I hope that I am not missing something in your message and that my reply makes sense. Again, thank you for your input and tips!
  16. Thank you everyone for your feedback... really is helpful and appreciated. Already looking at other jobs and question came to mind: would it be better to not list this employer on my resume? In between this job and my last position, I moved back home for a time to where family lives (outta state) to help take care of a sick family member who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was during that time at home when assault happened. The police were called by another family member who witnessed it. I did not press charges per request of other family members. Not wanting to worsen the chaos and messiness that already exists in my family (and to save myself from the stress) I decided to just return to VA earlier than originally planned... to create distance from them and to be safe. Shortly after my return to VA, I began job hunting, and got the new position. Since I was at the new job less than 2 months, wondering if it would be best to leave it off the resume .. If selected for a job interview, I could explain the job gap was simply due to spending time back home to help take care of a sick family member who lives outta state... and just leave it at that. Never been in this situation and am not sure how I feel about it. Explanation of job gap would not be completely untrue... feel that sharing more beyond that would = shooting myself in the foot 😕 Feel like I just need to prioritize caring for self, do what I need to do to move forward, and gain new employment without getting caught up in the weeds. Thoughts?