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LeChien has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing, Pediatrics.

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  1. What about nursing education?! I've felt the way you are describing before. But those student loans aren't going to pay themselves and I found it quite dumb (in my case, not yours!) to take out more loans to go to school for something again that...
  2. LeChien

    Shift Work

    Hi Mary, did you mean to ask do I like working with these patients in their homes? Or were you asking if that's what I do? Either way, I work with pediatric patients in their homes, yes! I like it for the most part, although at times it is boring. I'...
  3. LeChien

    Shift Work

    I work pediatric private duty. Right now I work M-T-Th 7a-7p, but next week will move to S-M-T 7p-7a. Hours are upon needs of the family, which in this case is 24/7 care so they have it split between 7a and 7p. The family is flexible though, so ...
  4. LeChien

    Aspiring Educator

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I made the original post before I knew I was accepted into the MSN program, so I'm happy to say I'm 4 months into it! I'll be graduating May of 2023. I appreciate everyone's stories!!
  5. LeChien

    The quietest workplace

    Private duty with a nonverbal patient as others have said. I love it.
  6. LeChien

    Family refuses to meet in person

    If they can't give you an inch, why should you give them a mile?
  7. What are they actually receiving through the PICC (I.e. antibiotics)? Or are you only flushing it for maintenance?
  8. LeChien

    Artificial Disc Replacement

    Hello fellow nurses, I'm having C6-7 replaced at the end of this month. I'm not worried about the surgery at all. I'm in good hands with the surgeon. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this surgery (NOT a fusion) and how you are doing aft...
  9. I don't know what company you are with, but I've had prior connections with "Continuum Pediatrics" when I lived in VA. Maybe give them a try. I checked and they have offices in NC and SC ?
  10. LeChien

    Unresponsive patients--avoiding working with them

    I work in private duty pediatric home care and it's mostly the opposite. Many of the patients I work with are responsive, if not verbally then in other ways. While the agency needs nurses to fill positions, you also need to be happy with your job. Li...
  11. LeChien

    How to organize medications

    It might put you behind for right now because you're a new nurse and haven't gotten your flow down yet, but I would only pull one patient at a time. A mistake I made as a new nurse working in an assisted living facility was pulling multiple pati...
  12. LeChien

    I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse?

    I've always bounced from private duty nursing back to the hospital. When the hospital gets too stressful, such as with covid, back to private duty I go. It's the exact opposite - most days it's boring. And I make just as much as I did working ER.
  13. LeChien

    Texas Abortion Law

    This whole abortion law really p**ses me off! I'm a childfree woman. I am SO grateful and blessed to have obtained a tubal in 2017 while I still had the chance. BUT, as we all know, tubals have a rare chance of failing. So far (knock on wood) my...
  14. Congrats! Those sound very exciting. Are you asking which you should choose? If so, do you have any other experience besides nursing school? Personally if it were me, regardless of pay, I would choose the RN extender position. As a new grad, a n...
  15. Is anyone here starting the MSN Education program on September 27? ?